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Which university is best for studing BSC adult nursing is it Birmingham City Uni or Roehampton Uni

If we compare both the universities, Birmingham City University is better than Roehampton University to pursue BSc in Nursing, considering the quality of education and its ranking.

May I know the approx tuition fee range for MA/MS in Psychology in Canada?

The tuition fee for pursuing Masters in Psychology in Canada varies from university to university. Whereas, the students can study in various top-notch universities/ colleges in Canada, with an average tuition fee ranging from 20,000 CAD to 30,000 CAD.

Do you offer assistance to students applying to thesis-based programs in Canada?

Yes, we do provide assistance to students applying for the thesis-based program in Canada. For more information and support, you can share your details on or call at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011.

can i appl italy wiith toefle 80 and

Yes, you apply in various Italian Universities with a TOEFL score of 80.

Do you have Contact with Bristol University? For marine Biology?

yes, we can process your application to the University of Bristol.

Sir, scholarship is valid for a year or untill we complete our course?
Sir, scholarship is valid for a year or untill we complete our course?

It would be mentioned on your offer letter for the time period. However in most of the cases it is for 1st year only.

I got admitted in university of Pisa for master program but I am in final year and my final exam is
Age 29, Did 10+2 only, so now can i study in canada for diploma on student visa after this Gap.
I have completed B.COM with 53.8% in sept 2021, I'm i eligible for mba from public universities ital
What are the scholarship opportunity in Poland?

100% tuition fee discount for the first year of studies. Merit Scholarship covers the full period of studying under the condition of high academic and extracurricular performance during studies.

Sachin Singh
What are the possible reasons for rejection of UK student visa application?

? Insufficient funds or incorrect financial evidence ? Discontinuity in maintaining 28-days mature fund in a bank account ? Submitting financial documents that are more than 31-days old ? Missing documents, fake documents ? Unsuccessful UKVI interview ? Improper communication to UKVI.

Sidhant Sharma
What kind of services are offered by MOEC for UK visa application?

Professional counselling to understand a student’s aspirations and suggest the best course & university, based on his eligibility and other parameters. Submission of student’s application to a minimum of 05 universities. For challenging profiles and courses with the least availability, we may put applications in more universities. Assistance in documentation – sharing of templates/formats for all standard documents such as SOP / LOR, financial documents, student affidavit, etc. Professional guidance to students in preparing impressive CV / student profile to serve the purpose, Statement of Purpose, etc. Pre-CAS interview preparation for students – available with study materials and questions. Mock Interview for Pre-CAS, Compilation of documents for CAS, Guidance for visa application, visa interview preparation, etc. Timely updates to ensure that the students stick on to deadlines. We do provide IELTS training at our various centres in convenient batches.

Do we need to apply for CAQ after offer letter (LOA) for Quebec?

Yes CAQ need to be apply after LOA, as mandatory documents for visa in Canada for Quebec.

Manmeet Kaur Bhatia
When do applications open for spring 2023?

Students who wish to apply for the Spring semester should submit their applications by September/October of the preceding year, i.e., to be enrolled in the Spring of 2023, candidates must submit their applications by October of the previous year.

Do we require a birth certificate for application in Universities or during visa filing?

Birth certificate is not mandatory for admission and visa filing but if student is under 18 then birth certificate can ask by university and Visa officer.

Manmeet Kaur Bhatiya
How to book Medical for Canada study Visa?

There the list of panel physician is available on IRCC website and appointment can be booked by calling and online in mentioned Dr. List in different cities.

Do we required to give IELTS again when applying to PSWR in Canada / Australia?

IELTS is not mandatory at the time of PSWR but yes if you are applying for PR, need to give IELTS again.

Neha Gupta
I am from Gujrati Medium, I cannot provide Mode of Instruction. How can I get Admission in Italy?

In this case you must give IELTS of 6.0 Not less than 5.5. Or any international English Proficiency Certificate of B2 Level. Then you can apply for Italy.

Can I apply now for September 2022 Intake for Italy?

Yes, You Can still apply for Sep 2022 intake. The university will last up to June 31

Aditya Kumar
What is CAS Letter?

Once Pre-CAS is cleared, the student is required to deposit the fee mentioned in the offer letter, submit all required documents, and CAS Letter will be issued by the university. Student needs to have an ‘Unconditional Offer Letter’ for applying CAS Letter (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies to the University applied). If a student has a Conditional Offer Letter only, he has to submit all relevant missing documents to make it an unconditional offer letter along with the requisite fee. Along with an unconditional offer letter, a fund statement showing 28 days matured funds to take care of your living expenses. For Universities ‘Outside London’, deposit @ GBP 10,000. For Universities ‘Inside London’, deposit @ GBP 13,000. CAS is issued in 02 weeks- time normally. Enrollment Confirmation to the university to be sent, as a token of your acceptance and willingness to reach the University for the Chosen Course.

What about Tuition Fees in Poland?

Universities Tuition fees is also very competitive this will cost you around in between 2000-3500 Euro per year

Ronaq Sharma
What are the benifits of studying in POLAND?

There are lots of benefits of studying in Polad.
To know in Details kindly click on View all Comments button

Can my parents travel to the UK with me?

No, usually on student visa only spouse and children can travel if you have a valid study visa for PG course and course duration is more than 9 months.

If I have got a Conditional offer letter, then how much time do I have to fulfil the conditions?

You can fulfil the condition until the deadline which normarly closes before 1.5 month of course start date. However, it is always advisable to make a deposit early so you can pass your Pre-CAS interview before the time and request your CAS on time after meeting the conditions.

How much refund of university fees will possible in case of visa refusal from Canada?

If visa is refused, 100% fees is refundable but candidate have to inform to college a university within time period frame. May be some application OR Administration charges will deduct as have to study and read the refund policy thoroughly. Refund policy is differ from college to college and University to university.

Can student appear for General IELTS for Canada immigration and study permit?

Yes, now as per new guidelines IRCC is accepting the General IELTS for the visa submission

Is business analytics a stem major?

Business Analytics is usually part of a university's School of Business. As a result, it's a business career. However, because math and technology make up a large part of the curriculum, it is also considered a STEM field. The majority of colleges throughout the world have acknowledged MSBA as a STEM programme.

What are the benefits of Pursuing STEM Courses from USA?

USA offer up to 3 years stay back for STEM graduated and upto 1 year for Non STEM graduates. STEM education adds value to itself by using its own teaching technique, and STEM graduates have unique advantages in the labour market. STEM graduates enjoy various other benefits of pursuing education on an international level, in addition to being more employable than non-STEM graduates. When compared to other graduates, they are more likely to receive a higher pay, better positions, better immigration opportunities, and a variety of other perks. These advantages have a two-fold effect on every element of a professional's life.

What are the different types of courses available in the UK?

There are lots of courses available for international students. Below provided a deep list of all the available courses in UK:
Click on View All Comments for more details.

What are the advantages of January & May intakes?

January intake is ideal for management courses, medical courses and dentistry courses.
For More details click on View all Comments

What are the advantages of September intake in UK?

Most of the international students prefer September intake for their studies in UK, although January and May intakes are equally good for certain programs.

Is Family Reunion Visa | Spouse Visa is possible in Italy?

Yes, Family Reunion Visa | Spouse Visa is possible in Italy, but you strictly need to meet all the requirements. For more details, forward your concern to 

Aditya Kumar
What is the admission criteria for University of Worcester, Fees and Scholarship available?

For Undergraduate Courses:.. Click on View All Comments button for more details

What kind of courses mainly preferred by students going to the UK for higher studies?

Available Course levels: Under Graduate Courses – 03 years’ duration  Postgraduate Courses – 01-year duration Ph.D. Courses – 03 years’ duration

Which are the universities with whom MOEC is directly associated in the UK?

MOEC can provide admission assistance to any university as per the wish of the applicant, but it may be noted that his selection depends on the grades, how the student clears the selection criteria, etc.

Which are the other major university groups in the UK?

Red Brick Universities, University Alliance .. Click on View more comment button to read more..

What is the required money to support yourself in the UK?

Other than your course fee, you would require enough money to support your living expenses. You need to have this money for minimum 28 days. This period must be within the 31 days, when you apply for your VISA.

Ronak Kumar
How to clear UK study visa interview (Pre CAS interview/UKVI ) interview.

Here I am sharing few tips which will really help each and every student to clear his interview.

Ronit Garg
How much a student can earn in Italy?

As a part-time job, a student can earn 10-15 Euros per hour for 20 hours / week from a part-time job in Italy.

Sajan Sharma
After completing the course in Canada, within how much time we should apply for PSWR?

Canada Govt is offering the PSWR in Canada after completion of the study in Canada. As on 1year duration, the candidate will get 1 year PSWR AND on 2 years duration, candidate will get 3 years PSWR. So before completion of the course attest 3-6 months before, student can file and apply for PSWR in CANADA.

Mansi Kashyap
What are the Advantages of Attending an American University?

Discover a Wide Range of Academic Possibilities. Higher education in the United States is known for providing students with a diverse range of degrees and study possibilities.

What is the difference between Russel Group Institutions and Public Funded Universities?

In the UK, many institutions with similar origins, adjacent geographic locations, and ambitions join themselves together in order to encourage collaboration, build relations with local businesses, and impactful research. Russel Group is one such university group (public-funded university) consisting of 24 member institutions.

What is the validity of MEDICAL in Canada student visa process?

Medical is valid for 1 year as medical should be valid at the time of Travelling to Canada.

Meghna Jain
How much it will take time after updating Medical and Biometric on IRCC?

Before 2017 it took 15-20 days to update on visa decision but after 2019-COVID, taking 25 to 30days to update on decision.

Mohd. Nazim
What is the minimum percentage required for study in USA for bachelors?

A minimum academic record of 60% or higher in the humanities stream in class XII, and 60 to 65 percent or higher in the Science/Commerce stream in class XII, will be required. Students with a grade point average of less than 50% can enroll in Foundations and Diploma programmes.

What is the Shortage Occupation List?
Which are the Most Affordable Cities for Studying in the US?

1. San Diego
2. Pittsburgh
3. Atlanta
4. Dallas
5. Houston
6. Chicago
7. Boston
8. Philadelphia

Can a student having less than 60% in 12th, apply for Bachelor degree in Canada?

Yes, some colleges accept the score between 55 to 60 % as depend upon the course and degree. Every college have their own admission criteria for admission with English proficiency requirement.

Mukund Raj Sharma
What are the unique advantage of studying in the UK?

The UK has a world-class educational offering, a global reputation, and a strong presence in international markets. The higher education institutions are amongst highly revered, most renowned, and prestigious in the world.

Which Universities accept 3 years bachelor in Canada?

Basically the High Commission grant the visa on the duration of the course mentioned on the Offer Letter + 3 months extra. For Post Study Work Permit student has to extend his visa after the completion of the study in Canada.

Which IT courses are in demand in the USA?

In the United States, information technology skills are in high demand and are considered fundamental technical talents.
The Information Technology business is undoubtedly being impacted by skill shortfalls. Hiring managers are having difficulty filling open positions. Unsurprisingly, Computer Science is one of the most popular subjects in the United States. IT graduates can expect an excellent salary and a wide range of job options in the United States and around the world. These are the areas of study to consider if you are considering a career path or looking for IT courses that will be in demand in the United States.

  1. Project Management Application Development
  2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Tech assistance and the service desk
  4. Virtualization
  5. Enterprise architecture and technology
  6. Wireless and networking
  7. Cyber security
  8. Cloud Computing

Anil Kumar
Which course is the best for a job in the USA?

Looking for rising sectors of the US economy is a simple way for international students to determine the best course to study in the United States for greater employment prospects. Computer science, civil engineering, and building are projected to be booming industries. Even in fields like data science and analytics, trade skills are gaining traction. Job prospects will continue to increase as soft skills such as problem solving and communication improve.

Anil Kumar
What is Schengen Visa?
What are the job prospects in India after earning a degree from Italian public universities ?

Degree provided by Italian Universities is Globally accepted. You can apply around the world. And if any one have either Graduate or PG degree or Diploma from any Italian University will get excellent carrier growth in India

Anil Kumar
Is Italian degree valid in India ?
Which type of Scholarship is Italian government providing ?

The Italian government is providing several scholarships, like few days before they were providing the IYT(Invest your Talent) program, which covers your whole tuition fees, provides help in internships, now Invest your talent is already closed, now Regional scholarship is going to be provided by the Italian government. There portal is going to start soon in April.

Is Italy an Affordable destination to study for International students ?

Yes, In Italy the overall cost (living + tuition fees) will cost around 5 to 10 Lakhs. This amount is very much cost-effective as we compare with other countries.

Jonty Arora
How are people in Italy?

According to my experience, Italians are very much helpful, considerate and friendly in nature. Knowing Italian language helps quite a lot too.

Manvendra Singh
What are the university options that provides highest scholarships?
What is the deadline for Sept intake in UK?
What is exact time period to lodge the visa for Canada ?

Generally it is advisable to ledge the visa 60 - 90 days before the session starts with all the required documents

Can international student get stay back in Canada after graduation ?

Canada government is offering PSWR after completion of the study. Upon 1 year program, candidate will get 1 year PSWR, Upon 2 years and more candidate get 3 years PSWR is totally depend upon the college and university if they are eligible to provide PSWR

Can I study in Italy without giving IELTS ?

Yes, if your previous studies were in English, and you're also able to show this through a document (Like MOI, or mentioned on your Degree Certificate). Then you can apply without IELTS.

Is Education in US is very expensive?

It’s a myth, Students can get a good amount of scholarships as well paid Assistantships, also students can work part-time to support their living expenses.

1. Is 15 years of education accepted by US Universities?

Yes, not all but there are a certain number of universities that accept 15 years of education for Masters's degree.

What is the QS ranking of Italian Public Universiies ?

Almost all of the Italian Public univeristies comes under 1000 QS ranking, most of the universities are the oldest univerities in Europe and some are oldest in the world.

why italy is providing 100% Scholarship

Scholarship is provided by provided by regional authorities of the government of Italy on the basis of their financial situation and is not based on the academic.

What are the Major advantages of studying in Germany for Indians?
Can I study in Italy wihtout knowing the Italian language ?

Yes, while you're applying in Italy for your Higher studies, then Learning Italian is not a Compulsion. You can be applying in English taught programs.

Is Italy good for international students?

Yes in Italy around more than 10000 candidates got visas from third nation. It is a very popular destination for International candidates

John Mathew

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