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Is Family Reunion Visa | Spouse Visa is possible in Italy?


Aditya Kumar

Yes, Family Reunion Visa | Spouse Visa is possible in Italy, but you strictly need to meet all the requirements. For more details, forward your concern to 

Sachin Singh

If you family wants to join you in Italy for long duration during your study in Italy then in this case, your family members must file an application in the Italian embassy or consulate in their home country for the Italy Family Reunion Visa.

However, before your family members submit the visa application, you have to apply for the authorization in Italy asking for that your family members will going to apply for Family Reunion Visa. Once you get the authorization then this allows them to join you in Italy for the overall duration of your stay.

This authorization is known as Nulla Osta and it is basically a kind of clearance letter from the competent Italian officials, this will allowing your family members to stay with you in Italy. So initially you must apply for this (Nulla Osta) in your regional Italian Immigration office which is known as “Sportello Unico per l’immigrazione” in Italy. If they issues the authorization letter (i.e Nulla Osta), then in this case they will electronically forward this document to the appropriate Italian consulate where your family members will going to file the visa application request.

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