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What are the different types of courses available in the UK?



Undergraduate Courses:

  1. Various undergraduate courses available in UK universities covering different streams of study.
  2. Applied courses at the undergraduate level have more demand in the UK.
  3. All undergraduate courses (except medical) are of 03 years’ duration.
  4. 02 to 03 years’ gap is allowed if justifiable.

Postgraduate Courses:

  1. Various postgraduate courses available in UK universities covering different streams of study.
  2. PG graduate courses are of 01-year duration.
  3. 05 to 07 years’ gap is allowed if it can be justified.

Ph.D. / Research Courses:

  1. Various applied research / Ph.D. options available.
  2. Duration of Ph.D. is 03 years
  3. IELTS 6.5-7 & 60% in PG is mandatory.

Pre-Masters or Extended Masters:

  1. When the applicant lacks IELTS or not having grades and percentage eligibility, to prepare them for the course / Courseware similar to their chosen PG.
  2. Duration is 09 months and added to the normal PG tenure / 9-10 Lacs additional, subject to the Uni.

Foundation Courses for UG:

  1. For students having 52% to 59% in 12th and are preparing for graduation.
  2. Duration is 01-year / Fee is equal to 1st-year graduation course.
  3. Most of the universities offer this course.

Pre-Sessional Courses:

  1. If somebody has less than 50-55% in their graduation, less score in IELTS but having good experience and wants to pursue PG studies in the UK.
  2. Also termed UKVI IELTS, a prerequisite for UK Visa.
  3. Can do online (3-6 M) before issuing their UK Visa.

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