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how many minimum percentage will require to admission in UK University

To pursue a bachelor’s degree in UK a minimum of 60% is required in the 12th standard and to pursue a master’s degree in UK, a minimum of 55% is required in the bachelor’s. For more information, you can mail us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

Which courses are available after bhms in uk near leeds university

There are various courses to pursue after BHMS in UK. Some of the major MSc courses after BHMS include Master in Psychiatry, MSc in clinical research, and Master in Hospital Management. Some of the top universities near Leeds to pursue MSc courses are Leeds Beckett University, York St. John, and the University of Bradford. For more information, you can mail us at or call at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011

Can I apply for Skilled Work Visa for UKVI band 5 but R3, L5, W5, S6.5 pls suggest.

You should reattempt your IELTS and make sure you score at least an overall 7 score.

Hii Actually I got 70 in my 12 class and I want to apply for usa without sat and shortlist universit
Is it good to write all the data supplied in charts Writing task 1 ?
Is it good to write all the data supplied in charts Writing task 1 ?

Well , Strictly NO !! Always develop ability of analyzing data or trends, before you begin to write.Look for peculiar trends and make them central theme for starting & ending task. There should be combination of some exact figures and exactness while describing chart.

Which tense is to be used while writing Introductory paragraph ??

In Writing task , The Introductory paragraph is generally written in Simple present tense. While developing data explanation, stick to the timeline i.e. if its in the context of past, use simple past, in context of present,use simple present tense. Theres a possibility of using continous tense along with the simple present tense in a sentence where two clauses are used. Similarly if graph is given in Future tense or projections then use simple Future tense.

Can I use abbreviations such as doesn’t, don’t etc?

It depends, for instance in Speaking session it is highly recommended to use contracted forms as it maintains fluency but in the formal writing , it must be avoided

Tell me how do I solve Reorder paragraphs in PTE ?

In PTE , reordering the paragraphs is given in Reading section. Several text boxes appear on screen in random order and candidates have to put passages in correct order. It starts with the introductory or passage which has primary information of any subject is given , look for reference passage , noun or pronoun will be used then there will be sny linker used as however , but , and etc look for concluding information . Above all , look for logical order and try ordering them 2-3 times .

Canada PR
What is a Mock Test and how it helps in IELTS prep ?

Mock test is much similar to IELTS exam taken in Real environment .This is to experience students the anxiety of real exam and to cope with it with effective time & stress management before a real exam takes place. Also it helps to improvise students with the areas needed to work upon. Its an assessment criteria as If the candidate maintains a consistent score range , he or she is able for real exam

Is there any criteria for appearing IELTS ?

Hi vanshika, Fee for MBBS ranges between 40-55 K GBP per year in UK.

Prahlad Chaudhary
What are short question type in speaking part of PTE ?

This is simplest of all the sections but tricky also. Question is heard on the screen OR question is in audio form and answer is in single words or a number i.e. How many days are there in a week ? Answer for this question will be Seven /7.

What is Summarize the text part in PTE ?

In this type of question , candidate has to write in a precise manner . There will be a passage given and its summary is to be written in one sentence only. Here , the sentence type used is Complex and proper punctuation should be used else it would alter the meaning of sentence and no scores will be achieved in this section.

Without ielts usa study visa with spouse

Hi, In most of the universities English proficiency test is required (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc). While there are few universities in which you can apply without IELTS. For further details regarding the admission and visa process mail your details at

What is the role of English in IELTS ?

Without ielts in uk 12th passout 12th 45%english subject 33% and mechanical diploma passout 2019 70%

This is bhaskar, completed my wth 50% n also I'm pursuing CA i want to do ms in us thnq

Dear Bhaskar, US has always been welcoming to international students, your interest in pursuing a master's degree in the US will add a start mark to your CV, there are certain eligibility requirements for different courses and different universities so please share your documents at to discuss the further process.

Surbhi Sharma
I face problems in using synonyms in Writing task 2 , how to improve it ?

Vocabulary building is an important task during IELTS preparation , it not only enables you to exhibit word range efficiently but also achieve good score.Look for new words in dictionaries, newspapers , online magazines , english movies etc , know their Antonyms and Synonyms and use them in your words. Try using different words while paraphrasing any passage .

ielts 6.0 bands(no less than 5.5) is eligible for hertfordshire university UK (msc mechanical)

Yes, as per the entry requirements mentioned on university website for this course, you are eligible to make your application. For further information, please do connect on 1800-1230-00011 or write your query to

Prahlad Chaudhary
What is TOEFL ibt ?

Toefl stands for Test of English as Foreign Language and it has two modes of examination, one is Internet based and second is Pen & paper based . TOEFL IBT is Internet Based Test .

I have completed B.COM with 53.8% in sept 2021, I'm i eligible for mba from public universities ital
I have achieved 5 bands in Writing section . What does this score tells ?

Band 5 in Writing is achieved when a candidate partially addresses what is being asked , lacks clarity of thoughts, no proper conclusion drawn ,irrelevant ideas, inadequate paragraphing, bullets and numbering the paragraphs, repetitive sentences, lack of progression, overuse of cohesive devices, limited range of sentence structure and frequent punctuation and spelling mistakes in writing section. It is advised to work upon these areas and overcome these problems by regular practice . My last advice for improving this section is stay patient as miracles cant be happen overnight. Apart from Writing on different topics, Keep on writing some lines on your own , Pick easy topics (leisure activities, hometown etc ) and move on to tougher ones i.e. Technology , education system etc step by step and you will see the change.

Do you suggest to use fancy vocabulary if candidate wants to achieve higher scores in IELT Writing ?

See, using hefty words in writing never guarantee good scores. However , kind of word range used along with relevant content, well connected ideas , proper sequence and progression of Ideas with adequate Grammar usage enables you to achieve high scores.This is how the following parametres are given weightage and writing is evaluated in IELTS- Task Achievement - 25% Lexical Resources - 25% Coherrence & Cohesion- 25% Grammatical Range & Accuracy - 25%

How can I prepare for Visa interview ?

In order to get through it , First & foremost , candidates need to go through the geographical & environmental conditions of the country applied for , Course structure of the university , State of the Art, Faculty , Accomodation, Relevancy of the course , employment scope etc There are certain set of questions that are asked in every Visa Interview related to above fields so to know the interest of candidates. However , while interview , answers should not sound memorised otherwise you are likely to lose.

Is GRE required for MS in the USA for Spring 2023?

Considering the covid situation most of the universities have decided to keep GRE as an optional requirement and will not be mandatory to apply, but still there are few universities who would mandatorily require GRE score for Spring 2023.

Surbhi Sharma
Can language be a barrier to study in the USA?

If you are willing to study in USA, English is mandatory. Students can give IELTS or TOEFL or Duolingo or PTE exams, there are also few universities who can consider you application on the basis of MOI (medium of instruction) stating that your previous education was done in English language.

How should a student select suitable Universities for him/her?

The student must select universities on the basis of their profile (academic percentage and job experience) and should also keep the budget in mind. Student should also see the location of the university, if they can easily get a job there or not.

How can i increase my overall bands in IELTS ??

This is the common query that every student wants to know and increase band In order to achieve more bands , first of all student needs to make a study plan and stick to it as long as desired bands are achieved. As GRA plays an important role in scoring criteria ,focus on Grammar part , learn to use tenses , enrich vocabulary by various means , phrasal verbs , collocations , try to paraphrase various passages and write them on separate copy/ diary Assess yourself honestly , where did u start and where do you stand after one month of constant practicing ? Try to avoid mistakes that you have been doing in your past Mock tests . Solve them again and learn why you failed to spot answers quickly Sequence your ideas in proper manner , connect them logically using appropriate linking devices . Practice or write at least 200 words everyday in a given time- frame. Make a different diary and look back again after a month to see how far you have come . Know different kinds of question types asked in reading and practice one by one everyday , see where you lack Work on the areas you need to improve and tk advice from your teachers Dont dishearten by the scores u achieve , with the constant practice you will definitely achieve desired bands. Finally , be confident about yourself and practice everyday.

Do TRF for computer based IELTS & Pen paper based IELTS is same ?

TRF stands for Test Report Form which is a written document of overall band achievement . Theres no difference in IT as TRF states your outcome of exam irrespective of computer or pen paper based IELTS.

How are overall bands in IELTS calculated ??

Interestingly , IELTS is a multi-level exam and bands are classified on a scale of 3-9 for certain scores. Overall, bands are final product of adding bands scored in all four sections (LRWS ) divided by no of sections (4) For instance , if candidate has scored L- 7, R - 6.5 , W- 6.5 , S -6 So this will be added , 7+6.5+6.5+6 = 26 which will be divided by 4 26\4 = 6.5 bands Overall bands = 6.5

Can student appear for General IELTS for Canada immigration and study permit?

Yes, now as per new guidelines IRCC is accepting the General IELTS for the visa submission

What should i need to carry with me on examination day ?

Such an important thing to avoid last minute hustle , candidate need to carry its original / color copy of Passport at the time of LRW and Speaking (IELTS ) as well . It would be better if you carry an email that has all the details of venue and reporting time .

Examination of all modules in IELTS is on same day or there are gaps in between them ?

Listening , Reading and Writing exam is conducted on the same day while Speaking can be pre or post IELTS examination in a span of week. You will be intimidated time and venue 3-4 days prior to your IELTS exam through mail or sms

What are bands in IELTS and how marks are classified according to bands ??

Correct Answers Band Scores 40-39 9 38-37. 8.5 36-35 8 34-33. 7.5 32-30 7 29-27 6.5 26-23 6 22-19 5.5 18-15 5 14-13 4.5 12-8 4 7-6 3.5 5-4 3 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5

What is TRF in IELTS ??

TRF is a written document of overall scores achieved in all the four modules ( Listening , Reading , Writing & Speaking ) of IELTS examination. Its abbreviated form of Test Report Form ; TRF. Generally Student gets its TRF at 14 th day of IELTS exam including examination day .

How is speaking done in Computer based IELTS ??

Many candidates opt for Computer based IELTS instead of Pen & paper IELTS which is quite okay , takes less time in obtaining result while Pen & paper takes 13-14 days for result Speaking in IELTS , for both types of examination is not done face to face now but on video call . ( Corona norms) and candidate is expected to wear a mask during speaking video call .

I got offer letter from usa University but i am confused about further steps

After getting your offer letter from the desired university you should start your process for i20, please check the specific university requirements for I20. For more assistance please email at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

Surbhi Sharma
I have a problem in solving Maps in IELTS Listening section ? How can i improve it ?

Well , most of the map questions are like guided tours following logical order . Firstly , Utilise the time given to look at the question , observe the Map , look for the directions , look for any arrows ,check the location of each question no carefully , listen carefully the words described that locations. Do not assume that answers will come in sequence , Candidates are easily distracted by the extra information so i advice you to avoid it . Finally , make notes or write in abbreviation while observing location of each question. Making notes beforehand will help you a lot.

Are there any recent changes in IELTS modules ?

Well , its well known that IELTS has two most popular variants which are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Candidates must prepare for IELTS keeping the syllabus and test pattern into consideration. IELTS syllabus consists of four compulsory modules– Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking . The listening and reading sections of IELTS syllabus will remain the same for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. However, the listening and speaking sections will vary in terms of test content which means question no will remain the same but the questions asked may vary in content, not same audioscript , paraphrased questions etc The IELTS is designed to test the candidate’s basic knowledge of the English language at study, at work, and at informal/social gatherings. The results of IELTS are expressed on a unique 9-band scale. There are 40 questions in Listening , 40 in Reading and two tasks in Writing and finally Speaking. However , there are no changes in Modules yet.

Why do i fail to get good bands in Reading IELTS ?

There are several reasons candidates do not score well in this section .. It will let you understand easier if i talk about the common mistakes students make during class First of all they dont read the instructions given at the beginning of each question, reading casually the questions , making spelling mistakes , Answering in short forms ( True - T ) which is totally wrong and deducts your score, ignoring the keywords, giving more than two answers . Hope it helps to understand some of the common mistakes that candidates are not aware of .

In IELTS Speaking follow up round , are the questions asked always relate to cue card ?

Thats really interesting question… Many a times questions asked in follow up round are connected to Cue card but the trick lies in asking different question in follow up round . Suppose your cue card is based on Best friend but questions asked in Follow up section might be on Weather , so it checks your GRA , Vocabulary , Fluency and Pronunciation.

How can i create content in cue card Speaking part 2 ?

Most of the students worry about lack of content in Cue card round. There are lot of reasons like lack of vocabulary , inadequate ideas and not able to transfer them into sentences , hesitation , lack of practice beforehand etc To overcome these , first step needed to remove hesitation. Believe me guys , this is the most common barrier in communication. Try to speak with strangers or make your speaking partner to practice everyday atleast for one hour . Observe your voice tone , Enrich your word range , try to relate words with the given task card and translate them , avoid being repetitive in ideas . Start with general statement then progress to specific and address the key points already given in cue cards. Your task should include a concluding statement at the time of end . While practising set the timer on for whole two minutes. Be simple and organize your thoughts in sequential manner .

What is the minimum requirement for IELTS examination ??

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing Standards/ System. This exam is conducted in India and across the globe as well. Any candidate graduated / 12/ 10 passed from any recognized university / recognized board can fill the examination form but candidate needs to have completed atleast 16 yrs of age.

How can i increase my bands in Reading of IELTS ??

Well students raise many concerns and gist is theres no proper technique or trick to bust the reading except your own mindset . There is no ultimate advice which technique fits you the best. You should choose yourself how to search for right answers and what to do first: read questions or text. A lot successful candidates prefer to read the text first, and only then answer the questions. But some say it's better to do the other way. Practise doing Skimming and Scanning , learn to pick key words and use them to locate answers . Time management is another factor to enhance reading bands but Dont leave the boxes blank since theres no negative marking.

What are soft skills and how they are related to IELTS , PTE or any other professional courses??

Soft skills are need of an hour today and majorly contributes in professional as well as personal development . It is also known as People skills , combination of various skills help interaction with others in work place . Soft skills includes Empathy , Team work , communication skills , problem solving , leadership , self awareness , Time management , flexibility , stress management , patience and top of them is confidence ,if one is not confident enough, then it can’t possibly hope to develop in its field . Yes , most of the courses teach soft skills for better growth of candidates in professional & personal areas

Is there any difference between time limit for Pen & paper based and Computer based IELTS ?

The only difference is the time given for transferring final answers which is 2 minutes in computer based , whereas 10 minutes are allocated in pen & paper based IELTS .

What is the Time - duration for all the four modules in IELTS ?

Yes there is certain time limit which candidate needs to follow in each module . Listening module takes 30 minutes to complete and 10 minutes are given for transferring answers on answer sheet so it makes total 40 minutes for it. One hour is given for Reading(Three passages are given so you need to spend 20 minutes on each passage ) & one hour for Writing ; (20 minutes for Writing Task 1 & 40 minutes for Writing Task 2 ) Speaking needs to be done within 10-15 minutes out of which total three minutes are assigned for Cue -Card round (1 minute to organize your thoughts on the given topic and 2 minutes for speaking).

Is there any limit of words or no of sentences in speaking test of IELTS ?

No, there is no word limit in IELTS speaking test but you have to speak at least 2 minutes to achieve good band scores.

What are the Advantages of Attending an American University?

Discover a Wide Range of Academic Possibilities. Higher education in the United States is known for providing students with a diverse range of degrees and study possibilities.

What is the minimum percentage required for study in USA for bachelors?

A minimum academic record of 60% or higher in the humanities stream in class XII, and 60 to 65 percent or higher in the Science/Commerce stream in class XII, will be required. Students with a grade point average of less than 50% can enroll in Foundations and Diploma programmes.

What is the minimum percentage required for study in USA for masters?

My degree is 47% with 10 year work experience, can I go for masters in usa please reply

Sunita Khatri
Which are the Most Affordable Cities for Studying in the US?

1. San Diego
2. Pittsburgh
3. Atlanta
4. Dallas
5. Houston
6. Chicago
7. Boston
8. Philadelphia

How can I increase my bands in Writing Task 1 ?

Well candidates opting for General are asked to write a letter Types of letters are - Formal Informal Semifirmal Each type of letter has different vocabulary if not followed properly can alter the entire meaning of letter Letter has three parts Opening lines Body Closing You need to write purpose , details in body part and action needed in closing part I m sure fillowing the writing standards will beg you more bands always

I have taken exam many times but not getting the desired score, why every time I get less scores?

If you have appeared in exams many times, definitely, you know the exam pattern. Knowing exam pattern is one of the most important things for cracking the exam. As far as your less scores are concerned, despite the fact that you know the pattern, if you are not able to score good, you should work on your English. As the test is more about English language itself, it will improve your scores once you improve your English.

Love Gupta
How can we avoid mistakes in IELTS Listening section ?
How can we avoid mistakes in IELTS Listening section ?
How can we avoid mistakes in IELTS Listening section ?

The major reason for finding the listening section difficult is that in reading one can refer to the text again and again but in listening you can hear audio-only once. Rewinding the audio and listening to it again is not available.Also it is observed that students are not able to understand different accents . To overcome this problem , students should watch various programmes , talk shows , sports commentary etc, this will help them to familiarize with different accents To avoid errors , first of all you have to understand the exam format , types of questions, instructions for each questions , for eaxample if in a question answer is required to be completed in three words then it is needed to write three words. look for the keywords , there might be synonyms which makes location of answers tricky, look for the distractors as snswers are hidden there , check your spellings before you transfer answer on answer sheet , remember this test also checks your focus so make sure you dont lose it in the middle.Theres no negative marking so dont waste time on finding answer, move on to next question. Last but not least , write answers in block letters and use pencil for neatness.

What are the common mistakes in IELTS Listening ?

There are lot of mistakes in IELTS listening section that students make and are usually not aware of , starts with , not knowing the purpose of Audio / tapescripts, unable to use prediction skills , not identifying distractors, not following instructions given in the beginning of each section, unfamiliarity with different accents, Schuffling answers while listening on Answer sheet , not using block letters, leaving answers blank etc are common mistakes that reduce scores of students in this section.

What’s the basic requirement for IELTS in nursing course in Canada?

The basic IELTS required overall 7 and not less than 7 in each module. Every university have their own admission criteria so check the university and college website for admission.

Anil Kumar
What IELTS score is required to get enroll in Canadian universities and colleges?

The IELTS score is always depend upon the course to course with University to university. But still the basic requirement for Undergraduate is 6 not less than 5.5 and for post graduate is 6.5 not less than 6 in each module.

But for SDS category, required 6 in each module in IELTS.

Anil Kumar
I am unable to score good in listening because I can not understand the accent, what should I do?

The purpose of listening in IELTS is to check whether you’ll be able to understand the foreign accents or not itself. These accents can be British, American, Australian and many more. In order to be familiar with the accents you should watch English media, listen to the podcasts and be known to the regular and special pronunciation features of the words and alphabets.

Love Gupta
Which one is better for IELTS preparation ,Online or face to face ??

Online learning has the advantage of flexibility, convenience and almost limitless variety. The drawbacks include a lack of accountability and the challenge of verification. Another serious problem for the prospective IELTS test taker is that generic one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. Learning in-person generally means more tailor-made solutions and quicker turnaround times.

Whats the Ideal preparation time for IELTS ??

Schedulling preparation time suitably will get you through IELTS successfully. If your english is on the lower side than you need to refresh Vocabulary , grammar, etc . Whereas ,If you are already on Advanced level side of english then max time needed is one and half a month or depends on your ability to learn things quickly.

Why do Writing and Speaking seem more difficult than Listening and Reading?

During Listening and Reading, the candidate receives the language. On the contrary, Writing and Speaking require the candidate to produce the language. As humans, candidates find it easy to receive language than actually producing it.

Love Gupta
What would you suggest for an effective Time management in IELTS Reading ?
What is the Validity period of IELTS?
IELTS Full Form?
Is it possible to fail IELTS?

Theres no such concept of Pass or failure in IELTS as this test checks only the english proficiency of candidates. However , theres is a Bandwidth criteria which measures performance level. 9 39 – 40 (Expert User ) 8.5 37 – 38 8 35 – 36 (Very good user ) 7.5 32 – 34 7 30 – 31 ( Good user) 6.5 26 – 29 6 23 – 25 ( Competent user) 5.5 18 – 22 5 16 – 17 ( Modest user ) 4.5 13 – 15 4 11 – 12 (limited user )

What are the Major advantages of studying in Germany for Indians?
Paraphrasing is an essential part of IELTS , is it easy to score if i rephrase the same sentences ?

Paraphrasing means to compose sentence that has same meaning or restatement of subject using different words. Yes , it can help in getting good scores but too much of rephrasing isnt advised in IELTS .

What would you suggest for an effective Time management in IELTS ?
What are the common mistakes in IELTS Writing task ?

Writing assessment in IELTS is based on four main parameters;Task achievement , Lexical resources , Coherence & Cohesion , Grammatical Range & Accuracy Your score depends on how logically you have organised & connected your ideas , progression , sequence and the word range used. Sentences that fail to convey message , data redundancy , copying the question ,inappropriate words or ideas, punctuation & spelling errors are the common mistakes in tjis section.

Will i get good score in IELTS if i use synonyms ?

Definitely using synonyms will get you good scores but avoid using unfamiliar words overuse ofsynonyms may interrupt with fluency sometimes if it doesnt fit properly in sentences .

What is the strategy used in Reading section of IELTS ?

most of the students find this section monotonous and because of this they fail to score higher bands. Like other sections, The reading test is also as much a vocabulary test because most of the answers will be synonyms or paraphrases of the question. The key is to identify the information with the help of clues or keywords . Dont panic if you have no idea about the passage given,go over the passage to know whats being asked in question, differentiate between main idea and distractions. Skim and Scan the keywords given in passage . In Acedemic test, There will be three passages and total 40 questions while in General IELTS, subsections of three passages will also be given but no of question remain the same.

What is the marking criteria in IELTS Writing section ?

IELTS writing is marked according to four parameters - Task achievement/task response, Grammatical range and accuracy, Lexical resources, Coherence and cohesion. Every parameter weighs 25% of the overall writing score and is marked out of 9.

Love Gupta
How many types of letters are there in IELTS General ?

There are three types of letters in IELTS General Training - Formal letters, Informal letters, Semi-formal letters.

Love Gupta
How does enriching vocabulary help in cracking IELTS ?

IELTS is a language proficiency test and vocabulary is one of the essential language systems of English language. If the candidate has a good command over the language systems, he/she can get good scores in IELTS.

Love Gupta
What is the time limit for Writing Task 1 in IELTS ?

Candidates are expected to write 150-180 words in IELTS Writing Task 1.

Love Gupta
How many modules are there in PTE ?

Like every other language proficiency test, PTE also constitutes the evaluation of four language skills that are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Love Gupta
What is the word limit for Writing Task 1 ?

Word limit for Writing Task 1 is 150 words and time limit is 20 minutes?

Which one is better Pen & Paper based or Computer based IELTS ?

Nothing is good or bad. The difference is just of the mode you write your exam in and you should choose it according to your convenience. If you are bad at reading on screen and prefer reading hard copies, you should go for paper based test. However, if you have bad handwriting or are not able to write clearly, you should choose computer based test. In listening, you get 10 minutes extra for transferring your answers to an answer sheet in case of paper based test while in computer based test you will get 2 minutes extra just to cross check the answers you have already written. Speaking in both of the cases is either done face-to-face or via video conferencing.

Love Gupta
What is the Minimum Band criteria in IELTS to get admission in Canada & UK Universities ?
What is the validity period of IELTS ?

IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.

Love Gupta
What is the full form of TOEFL ?

Test Of English As A Foreign Language.

Love Gupta
What is the full form of PTE ?

Stands for Pearson Test of English

How can I speak for two minutes in Cue card round and how to cover up pauses in that section ?

Well ,second round of Speaking is Cue card round in which a topic is assigned and candidate is required to speak for two minutes , one minute is given to gather or organize the thoughts before cue card is spoken . So the total time allotted for Cue card is three minutes . There are certain tricks that helps to elongate or expand ideas while speaking in cue card section . Your speech should address the 5W1H formula and you have to sequence them according to assigned cue card.If your voice stammers , fumbles or you stop for more than 2 seconds, it will b counted as pause . To overcome this problem , its advised to use fillers like according to me , as far as i remember , if i am not wrong etc to delay the answer . If you lack the ideas , then try to relate or imagine a situation asked in cue card. Its always good to practice various cue cards beforehand . Use stop watch while practising speaking , generate more ideas to relate cue card topics Apart from this , dont hesitate and make yourself at ease first so you can answer confidently.

What is Task Achievement in IELTS Writing Task ?

Task achievement is one of the four criteria that writing is judged by . It s the relevancy with the given topic ,proper connectivity of ideas to complete both the tasks in Writing section. If the candidate has written relevant statements and sequence them well with examples which means task is achieved

How many sections are there in IELTS Writing section?

There are two tasks is IELTS Writing section. In General IELTS, candidates are expected to write a letter and an essay. Whereas, in Academic IELTS, candidates are required to write a report on a given picture and an essay. In both the cases, candidate will be given 1 hour - 60 minutes and both of the tasks have to be completed.

Love Gupta
Are there universities or courses in UK that exempt IELTS ?


Is it advisable to use body language in IELTS speaking test ?

In speaking exam , the primary aim is to check english on the basis of Fluency , Pronunciation, vocabulary & Grammatical range & accuracy .Of course, Nonverbal communication plays a vital role and in IELTS you are not judged by your attire, looks etc but its mandatory to keep yourself confident and maintain appropriate eye contact with the examiner while speaking.

Is it a misconception that the western accent could fetch a better score in IELTS speaking test ?

Yes, true. Instead, the candidate is expected to have a neutral accent in order to not to be misunderstood. People are usually found confused about faking American or British accents to fetch good scores which is not true. If the candidates have a neutral accent and the candidate uses correct pronunciation features, he/she can score good.

Love Gupta
What is meant by Lexical Resources ?

This is one of the most misunderstood parts of IELTS & candidates often ignore the importance of it in Writing section as well as Speaking. It refers to the word range means higher the vocabulary , higher the chances of getting good score.However , using fancy words alone in sentences never achieve high bands Phrasal verbs , Collocations , use of complex sentences altogether contributes to high scores.

How many parts are there in IELTS speaking test ?

IELTS Speaking test takes place in 3 steps and is completed in 11-14 minutes - 1. Introduction 2. Cue card/task card 3. Discussion/follow ups.

Love Gupta
What is the Full form of IELTS ?
Why are you taking IELTS examination ?
IELTS requirement

It varies according to the country, course and the educational institution you want to peruse your education from.

Love Gupta
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