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What is CAS Letter?



Once Pre-CAS is cleared, the student is required to deposit the fee mentioned in the offer letter, submit all required documents, and CAS Letter will be issued by the university. Student needs to have an ‘Unconditional Offer Letter’ for applying CAS Letter (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies to the University applied).

If a student has a Conditional Offer Letter only, he has to submit all relevant missing documents to make it an unconditional offer letter along with the requisite fee.  Along with an unconditional offer letter, a fund statement showing 28 days matured funds to take care of your living expenses.

For Universities ‘Outside London’, deposit @ GBP 10,000. For Universities ‘Inside London’, deposit @ GBP 13,000. CAS is issued in 02 weeks- time normally. Enrollment Confirmation to the university to be sent, as a token of your acceptance and willingness to reach the University for the Chosen Course.

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