What are the Major advantages of studying in Germany for Indians?


Germany Education

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1. Free education!
One of the Massive advantages of studying in Germany is the Tuition-free education that you receive in most of the public universities!
2. Germany needs qualified employees at the moment
“Germany is Running out of Workers: 400,000 New Immigrants Needed Every Year!” And the situation is simple really. Germany is a country with a really old population. And they need young students and employees from outside EU to sustain their economy. And they need to do this immediately! 3. Germany — The European Powerhouse:
Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world. Germany is the largest economy in Europe. 4. World Class education
Doing Masters essentially means having a good quality education too. Universities like Technical University of Munich (TUM), RWTH Aachen, KIT, TU Berlin, TU Hamburg, and all the other technical universities are one of the leading universities in Germany but also in the world. 5. 18 Months Job search VISA
If you go to the UK you have to come back after your studies is done, in the USA you have to wait for your entire life to get a green card. But Germany is a class apart here! When it comes to searching for jobs in Germany you will get an 18 months job search VISA post-study! 6. PR (Permanent Residency) after two months!
On top of the 18 months job search VISA, Germany’s PR process is also easy and streamlined! Graduating from a German university will make you eligible for a PR just after two years! This means, if you have worked in Germany for two years on a residence permit post the completion of your studies, you will be eligible for PR. 7. Europe Union Visa (Schengen visa)

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