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What is the difference between Russel Group Institutions and Public Funded Universities?



In the UK, many institutions with similar origins, adjacent geographic locations, and ambitions join themselves together in order to encourage collaboration, build relations with local businesses, and impactful research.

Russel Group is one such university group (public-funded university) consisting of 24 member institutions.

Russel Group is a catch-up name for a university group with a shared focus on research and a reputation for academic achievement. This group includes the 06 ‘Red Brick’ universities as well.

  1. All Russel Group universities are at the top of university league tables, with a high reputation although the selection criteria are tough and fee structure is very high.
  2. The universities and courses among Russel Group universities have their own entry requirements, fee structure, and selection criteria.
  3. Admission to Russel Group institutions are only through the online system – Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS).

How did the name come?

The origin of the Russel Group dates back to 1994, with 17 original members sitting out to ensure their interests were represented by the government. The heads of these institutions met unofficially in the Hotel Russel in London, which is where the name came from.

There are currently 24 universities with Russel Group as of now.

What are the general selection requirements & fee range?

IELTS requirement is 07 bands minimum/relevant admission test conducted by the university/interview, etc.

Fee range per annum 20 L – 45 L.

Admission process through the UCAS portal.

Public Funded Universities:

Most all universities in the UK are publicly funded (aided by the government) including the Russel Group.

Although publicly funded, all the UK universities operate independently and are not government-controlled. The tuition fee and selection criteria also vary.

Except for medical courses and postgraduate law courses (through UCAS portal) students can approach the public funded universities directly.

List of Russel Group Universities:

  1. University of Birmingham
  2. University of Bristol
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. Cardiff University
  5. Durham University
  6. University of Edinburgh
  7. University of Exeter
  8. University of Glasgow
  9. Imperial College of London
  10. King’s College London
  11. University of Leeds
  12. University of Liverpool
  13. London School of Economics and Political science 
  14. University of Manchester
  15. New Castle University
  16. University of Nottingham
  17. University of Oxford
  18. Queen Mary University of London
  19. Queens University Belfast
  20. University of Sheffield
  21. University of Southampton
  22. University College of London
  23. University of Warwick
  24. University of York

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