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The Russell Group of Universities is a prestigious group of 24 UK Universities. It is famous for providing quality research-based education to students with lucrative opportunities in the future. In the list of the top Russell group of universities, the University of Oxford, UK ranks first. It laid its foundation in the last decade of the 11th century. The University of Oxford is in Oxford city of England. It comprises 39 semi-autonomous colleges and 6 permanent private halls. Oxford University has a historic and beautiful campus in the UK. The University works with the motto of “Dominus illuminatio mea” (Latin), which translates to “The Lord is my light.”


Why Choose the University of Oxford?

“Trust is built with consistency”; this quote by Lincoln Chafee represents the spirit of the University of Oxford perfectly. Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is a public research university having its roots in ancient times. The University has been home to world leaders and innovators since its inception in 1096. It is home to more than 26,000 students. Every year 15,000 students are admitted to the University in their desired courses. The University supports more than 28,000 full-time jobs in UK. There are multiple facts about Oxford University that attract students to study in UK. These factors make Oxford a premier educational institution:

Exceptional Education

The University of Oxford is synonymous with an exceptional education. The University is famous for providing the best teaching standards with the highest student satisfaction in the world. The tutors at Oxford provides personalised learning option. This option enhances the student’s skills and builds a good rapport between the students and teachers. Moreover, the tutors provide individual attention to every student. The University offers multiple research facilities to the students. Also, it provides free access to the best learning resources available at the student’s doorsteps. The University of Oxford aims to provide a world-class education to the students to enrich their experiences.

Outstanding Oxford’s research

The University of Oxford has the top-notch research facility available in the world. Its research has been ranked 1st by multiple ranking agencies. The University of Oxford has the highest research income of 809.4 million pounds. More than 52% of postgraduate students are studying research at the University. Recently, the University of Oxford won the Queen’s Anniversary Award for creating the COVID-19 vaccine. The professors of this University are world experts in research and have written many books. The Research Excellence Framework of 2021 indicates that Oxford’s research has the world’s largest submission volume. Students and professors come from worldwide to contribute to the research work.

Welcoming and Supportive Community

The University of Oxford has a welcoming and supportive community that makes you feel at home. Every student becomes the responsibility of the University. Also, it takes care of every student’s well-being. Students from all over the world come here to study. Hence, they live in a close-knit community in Oxford. Students get multiple opportunities to associate in groups, societies, and campaigns. Every college has a Junior Common Room, where the students can meet, play games, have a cup of coffee, and more. A lot of students with disability have also been part of this prestigious University. Moreover, the University provides a warm welcome environment to the students when they arrive.


Key Features

The University of Oxford is the dream University of most students. It is because of its advanced and research-based programs. Since its inception, the university has accomplished many milestones and consistently works on setting more. Here are some more features below which represent the University’s milestones.

  • Part of Russell Group of Universities.

  • 45% of International students.

  • Ranks 1st in the world and UK.

  • Lowest drop-out rate of 0.9% in the UK.

  • More than 350 postgraduate programs.

  • Competitive acceptance rate of 17.5%. 

  • More than 160 nationalities are studying.

  • Produced notable alums, including 72 Nobel Prize Laureates.

  • Students won more than 150 Olympic medals.

  • Highest volume of world’s leading research.

  • International students' beginning salaries are expected to be roughly £35,532 per year.

University of Oxford Courses & Fees

Course Fees

UG Fees: 3613240 INR

PG Fees: 4556720 INR

University of Oxford Courses

Studying at a top-ranked university is the most significant achievement for any student. Some of the University of Oxford courses rank 1st in the UK. The University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate-research programs to the students. It also has top ranking for the courses in the world as well as in the UK. The university is famous for offering 350 postgraduate programs to students. Check out some significant courses provided by the University below:

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Admission Criteria

Intake’s deadline

UCAS application deadline is Monday, 16 October in 2023

Oxford University is the top university in the world and the UK. This university’s entry criteria are relatively selective due to its reputation and teaching standards. Meanwhile, the competition for the selection procedure of this university is very high. The University accepts students having 17% or more in their 12th standard for the bachelor’s program. Students who have passed from a reputed or higher-ranked institution in their home country can apply with 17%.

Moreover, the English language requirement is higher than in other UK universities. Students from the USA, China, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Australia, Italy, France, and Poland come in large numbers to this institution. Check the criteria given below:


University of Oxford Entry Requirements



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)


3.3 GPA

3.5 GPA

3.5 GPA


7.0 Score

7.5 Score

7.5 Score


Above 100

Above 110

Above 110






Not Accepted

Not Accepted

Not accepted


Requires Two

Requires two

Requires two

Work Experience




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University of Oxford Scholarships

The University of Oxford provides many scholarships to UK nationals. It also provides a few scholarships in the UK for international students. Check the scholarships in the UK provided by OxfordUniversity here.

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship Full course fees and Living Costs


The University of Oxford offers a wide range of world-class courses across various disciplines, making narrowing down the top choices challenging. However, several programs stand out for their reputation and academic excellence. The courses in Medicine, Law, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Business are highly regarded at Oxford.

The University of Oxford is renowned for its academic excellence and rigorous admission process, making it a highly competitive institution for both domestic and international students. With a limited number of spots available, the university seeks to admit the most exceptional candidates who demonstrate not only intellectual prowess but also a passion for their chosen field. As a result, getting admission to the University of Oxford can be a bit challenging. However, if you demonstrate strong academic achievements, a compelling application, and extracurricular skills, your application will definitely be selected. The average acceptance rate at the university for international students is around 17.5%.

Several notable Indians have studied at the prestigious Oxford University, leaving their mark in various fields. Prominent figures include Dr. Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate in economics renowned for his work on welfare economics and development; Indira Gandhi, the first female Prime Minister of India; Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister; Sujata Vasant Manohar, former judge of the supreme court of India; Amitav Ghosh, a famous writer; Dr. Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist and former Prime Minister of India; and Shashi Tharoor, a well-known author, politician, and diplomat. These individuals, among many others, have not only excelled academically but have also made significant contributions to their respective fields.

The University of Oxford assesses international student applications based on a holistic approach that considers various factors. The primary basis for acceptance is academic qualifications, including the applicant's high school or undergraduate transcripts and standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT. Additionally, the university evaluates personal statements, reference letters, and any relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, or achievements that showcase the applicant's intellectual curiosity and passion for the chosen field. Apart from this, the core of any one English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL is also crucial for non-native English speakers. Overall, the University of Oxford seeks well-rounded individuals who not only exhibit exceptional academic abilities but also possess other skills.

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