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Queen Margaret University is a public university established in the late 19th century. It received university status in 1999, after 120 years of its establishment. The University is located in Musselburgh, Scotland. It offers a diverse and healthy environment to every student. The Queen Margaret University accommodation is quite favourable to international students. It offers on-campus accommodation to students at an affordable price. The University is present in the lush green surrounding. Its motive is to provide a career-focused approach to each student to make them stand out in the crowd.


Why Choose Queen Margaret University (QMU)?

Queen Margaret University is recognised as the best university in Scotland. It has the 4th rank in Scotland and 1st in the Capital city, Edinburgh. The University does not differentiate between genders and provides equal opportunities to all. It has a world-class infrastructure with high-tech research labs and research teams. The staff of the QMU is also supportive. It is home to almost 30,000 students from different countries and possesses different cultures. This university possesses a good ranking in Scotland and has some prominent features. The features are listed below:

Academic Expertise

The search for an international student ends when he has an encounter with great teachers.  The teachers taught them in a manner that can increase their chances of having a bright future ahead. Queen Margaret University has internationally recognised teachers with academic expertise in their field of interest. The staff of the university is also associated with the industries. Consequently, providing the student with a wide exposure to learning things theoretically and practically. This association is a unique feature of this university, making it the top-ranking institution in Edinburgh.

Knowledge into Practice

When any university takes students to visit the industry, they try to provide work exposure to them. Most importantly, they intimate students to learn the skills involved there. This university deals with the same as it allows the students to place their knowledge into practice. Queen Margaret University develops knowledge and skills in the students. It has an association with various industries. There are various live projects and work placements that help students in developing their skills. This is how a student can stand out in the crowd by gaining top-level skills while studying.

Lucrative Opportunities

The university offers many opportunities to help its students develop their academic and extracurricular skills. The students get the opportunity of mentoring, volunteering, exchange trips, and international travel time. The university also provides the opportunity for part-time jobs in UK. It helps the students to earn their daily wages for the expenses made for their living. The university has provided some courses with paid and unpaid internships. It works as an experience when the students apply for full-time jobs in UK and earn credits to make their profile strong for permanent residency (PR).


Key Features

Queen Margaret University has a large campus in the heart of Edinburgh city. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, situated near the North Sea. It was the first city in the world that provided fire services. Check more features of the QMU below:

  • Public university in Scotland.

  • Collaboration with multiple industries.

  • Partnership with colleges and universities of Canada.

  • World-leading and internationally recognised research.

  • 97% graduate employability rate.

  • Students from 80 countries are studying here.

  • Surprisingly affordable fee structure.

Queen Margaret University Courses & Fees

Queen Margaret University Courses

The quality of courses is the primary reason for an international student to select a UK University. Queen Margaret University Courses are research-based and industry-driven. They deal in hospitality, tourism, education research, business sectors, and more. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees to the students. The University has bifurcated itself into 2 primary schools. They are the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Management and the School of Health Sciences. Here is the table below, including the courses of the two schools:

Queen Margaret University Fees

QMU offers international students a dramatic fee structure for its all courses in UK. The Queen Margaret University fees range from £7000 to £18,000. The undergraduate fee starts from £7000 and reaches up to £15,500. Therefore, it has become a very affordable university in the UK and Scotland. Here is the table below to know the fee structure:


Queen Margaret University Fees and Cost of Living




£7,000 - £15,500 per year


£14,300 - £18,000 per year

Doctoral (PhD)

£15,000 per year

Living Expenses

£10,000 (approximate) 


Edinburgh has a vibrant and dynamic culture. The surroundings have a vintage touch of ancient architecture. Therefore Living in Edinburgh is not at all tedious for the students. The living cost in Edinburgh ranges from £9,000 - £10,000. Students can easily find part-time jobs nearby to make their work more accessible.

Queen Margaret University Ranking & Intakes

Queen Margaret University Rankings

In the UK, the Guardian and the Complete ranking system are very prominent. The Queen Margaret University ranking is among the world’s top 1000 universities. In the UK, the University ranks among the top 100 universities. Check the ranking of the University below:


Queen Margaret University Ranking

Ranked By 


QS World Ranking


The Complete University Guide UK Ranking


The Guardian University UK Ranking



The Complete University Guide ranking ranks the QMU at 93rd position in the UK. It ranks the University by monitoring the ten indicators. The sociology course ranks 31 by the Complete University Guide ranking. Check the Queen Margaret University course ranking for some top programs in the table below:


Complete University Guide UK Rankings 2022 for Courses 

Ranked By


Business & Management Studies


Communication & Media Studies








Media & Film Studies


Sociology and Social Policy



The Guardian Ranking ranks the QMU at 85th position. It is the most popular ranking in the UK. The Guardian monitors the universities on nine indicators. Business courses at QMU rank in the top 65 programs by the Guardian ranking. Check the table below to learn about the ranking of some courses:


The Guardian UK Rankings 2022 for Courses

Ranked By


Business, Management & Marketing



Queen Margaret University Intakes

Queen Margaret University, UK offers a single intake for international students. The University accepts the application for September intake. To apply to this affordable university, students can contact us.  Check the table below for the application deadline:


Queen Margaret University Intakes


Month of intake

Application Deadline



End of June 

Admission Criteria

Queen Margaret University has moderate admission criteria. It accepts the students having 60% in higher secondary or bachelors. The English Proficiency test scores are mandatory to provide. It does not allow other language tests like TOEFL or PTE. The QMU does not accept students based on Medium of Instruction (MOI). Some courses like nursing and dietician require a 7.0 band score in IELTS for the masters in UK. Check the table below to know the requirements:


Queen Margaret University’s Entry Requirements



Post Graduate

PostGraduate Research


60% or above in the 12th standard

60% or more in bachelor’s degree

70-75% or more in master’s degree or bachelors honours degree






Not Accepted

Not Accepted

Not Accepted


Not Accepted

Not Accepted

Not Accepted


Not Accepted

Not Accepted

Not accepted


Requires one

Requires two

Requires two

Work Experience




Queen Margaret University Scholarships

The Queen Margaret University scholarships range from £3000 to £9000. The Scottish government allows students to pursue higher studies in Scotland by availing of a good scholarship and an affordable fee structure. Check here to know more about the scholarships at QMU.

1. Saltire Scholarships
Scholarship Name Saltire Scholarships
Scholarship amount £8000
Details The Saltire scholarships are offered to the students of Canada, India, Japan, China, and the USA. It is awarded to the students enrolled in the master’s program at QMU. It is part of the Scottish Government’s scholarships for the best and bright students to continue their education at Scottish universities. Students receive the amount of £8000 as a scholarship.
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