USCIS Announces H-1B Visa Registration Period Begin from March 6 for FY 2025


Published On 06 March 2024 / Category in Visa, NEWS

We have an exciting update about the H1-B visa!


The H1-B visa registration 2024 opens on March 6 and closes on March 22. Some lotteries offer higher stakes than theH-1B visa lottery 2024, but preparing well is vital because leaving everything up to fate is not ideal.


The H1-B visa enables US-based companies to hire foreign employees to fill positions that require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Students with technology, science, engineering, and mathematics degrees are often considered. The H-1B cap lottery 2024 has an annual quota of 85,000 visas, which means there is a set limit on the maximum number of visas that can be issued annually. However, the demand for H-1B visa has surpassed the maximum number set for each year, and visas have been issued via a random lottery system.


The H-1B visa lottery begins with the registration process, a new addition to the H-1B petition introduced by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Registration enables companies to register an account with USCIS and enter employees' names and biographic information for lottery selection.


The USCIS chooses from the registrations to fill the visa cap. USCIS notifies selected registrations and provides a deadline for filing their H-1B visa applications. USCIS decides on these filed applications based on the strength of the supporting evidence and the submissions' compliance with the H-1B visa USA requirements.


USCIS has updated new features to the registration system in 2024, which offers a fair H-1B visa process and better chances to get selected for the program. These aspects stem from the finalH-1B visaregistration 2024 rule, which offers a beneficiary-centric selection process. The most significant process is that the recipient is considered only once for the lottery selection. Even if many employers file registrations on their behalf, the beneficiary will be evaluated only once.


Earlier, the H-1B visa lottery 2024 allowed multiple registrations for the same recipient, filed by different employers, where each had an equal chance of selection. USCIS created the new beneficiary-centric approach to decrease the possibility of fraud and ensure that each beneficiary had an equal chance of being picked, irrespective of the number of registrations made on their behalf by an employer. So, starting with the financial year 2025, USCIS require candidates to submit a valid passport or travel document information for each recipient. The passport or travel document presented must be the one the beneficiary plans to use to enter theUSAif granted an H-1B visa. Each beneficiary must be enrolled under a single passport or travel document.


Some employers wishing to sponsor the H-1B visa for foreign employees the following year should start preparing now. This might involve evaluating the potential applicants and acquiring the required documentation. Employers should also speak with an immigration attorney or competent expert to ensure they are prepared for the H-1B visa registration 2024 and thoroughly understand the requirements for sponsoring a foreign worker for an H-1B visa.


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