Canada Set To Increase Permanent Residency Fees By 12% Effective from April 30th


Published On 04 April 2024 / Category in Study in Canada, NEWS

Well, we have an interesting update regarding Canada PR fees!


It is well-known that Canada is a welcoming and friendly place for migrants. However, the country is planning a significant increase in the Canada Permanent Residency Fees, effective from April 30th. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a substantial increase of nearly 12% across key immigration programs, causing financial hurdles for hopefuls seeking Canadian residency.


The primary adjustment is a 12% increase in the 'right of permanent residency fee' from CAD 515 to CAD 575. The fee, which is payable when applying for permanent residency, is an important step for people who want to pursue a path to Canadian citizenship. Thus, the government has provided a temporary reprieve by exempting dependent children from this fee, recognising the financial stress that families may suffer during the immigration process.


Furthermore, Canada PR Fees for different immigration programs are expected to increase. The costs for the Federal Skilled Worker Program are quite popular among Indian immigrants and will increase from CAD 850 to CAD 950. Similar changes will be made to programs such as the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Atlantic Immigration class, and most economic pilot projects.


Canada Permanent Residency Feefor accompanying wife or common-law partners will be adjusted to equal the primary applicant's fee, while fees for dependent children (if accompanying) will rise somewhat. Permanent Resident Canada fees for applicants and their spouses or common-law partners under the Live-in Caregiver Program and caregiver pilots will increase from CAD 570 to CAD 635, with accompanying dependent children also paying more.


In a similar way, business immigration applicants, both federal and Quebec, and their accompanying family members would face additional expenses. Sponsorship costs for the family reunification program, which includes spouses/partners, children, parents, grandparents, and other relatives, will increase from CAD 75 to CAD 85.


Additionally, Canada PR application fee for sponsored principal applicants and minors in this program will rise, resembling much bigger fee adjustments across all immigration streams. These fee hikes come amid Canada's continuous efforts to regulate its immigration levels. As announced in November 2024, Canada intends to welcome 4.85 lakh new permanent residents in 2024 and 5 lakh in 2025, hoping to preserve its position as a preferred immigration destination.


Henceforth, the fee adjustments may pose difficulties for potential immigrants, particularly those from nations such as India, which have traditionally contributed heavily to Canada's immigration population. In 2022, India accounted for 27% of all new permanent immigrants accepted to Canada, with 1.18 lakh Indians granted permanent status.


The strained relationship between India and China has also had an impact on immigration patterns, with a noteworthy fall in Indian applications in recent years, according to immigration specialists. According to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, the fee adjustments are consistent with Canada's strategy of periodically reviewing and adjusting fees to keep up with inflation rates.


This bi-yearly periodical fee adjustment is based on the Consumer Price Index for Canada and seeks to guarantee that the immigration system is sustainable and rightly funded to meet the changing demands of immigrants and Canadian society as a whole. While Canada continues to promote immigration as an essential source of economic growth and cultural diversity, fee adjustments highlight the financial difficulties that immigrants may encounter when following their ambition of living in this country.


As the price increases go into effect, prospective immigrants will have to factor in these elevated Canada PR cost, emphasising the significance of financial planning and preparation in the immigration process. To conclude, while Canada remains dedicated to welcoming immigrants, the upcoming fee adjustments highlight the financial realities that potential immigrants may face. Aspiring permanent residents have to deal with these changes while pursuing their dreams of starting a new life in Canada, balancing their aspirations with the realities of meeting the accompanying fees.

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