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Updated On 31 March 2023


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Australia is one of the world's most biodiverse countries, featuring a diverse range of natural flora and wildlife. It’s no wonder that Australia is a popular location for wildlife conservation students. There are several courses available to assist you in reaching your dreams of becoming a wildlife researcher, wildlife veterinarian, forest officer, conservationist, or national park manager. Every year, these courses attract several international students to study in Australia.


In this article, we'll look at some of the best wildlife conservation courses in Australia.

Bachelor of Wildlife Science - The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland provides a three-year Bachelor of Wildlife Science curriculum that includes areas such as animal behaviour, ecology, conservation, and management. This course is aimed to provide students with a firm foundation in wildlife conservation science, as well as hands-on experience in fieldwork and research.

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) - Murdoch University

Murdoch University provides a Bachelor of Environmental Science with a Wildlife and Conservation Biology concentration. This four-year curriculum includes courses in animal behaviour, conservation genetics, wildlife management, and ecology. Students in this programme acquire hands-on experience with fieldwork, data collecting, and analysis.

Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation - Murdoch University

Murdoch University's Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation programme is a two-year degree that focuses on the health and well-being of wildlife populations. This curriculum provides students with a thorough grasp of animal biology, ecology, and conservation, as well as practical skills in fieldwork, research, and data analysis.

Master of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) - The University of Western Australia

The Master of Science in Wildlife and Conservation Biology programme at The University of Western Australia is a two-year degree that includes animal behaviour, conservation biology, and ecology. Students in this programme acquire hands-on experience in fieldwork, research, and data analysis, as well as the chance to collaborate with prominent experts in the field.

Diploma of Conservation and Land Management - TAFE Queensland

The Diploma in Conservation and Land Management is a one-year programme offered by TAFE Queensland that covers a variety of conservation and land management themes, such as ecological restoration, wildlife management, and biodiversity conservation. This course is intended for students who are interested in doing hands-on conservation work.

Career possibilities

Here are some of the careers you could be on your way to:

  • Biologist

  • Wildlife scientist

  • Ecotourism guide

  • Conservation officer

  • Land manager

  • Wildlife officer

  • Ranger

  • Environmental assessment officer

  • Aquarist

Wildlife Conservation: Salary & Scope

  • According to Salary Expert, the average salary of wildlife conservationists in India is $53,965 (AUD)/yr per year.


So, do these courses count in India? The quick answer is yes. It should be noted, however, that each course and school may have its own certification and recognition throughout India. Students should conduct research to ensure that the course they pick is recognised by the applicable regulatory agencies in India.


Furthermore, Australia provides a variety of high-quality courses in wildlife conservation, as well as possibilities for hands-on fieldwork and research. These courses can lay a solid basis for a career in wildlife conservation in Australia or anywhere else.


We hope the article was helpful in providing you with useful insights on the best wildlife conservation courses in Australia. For any further assistance, you can contact and get help from our expert education counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants. Our counsellors will help with any query you might have and will provide you with the best guidance required to get you into your dream Australian university. You can also get free online counselling on our website, along with help with SOPs and visa processing. Please contact application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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