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Updated On 03 October 2021


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It is consistently incredible to be acknowledged by your preferred school in the USA. Presently you need to finish different customs to understand your fantasy about considering in your number one school. Right now is an ideal opportunity to apply for an understudy and do other administrative work to concentrate legitimately in the USA. At this point, you more likely than not found out about an I-20 structure, presently you need to realize how to get it. In this article, we will advise you what an I-20 structure is and why you need it? We will likewise cover every single angle identified with Form I-20, thus, you can comprehend it better.

The I-20 structure is an endorsement of qualification for nonimmigrant understudy status, given by a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)- ensured school expressing that an understudy has been conceded to a full-time concentrate on the program and has likewise exhibited adequate monetary intends to remain in the United States. Understudies get a Form I-20 from their assigned school official (DSO). The suitable I-20 Form is given depends on the school you will go to is in F-1 or M-1 status. Each school that acknowledges you will send an I-20 structure once you pay the expense. Nonetheless, you should fill the I-20 Form of the school which you will join in. The structure I-20 gave to global understudies has formally named the 'Endorsement of Eligibility' as it permits the contender to apply for an F-1 understudy visa at a US international safe haven or department in his nation of origin.

Because of COVID-19, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division has allowed US Universities to electronically send Forms I-20 to understudies on their email addresses recorded on SEVIS. For minor understudies, the email address might have a place with their parent or a legitimate gatekeeper. 

Thinking about the Coronavirus pandemic, SEVP has lifted the limitation of mailing the actual Form I-20s and is permitting schools to email I-20s straightforwardly to the understudies briefly. The messaged Form I-20 will presently be viewed as official to apply for the visa by the US consulate. It additionally implies, as of now, understudies need not pay to transport expenses until additional notification.


An electronically gotten I-20 can be 

  • A scanned variant of a genuinely marked structure I-20, or 

  •  A digitally signed I-20 that incorporates a carefully recreated duplicate having an actual mark 

  • A digitally signed I-20 utilizing electronic mark programming


According to the Department of Homeland Security, "the Form I-20 is a significant record that you should be careful of, as you will require it all through the worldwide understudy life cycle." 

The migration cycle might appear to be long and tiring, notwithstanding, when you got the I-20 structure, the excess interaction will smoothen. In the event that you have any questions in regards to it, you can ask the authority who sent you that structure. 

Note: An up-and-comer can't matter for a US Student Visa without an I-20 structure, nonetheless, having an I-20 doesn't ensure that you will be given the visa. You need to satisfy every one of the standards set by the US experts for getting it.

Uses of i20 Form

When you get the I-20 structure, you ought to continue to pay the I-1901 SEVIS expense. You need to pay this expense prior to entering the US. Data from the I-20 structure is expected to finish this installment. 

The I-20 is a significant piece of the visa application measure. Its unique duplicate can be mentioned by the Visa Officers at the department during the visa meet. This structure comprises the data identified with the accounts and cost of the program and how the understudy intends to pay it. Aside from this, the structure additionally incorporates the data identified with the program the competitor will seek after. Ensure that the visa type to which you are applying and the one which is referenced on the structure ought to be something similar.

To apply for benefits

Aside from the previously mentioned subtleties, this structure can likewise be utilized to profit different advantages a global understudy is qualified for. You may require it while attempting to get a temporary position or work, driver's permit, or a government-managed retirement number. 

When to get another Form I-20

  • In the wake of getting the underlying Form I-20 for program acknowledgment, understudies might get another Form I-20 from their DSO in the accompanying conditions: 

  • In the event that the actual duplicate of the structure is obliterated or lost 

  • For movement support 

  • In the event of an adjustment of an understudy's SEVIS status (e.g., from Initial to Active) 

  • In the event of any progressions should be made to understudy's data, similar to the program of study, discretionary useful preparing, or understudy's very own data

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