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Volunteering in the land down under is a fascinating adventure. Australia gives students countless opportunities to volunteer in fields ranging from animal welfare, healthcare, and environmental conservation to various community service programs. As a scholar, you can give back to the country while enhancing your skill set and building meaningful connections and strong networks. It’s a win-win situation where you can broaden your horizon and uncover fresh perspectives.

Top Universities Providing Volunteering Opportunities in Australia

Australian colleges emphasise providing students with various volunteering gigs, which hones them in a better way and thus provide a wide range of options to choose from. Moreover, courses in Australia are aligned with the volunteer programme you choose, which aids you in your academic journey. Let’s look at some of the programmes offered by the best universities in Australia.


The University of Adelaide

Over 2500 volunteers and 70 volunteer groups work for the University of Adelaide across all campuses. Students get opportunities in diverse arenas, from career management and theatre arts to building communication skills. These programmes foster a learning environment and build a nurturing connection between the scholar and the university. Below is a list of some of the volunteering programs offered by the university:


  • Career mentorship

  • Children’s University Volunteer

  • Theatre Guild

  • Talking with Aussie

  • Basketball League Volunteers


The University of New South Wales

 The university provides a wealth of volunteering opportunities to scholars in various fields. It aims to strengthen alumni networks, inculcate vibrancy and inclusion on campus and nurture students’ various talents through these programmes. For the same, there are numerous clubs, groups, committees, and councils. Most programmes are recognized on the Australian higher education graduation statement (AHEGS), enhancing their credibility. Students can go through these programmes by logging into the careers portal on the website, which is updated regularly. Here are some of the best volunteer programs at the University of New South Wales:


  • Peer tutoring and Mentoring

  • Media and Publications

  • Community Volunteering

  • Art and Design

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing


The University of Western Australia

The university strongly believes in empowering scholars to be a catalyst of change and give back to the community in their own unique ways. Moreover, volunteering gigs are recognized on supplementary transcripts, which acts as a brownie point and raises the stature of a student’s resume.  Mentioned below are some of UWA’s leading volunteer programs:


  • Uni Mentor

  • Student Ambassador and Leadership Program

  • Peer Educators

  • UWA Sports Brand Ambassador Program

  • Girls in Engineering

  • Guild Volunteering


The University of Technology, Sydney

UTS offers students a variety of service activities, including the Aus Leap program, which collaborates with local communities, charity foundations and social enterprise organizations. The institution aims to give students practical experience in dealing with environmental and social issues. Additionally, the university organizes workshops, meet-ups and outdoor activities to give scholars hands-on experience to equip them with skills they can utilise in their future careers. We have mentioned some top volunteering programs offered by the University of Technology, Sydney. Have a look!


  • Web and Graphic Designing

  • Events Management

  • Data Analytics

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Software Programming

Benefits of Volunteering for International Students in Australia

Volunteering in Australia opens up avenues for you to explore yourself and enhance your skill set while being a harbinger of impact in society and of a positive difference in the community, as every effort of goodwill counts. Let's now consider the benefits that volunteering provides for overseas students:


Industry Exposure

Whether you’re an animal enthusiast with an athletic streak or an artist immersed in his palette of colours with a passion for making the world a better place, volunteering has something for everyone. It allows you to explore all your untapped passions,  gain an understanding of the industry concerned and build your expertise in the desired arena. Hence, students gain valuable exposure and better clarity regarding their careers.



Volunteering opportunities for international students in Australia enable them to expand their social network and connect with like-minded people. It also gives you a deeper understanding of the country’s local culture and fosters inclusion and a sense of belonging. Moreover, you connect with potential employers and develop an understanding of the country’s work culture, which creates a gateway for future prospects and makes you more employable.


Profile boost

Through volunteering in Australia, an individual gets the opportunity to work on themselves holistically. They get to improve their communication skills, foster leadership qualities, acquire problem-solving skills and hence be industry-ready. Additionally, your CV improves, and you gain valuable references and recommendations, which aids you in the long run. Also, your polished skillset and community contribution history are tracked by employers, giving you a competitive edge compared to others.


Understanding of the Country

As an international student, you may tend to feel lonely and alienated in a distant land. Volunteering fills those gaps and allows you to connect with the native country’s culture, lifestyle and people. Moreover, you can explore hidden travel places and gain insights into local cuisines, strengthening your connection with the country. On top of that, you build social connections and find your own tribe, giving you comfort and relatability.


Volunteering opportunities in Australia come in all shapes and sizes. The country offers flexible schedules, remote facilities and varied duration prospects. Besides, one can explore the indigenous culture, fascinating wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. Hence, study in Australia while becoming an integral part of the social ecosystem and creating meaningful social and economic impacts.

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Q: What are some of the best volunteering programs in Australia?

A: Australia provides various volunteer programs, such as GoEco, LoveVolunteers, Ocean2earth Volunteers, Carpe Diem Education, etc. The Government also takes active initiative in hosting different programs, such as the Australian Volunteers' program. Also, One can visit the government website and check out the same.


Q: What types of volunteering opportunities are available for international students in Australia?

A: Australia provides a diversity of opportunities for students to choose from. Depending on their area of interest, one can go into environmental conservation, community service, event management, education, and many more industries.


Q: Do International students need to have any prerequisites while applying to volunteer in Australia?

A: Although certain organizations may have specific criteria of prerequisites, it is not that stringent and necessary. The most basic requirement is for the person to be willing to learn, contribute to the upliftment of society and have an optimistic attitude.


Q: Does one get paid for Volunteering in Australia?

A: Although organizations don’t pay volunteers, some get paid the minimum wage, depending on the circumstances. Also, in exchange for your time and effort, they can provide you with reimbursement for certain expenses,  certificates and recommendations from the concerned organization.


We hope this blog gave you a broad overview of volunteering opportunities in the land down under. So, if you wish to know more about how you can contribute to the country while studying in Australia, then contact Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) and take the first steps toward a meaningful career. Our team of expert counsellors is always available to assist you in choosing the right programme, navigating the application process and helping you secure your place at one of the best colleges in Australia. If you wish to have a free counselling session, then you can avail of the facility for the same through our website. Our team of dedicated counsellors will ensure you have a hitch-free experience with the best guidance and support. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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