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Universities worldwide utilise distinctive scoring methods to assess students' academic performance. While educational institutions in the US use the Grade Point Average (GPA) and Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) to evaluate students' performance, countries like India often employ a percentage system. While there is much information about GPA, SGPA is still a mystery.

We shall talk about SGPA and its calculation in this blog. One of the most popular ways to assess your present academic performance is to calculate your SGPA. After each academic session/semester, the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is generated to determine the candidate's advancement for that specific semester.

What is SGPA?

Semester Grade Point Average, or SGPA, is the full name of the statistic. It serves as a gauge of a student's academic progress throughout the semester. It is determined by dividing the overall grade point total by the number of hours enrolled in the course. Several colleges and universities are now using SGPA to assess their performance.

It is essential to score a good SGPA for a high CGPA. A good CGPA is vital in getting admission to a high-ranked university.

How to Calculate SGPA?

Now that you are familiar with SGPA and its role in obtaining a high CGPA, let us focus on how to calculate SGPA.

You can follow these simple points to calculate your SGPA.

  • First, you’ll need to find your credit point for each subject.

  • Then, multiply each subject's credit points by the grade you have attained in the respective subject.

  • Add all the products you get from the previous step.

  • Then, you have to divide the sum you get after adding the products of each subject by the sum of all the credits to derive your SGPA.

Let us look at the following table to understand the calculation of SGPA.

How to Calculate SGPA?




Grade Points

Subject 1




Subject 2




Subject 3




Subject 4








SGPA= Grade Points/ Total Credit

SGPA= 111/13= 8.5

What is SGPA and CGPA?

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the grading system used by educational institutes to measure the overall academic performance during the entire course tenure. CGPA is the average scored by the student at the end of the program. In contrast, SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average which serves as a way to assess students’ progress in an academic session.

The CGPA shown on your transcript will allow you to secure admission to high-ranking institutes. Many colleges and universities teaching core academic subjects and courses heavily emphasise your CGPA, so it is wise to aim high and dedicate all your efforts to achieving that goal.

How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?

By now, we expect that we have demonstrated what SGPA and CGPA are and how to calculate SGPA.

Now let us understand how to calculate CGPA from SGPA.

All you ought to do is find the sum of all the SGPAs you have scored throughout the academic year and then divide it by the total number of semesters. So fundamentally,

CGPA = (SGPA of all the semesters in a particular year / total number of semesters).

For example, if you score 7 and 8 SGPAs in two semesters, you will have to divide the total by 2.

So, we calculated one SGPA as 8.53 in one academic year. Let's say you scored 7 SGPA in another academic session. So, you will calculate your CGPA as

(7 + 8.5)/2


So, your CGPA is 7.75.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Most colleges in India announce a percentage that applicants have to score to get admitted into specific programs if they have their final results in the form of an SGPA or GPA. In that case, you must know how to make the conversions accurately.

Explicit knowledge about your percentage will aid in finding suitable college courses and help you understand your scope better.

You will need to know the percentages you have attained each semester to comprehend your progress and help you plan for the future.

Once you have figured out your SGPA, it is relatively simple to derive your score percentage. There is a standardised formula you can use for the process. You must multiply your SGPA by 10 and subtract 7.5 from your product, bringing you to your percentage. Considering the example we have demonstrated above, you can calculate the percentage from SGPA with the formula below:

(SGPA x 10) – 7.5 = Percentage

(8.53 x 10) - 7.5 = 77.8


Q. What is the SGPA?
A. SGPA is the Semester Grade Point Average system used to calculate a student’s performance in any semester. It is the average of a student's grade points in all courses.

Q. How to calculate SGPA?
A. First, know your credit points earned for each subject and how much credit is allotted. Now multiply the credit of each subject by the earned credits in that subject. Add all the points, and divide the sum by thE total of all the credits to know your SGPA.

Q. How does SGPA work?
A. The SGPA is a system that measures a candidate’s performance in one semester. It is also the ratio of credit points earned in one semester in all the subjects one has decided to take. The SGPA can be conveyed up to two decimal places.

Q. Are CGPA and SGPA the same?
A. No, CGPA and SGPA are not the same. CGPA is a grading system to measure the overall academic performance during the entire course tenure. At the same time, SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average which serves as a way to assess students’ progress in an academic session.

Students who wish to learn more about the SGPA grading system may contact our expert counsellors at any Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) branch. Our expert education counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance for admission to universities abroad. For more information or queries, please mail us at application02@meridean.org or 1800-1230-00011.

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