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Updated On 22 September 2022


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The United Kingdom grants Scale-Up worker visas to skilled individuals who can work for their fast-growing businesses.

The United Kingdom has always been a great destination to study and work. Various universities can fulfil your dream to study in UK. Further, the country has a lot of opportunities after studies. Numerous people work with renowned firms in the UK on UK scale-Up visa and help businesses to grow. Currently, there are two types of Scale-Up Visa; Sponsored and Unsponsored. The scale-up worker visa enables foreign citizens to go to the UK and work for at least six months at an eligible position for a rapidly expanding UK company (also known as a "scale-up business").

Launched on August 22, 2022, the scale-up visa is designed to simplify the hiring process for UK companies experiencing significant expansion to attract the best-skilled labour worldwide. Work at your sponsored job for a minimum of six months.

The laws include an innovative clause that allows those with scale-up visas to switch to an unsponsored post after working in their sponsored position for six months.

What is a UK Scale-up Visa?

In general, the Scale-up Visa is a "fast track”, as obtaining a sponsor licence to welcome someone to the country takes time, money, and responsibility. There are other immigration options available such as Scale-Up Visa.

To immigrate under Scale-Up Visa, candidates mandatorily need to have a reputed UK job offer. The minimum salary offered in this job should be £33,000. This is the threshold salary requirement; one needs to have an offer letter for this much salary or above to become eligible for the UK Scale-Up visa.

For inexperienced IT analysts and system designers, rules are different. If they want to enter the UK via the skilled visa route, they need to have a minimum offer of £36,000. If they do not have an offer letter for this much salary, they can compensate for it with other tradeable points.

Scale-Up Visa is a fine way to settle in the UK with children and dependents. One needs to be highly qualified and skilled to get into growing businesses in the UK. Further, they can easily apply for Scale-Up Visa UK if they grab jobs.

A new policy has hinted that from spring 2022, the UK government will introduce an unsponsored point-based Scale-Up Visa. This policy will help the UK in welcoming deserving and brightest talent into their business club. Which eventually helps in growing businesses in the UK.

Eligibility of Scale-Up Visa

Scale-Up Visa UK is not something every second person can get. One needs to be highly skilled and fit into eligibility criteria to get Scale-Up Visa and work with growing businesses in the UK. There are two types of Scale-Up Visa; Sponsored and Unsponsored.


To qualify for Sponsored Scale-Up Visa; one needs to have:

  • Confirmed offer letter from a scale-up business in the UK. This offer should be for at least 6 months.

  • Certificate of sponsorship. This certificate should be from the UK employer and contain every detail about the UK job role offered to the applicant.

  • Have a job offer listed on the list of eligible jobs for Scale-Up Visa UK.

  • Offer letter of UK job with the minimum salary offered

  • English proficiency (if you’re unable to meet English proficiency criteria, you may need to appear for the General IELTS exam).


To qualify for an Unsponsored Scale-Up Visa; one must be:

  • Aged 18 or above

  • Granted permission as Scale-Up worker before

  • During the previous grant of Scale-Up visa, one must have earnings of at least £33,000 annually

  • Have adequate bank balance to fund themselves while relying on public funds.

  • Have a TB certificate (if required)

  • English proficiency exam score (if required)

These requirements vary depending upon the application and circumstances of the applicant. It suggested taking help immigration lawyers to avoid chaos later.

What are Scale-Up Businesses or Companies?

A Scale-Up business is a business that gained approval from the Home Office and got a sponsor licence. The licence is only given to companies that have:

  1. Grown by at least 20% (consistently) in terms of employment and turnover in the past 3 years

  2. 10 or more workers should have worked in the company for the last three years

Currently, there are more than 33,000 businesses or companies running in the UK that are Scale-Up companies. This indicates that the UK is in great need of skilled workers and ample job opportunities for various positions exist.

Scale-Up Visa Extension

Applicants can extend their visa for as much time as they want for the duration of three years. But, this extension is only possible when the applicant meets all the eligibility criteria for the Scale-Up Visa UK.

The applicant can apply to become a permanent resident of the UK after working there for more than five years on a Scale-Up visa. After getting the PR, the applicant can enter the UK without being concerned about their visa renewal.

When to Apply for Scale-Up Visa UK?

One needs to apply for a Scale-Up visa at least three months before the start of the job. The date for application is listed on the sponsorship certificate also. One needs to have all the required documents to apply for a Scale-Up Visa.

After the applicant has provided all their documents and identity proof, they usually receive a reply from UK authorities within:

  1. 3 weeks, if the applicant is outside the UK

  2. 8 weeks, if the applicant is inside the UK (Visa Renewal)

Fees for UK Scale-Up Visa

One needs to have enough money to apply for Scale-Up UK. The charges are divided into three main categories:

  1. £715 application fee

  2. £624 (approx.) healthcare surcharge

  3. Show money of at least £1270. This will prove that you can fund yourself in the UK.

Do’s and Don'ts in UK Scale-Up Visa

If you have UK Scale-Up Visa, you can:

  • Work at least six months at your sponsored job

  • After six months, quit working for the sponsored job

  • Study

  • If they qualify, bring your spouse and kids with you as your "dependents"

  • Take on more work, including working for yourself, and engage in volunteer activity

  • Travel and then come back to the UK

  • Suppose you have resided in the UK for five years and completed all other qualifying requirements. In that case, you may apply to settle permanently in the UK (commonly known as a "Permanent Residency")


If you have UK Scale Visa, then you cannot:

  • Apply for public benefits (citizen benefits) in UK

  • Work as a professional sportsperson or become a sports coach

The United Kingdom is currently in great need of workers; one can use this need to study in UK and then apply for Scale-up VIsa. Many top universities in UK help international students get placements in top companies (Scale-Up Companies) in the UK.


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