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Undoubtedly, the UK is the best study-abroad destination for international students. It is home to the largest number of world-ranked universities. The excellent quality of education and practical knowledge that international students gain from UK universities are highly appreciated globally. Every year country welcomes more than half-a-million students from different parts of the world. It is a great opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan and dynamic environment while studying in UK. Moreover, international students can also enjoy the high standard of living in the UK.

Apart from this, the UK student visa also allows international students to do part-time work up to 20 hours per week. It is an amazing opportunity for international students to enjoy life outside the university campus and explore the UK. Also, with the help of part-time jobs, students can gain work experience and bear their own expenses.

The UK government has set a minimum wage permitted by law or by a special agreement. International students are entitled to minimum wage if they are:

  • part-time
  • casual labourers, for example, someone hired for one day
  • agency workers
  • workers and homeworkers are paid by the number of items they make
  • apprentices
  • trainees, workers on probation
  • disabled workers
  • agricultural workers
  • foreign workers
  • seafarers
  • offshore workers

The minimum wage that international students should get in the UK depends on their age and if they’re an apprentice. The previous minimum wage, current minimum wage, and future expected minimum wage per hour in the UK for international students according to their age and apprenticeship are mentioned below.



23 and over

21 to 22

18 to 20

Under 18


April 2021 to March 2022






April 2022 (current rate)






April 2023







So, with the increased living cost, the UK government has also increased the minimum wage per hour. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay workers more than or equal to the Minimum wage. Moreover, the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) officers have the right to carry out checks at any time and ask to see payment records. They can also investigate employers if a worker complains to them. If the HMRC finds that an employer is not paying properly, it may take action against the employer. There will also be a fine, and offenders might be named by the government.

Also, the employer’s responsibility is to keep records proving that they are paying the minimum wage.

Some of the part-time job options for international students in UK include:

  • Server
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Tutor 
  • Cashier
  • Sales Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Dog walker
  • Child Care Taker
  • Adult Care Taker, etc.

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