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Several students across the globe dream of studying abroad due to the multifold advantages associated with overseas education. However, increasing numbers of fraud universities or blacklisted universities by the UKVI for Indian students create difficulties in accomplishing the study abroad dreams of Indian aspirants.


Students wondering how to apply for a visa to study in the UK must understand all the types of student visas and also about blacklisted universities according to the UKVI updates. So today, in this blog, we will explore the United Kingdom’s UGC approved university list so that you can make informed decisions concerning your academic choices.


UGC Approved University List UK

Graduates from here might not need an offer letter or approval to work in the UK. It is called a High Potential Individual (HPI) visa, permitting you to work over there.


UKVI government approved a list of 40 universities, which includes 21 universities of the United States and a few Canadian universities. The UGC approved university list includes Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and China.


There are a couple of UGC approved university as well in Australia. There are only a few in Europe, from Switzerland, France, Sweden, and Germany. In order to apply for an HPI student visa, there’s a mandatory requirement that your last degree needs to be finished within 5 years.


For these universities to apply at the workplace, you must be good at speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English to work in the United Kingdom. Apart from English proficiency, there’s one more basic necessity in order to live over there: you must ensure enough money without needing any extra help from the government.


Approximately you might need to show at least £1,270 to live in the UK. Thus, these UGC-approved colleges or universities get updated every year. University Grants Commission (UGC) pick these universities every year on the basis of how well they do in world rankings and so on.


If you are currently living in India, there’s a high possibility that you might have heard of UGC or the University Grants Commission. UKVI also released one more list of foreign universities that high school Indian students can think of to go to. However, some universities from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Puducherry, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal fall under the category of blacklisted universities by UKVI. Hence, students need to be vigilant about their university choices in India to accomplish their dreams of studying in the UK further.


The University Grants Commission list is a bit different from the UK’s HPI student visa list of universities to work in the UK. The UK list focuses on who can come to the UK to work, whereas the UGC list focuses on ensuring that universities are good enough for Indian students who want to study outside of India.



In summary, the UKVI's High Potential Individual (HPI) visa provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for graduates from top global universities to work in the UK without the need for a job offer or sponsorship. It is important to ensure that your university or educational institute does not fall under the category of blacklisted universities by UKVI for Indian students, and for this, you need to be aware of the UGC approved university list.


This UGC approved university list, which is updated on a yearly basis, is crucial for ambitious professionals from select colleges across the globe. Moreover, this should not be confused with the UGC's recognition of overseas universities for Indian students. Both lists attempt to ease education and employment mobility, but they cater to different audiences: one for working in the UK and the other for studying abroad.


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