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United Kingdom is known for its exclusive 1 year MBA programs. The country provides an exceptional education in less duration. After completing this 1-year degree, various job opportunities are lined up for students.

The UK has always been an excellent destination for finance and management. The country is home to some of the greatest finance and management firms. All these firms run seamlessly because of qualified individuals, hired directly from top MBA program in UK.

Demand for MBA graduates is increasing day by day. Not just in the UK, but all over the world. Companies are offering great packages to MBA graduates. This is a result of the great curriculum of UK universities. They prepare students in a way that they can handle the management of any organisation. Well-paying jobs help students reimburse their education fees in just one or two years.

Why Study in UK?



UK is a country that is home to various industries. From finance to tourism, everything is covered in the UK. One can pursue MBA in the field of their interest as the UK has a variety of specialisations. MBA in UK has great scope because of a skill gap in the management sector. The country has some well-established organisations, but they need qualified managers to operate. This has created a lot of job opportunities for MBA graduates in UK.

UK is a prodigy in business education; here's why you should study in UK

  • UK has more than 120 business schools that offer MBA programs in different specialisations and further great placements too

  • The average cost to pursue MBA in UK is £31,450-£87,890 (this is way less than other countries like USA or Canada)

  • There are two types of MBA programs in UK; 1 year and 2 year

  • An MBA degree from UK is one of the highest paying degrees across the world; even in UK, one can get well-paying jobs.

  • More than 25 MBA colleges in UK are recognised globally and have remarkable positions in QS world ranking.

Top 5 MBA Colleges in UK

1. London Business School

Every aspiring MBA student dreams of studying at London Business School. It is currently at 4th position in the world ranking of MBA colleges. LBS has gained this position because of its exceptional approach to teaching MBA. Apart from MBA, LBS offers executive MBA too. Studying at LBS will allow you to choose from the 12, 18, or 21 month of MBA program. Global business experience can be acquired while studying at LBS. It has tie-ups with renowned business organisations that help students in gaining real-world experience.


2. University of East London

UEL's MBA program is designed to serve the dynamic management world's needs and produces future leaders. It offers different specialisations in MBA courses, enabling students to study their area of interest. If students want to polish their skills or grow new skills, the MBA programs of UEL can help them do that. Another reason to study at UEL is that it is situated in London, home to some great enterprises and companies. This helps students in working in these companies while studying. MBA degree of UEL is accredited by CMI (Chartered Management Insititute); this enables the student to graduate with a dual award, MBA and level 7 degree from CMI in strategic management in leadership.


3. Judge Business School

It is affiliated with the University of Cambridge. Judge Business School welcomes a significant number of international students every year. It helps students improve themselves with advanced knowledge and skills. Cambridge also offers international students the opportunity to participate in the global consulting project during their term of MBA. One can study MBA in different specialisations in this business school; entrepreneurship, international business, energy and environment, and healthcare strategies.


4. Coventry University

Coventry ranks 13th in the UK University ranking and is considered UK's most modern university. It has great MBA programs to offer. Coventry offers both online and study on campus MBA. These courses are offered in two types; full-time MBA (1-years course) and part-time MBA (2-5 years). Students pursuing MBA at Coventry University can also apply for a professional experience mentoring opportunity. It is designed by Coventry University to prepare students from an employment perspective.


5. York Business School

It is affiliated with York St. John University, London campus. York Business School offers one of the great and affordable MBA programs in UK. It is best suited for individuals who want to polish their skills in leadership and management. One needs to have relevant work experience of at least 2 years to get into York business school.

MBA in UK Requirements

Studying in UK can bring out the best in an individual; everything is enhanced, from academics to soft skills. But, getting into top universities in UK requires students to fulfil specific criteria. Every course and the university has different criteria to meet; here's what a student needs to study MBA in UK (Generalised):

  1. A graduate degree of 3 years
  2. Work experience of at least 2 years in a relevant field (this differs for every university)
  3. GMAT score of more than 600 (many universities provide waivers too)
  4. IELTS score of 6.5, with no less than 6.5 in each band.


This was a generalised view of all the requirements, but various top MBA colleges in the UK accept applications without IELTS and GMAT scores. The waiver is given by seeing the previous performance of the applicant. Many best universities in UK also give admission to applicants without work experience and also provide scholarships. To get into top colleges in UK without entrance exam scores, one can consult experienced counsellors.

MBA Fees in UK

Different universities in UK have different fees structure, but in general, studying MBA in UK would cost you £25,000-£45,000. It all depends on the university chosen by the student. A student can get various scholarships to study without spending a penny in UK. Numerous business schools and UK universities provide financial aid to international students. One can get a scholarship based on their marks in an undergraduate degree, GMAT score, family income and relevant work experience.


You can now study MBA in UK without any worries. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants are here to assist you in your study abroad journey. You can contact us at 1800-1230-00011(toll-free) or mail us your queries at . We can assist you through everything from choosing the best university to scholarship options.

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