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Digital marketing is a growing field nowadays, and the UK is one of the countries that has ample opportunities for digital marketing enthusiasts. Digital marketing courses are being offered worldwide by numerous universities but choosing the right university will be be very impactful in your career. The UK is full of courses and options, from diplomas to masters in digital marketing. The universities of the United Kingdom have a welcoming environment for digital marketing fanatics that is an excellent fit for their company to grow. Being a digital marketer with a degree or certificate is not enough for students; to be a better employee, one must have many skills.

That’s what universities in the United Kingdom are famous for. Universities provide courses in digital marketing that not just help students learn about the system but also help in polishing an individual’s skills. Skilled digital marketers have several openings in the UK and a great career path further. Are you wondering if digital marketing is a good career path for you? Well, we have the answer. If you have an excellent grasp of the English language and love to deal with data, then this is the course for you. By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know how pursuing digital marketing in the UK is the best choice for you.

Students who are planning to Study in the UK and pursuing digital marketing as a career have various good options to choose from. Digital marketers work in the UK with different organisations by being a crucial part of their marketing teams. The core role of digital marketers is to strategically promote the products and services of their respective companies across different digital platforms. The United Kingdom has advanced a lot in the past decade; an experienced digital marketer can even do freelancing for various marketing agencies in the country.

University of Glasgow:

The University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom offers an excellent course - MSc in Marketing by specializing in Digital Marketing The university has exceptional rankings and stands 10th in the list of best marketing schools in the United Kingdom. The university also provides an online digital marketing program; the course is full of marketing knowledge that one needs to start a career. The course syllabus at this university covers various aspects of digital marketing; it teaches marketing techniques, principles, and contextual conditions. A Master’s in digital marketing helps in developing the digital marketer’s critical and analytical thinking. Most importantly, this course allows marketers to polish their pitching skills. This is a crucial skill set for digital marketers to convert their prospects into clients.

University of Southampton:

This university provides a master’s degree in digital marketing and is one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious universities. It offers one of the most valuable digital marketing programmes in the country. Various things make the university’s digital marketing programme stand out; it makes students work on real business and marketing projects and clients. This thing helps in gaining in-office experience while studying. The course syllabus includes contemporary digital communication techniques, management, and design. The course also includes more significant insights into the technological advancements of digital marketing. One needs a relevant degree in management or marketing to enrol in this course. The digital marketing course offered by the University of Southampton is one year long. The course has different costs for international and domestic students; it costs nearly 12,000 euros for home students, whereas an international student must pay 24,000 euros for the digital marketing course.

Newcastle University:

The university provides numerous courses on digital marketing. The basic introduction to digital marketing and various aspects like email marketing, SEO, etc., is fully covered in the digital marketing course by Newcastle University. One of the core reasons for choosing this university is its reputation and expert faculty. The university is known for providing practical exposure to digital marketing enthusiasts.

University of Brighton:

The university comes from the top 15 universities in the United Kingdom. This university provides an online course on digital marketing under various specializations. CIM accredits the course and provides a great insight into E-commerce too. The course provided by the University of Brighton helps its students understand the emerging issues in the industry and strategically educates them to solve them.

The University of Aberdeen:

It is one of the oldest universities in Scotland and is ranked among the top 30 universities in the United Kingdom. This university offers one of the best digital marketing courses that have been listed in the world. The course syllabus at this university covers the following bullets:

  • Digital market research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website development
  • Website handling
  • Multi-Device Stability
  • Content Marketing


All the above-listed universities can be a go-to place for you if you’re planning to have a secure career in digital marketing; various esteemed universities prefer students with a degree from these universities. The remuneration of digital marketers in the United Kingdom is appealing. The average salary for mid-experienced digital marketers ranges from GBP 35,000 to 40,000 per annum in the United Kingdom. To get into the universities mentioned above, one will need to fulfil certain university criteria. These criteria mainly depend on interpersonal skills. The prospective students need excellent communication and verbal skills; consequently, their organisational skills need to be exceptional. For a master’s in digital marketing from the UK, one needs to have a good grasp of the different social media platforms and have basic IT knowledge.

The job opportunities for digital marketers in the United Kingdom are vast; the public and private sectors both have great jobs for digital marketers in the country. Even if one does not want to work in the United Kingdom after completing a degree, one can work in other countries too. The country provides well-recognised certificates and degrees in digital marketing that are acceptable in renowned MNCs. For better opportunities in the market, one goes for specialisation courses too.

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