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If you are one who is looking for an LLM in UK then this blog will help you. There are various students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees in law. But they have not decided about pursuing a master’s degree. There are students who are looking to study in UK and are waiting to pursue a master’s degree in law. So, here we have mentioned some top universities, their fee structure, and scholarships.

Why LLM in UK?

LLM is expanded as a master of legislative law. The degree of LLM helps the student to pursue one or two specializations to have a command over it. It also allows the students to become a solicitor in a particular field of interest. There are more than 60 Universities in the UK which provide law courses.

The UK is known as the pioneer to provide law education in the world. The LLM universities in the UK provide a lot of specialization. Studying in UK at a highly researched and practical-based university is an excellent opportunity for Indian students. However, there are many Universities in the UK that have recognition from the Bar Council of India.

This recognition has allowed Indian Students to study in any part of the world and practice in India. However, the student needs to choose the recognized University only around the world. The list of these Universities recognized by the bar council of India can be easily downloaded.

Top 12 Universities and their fee structure

The UK has more than 100 Universities which indicates its education richness. Also, the country has 24 Russell group Universities which are placed in the top 100 Universities of the world. Usually, Students always want to pursue their degrees from top Universities. This offers value to their CV and also provides them with better employment opportunities.

The LLM universities in the UK provide research and a practical-based environment that enhances the student’s law skills. Some Universities like the University of East London provide exposure to students on real cases. They also make students practice the cases in the courtroom with the judge. This enhances the ability of the students to judge the cases very closely. Also, it provides him the benefit of getting better knowledge of how to deal with the cases.

Meridean overseas: study abroad consultants, suggests to the student the Best Universities which suit their budget. The Top 12 LLM Universities in the UK are mentioned below in the table with their fee structure.



              Name of University

Fee Structure (2022-2023)   


                 University Of East London (UEL)



                 University of Worcester



                 Birmingham City University (BCU)



                 De Montfort University



                Sussex university



                University of York



                University of Birmingham



                King’s College London



                Oxford Brookes University



                University of West London (UWL)



                University of Bedfordshire



                 Keele University


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Scholarships for Indian students in UK

The general meaning of the scholarship is to finance your studies with the help of the institution or government. The scholarship can be fully aided or partially aided. Also, its main aim is to provide a reward to the student who has excelled academically or otherwise. The scholarship promotes the student to excel more and hence, achieve great heights in his future.

Recently, the UK government has also announced 75 scholarships for Indian students. This brings a great opportunity for the Indian students to avail the benefits. There are various scholarships for international students provided in the UK by the respective Universities. Some of the major scholarships are :

Scholarships provided by the University

The international student receives a scholarship from the respective University. The amount of scholarship varies from university to university. For example, the University of East London provides a scholarship of up to 3000 pounds. Whereas Sussex university provides the Article 26 scholarship with a 100% tuition fee waiver.


Scholarships provided by the UK Government

The UK government encourages international students by providing various scholarships to them. These scholarships are based on their academic excellence, sports, excellence, and leadership. For example,

  • The Chevening scholarship scheme provides scholarships on the basis of a student’s profile. More than 40,000 international students have benefited from this scholarship. Meanwhile, these scholarships have been received by students of 140+ nationalities. The students belonging to the field of politics, media, business, academia, religion, and civil society are preferred for this scholarship.
  • The sports excellence scholarships are provided to the students who have excelled in sports. These scholarships encourage the students to work hard in their interested sports. Also, it gives them the strength to reach the Olympics level.


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