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Are you planning to study in USA? The summer intake is a good idea for students unwilling to lose an entire year because they missed the Fall or Spring intake. There are certain courses available to international students in the summer intake in USA, which might be according to the need of some students.

The chances of getting into a reputed institution are higher in the summer intake in USA. Spring internships become easier to apply for. The benefits of online classes and virtual holidays can also be availed. This blog aims to provide information about summer intake universities in the USA.


Why Study in USA?


The United States is a global leader in education, welcoming thousands of study-abroad aspirants every year to its universities. The US universities offer world-class education and rank among the top in the world. If you study in USA, you will experience the diversity of the American culture and its highly advanced education system. There are several courses to choose from at different levels, like graduate and postgraduate, that prepare international students to become global leaders and high-skill professionals in their field of study. In most countries, holding a US degree can ensure a good job. This demand for students from US universities is global. You can also step up your academic and professional life by applying for the summer intake in USA.


Why Study in Summer Intake in USA?


International students have a fantastic opportunity to study in the United States and benefit from internships and part-time work during the summer intake in the USA. Summer intake universities in USA offer programs that are more flexible and adaptable. This allows students to apply for spring internships while attending classes.

Some other reasons why you should consider to study in the summer intake universities in USA are mentioned below.

  • Summer intake universities in USA offer different types of short courses and many other certified programs.

  • Due to fewer students applying to this intake, the chances of getting selected are higher than the other intakes in the country.

  • In some towns, it is not necessary to attend classes during the summer intake, and there are liberal subjects.

  • Students can apply for spring internships and can opt for online classes while doing the same.

  • Some summer universities in USA offer comprehensive internship programs for students enrolling in the summer intake.


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List of Universities in USA for Summer Intake


Below is a list of universities in USA for summer intake for international students.

  • University of Oregon

  • Stanford University

  • Lamar University

  • Boston University

  • University of North Texas

  • Bridgewater State University

  • University of Michigan

  • Cleaveland State University

  • Virginia State University

  • University of Central Missouri 

  • Purdue University

  • Georgia Southern University

  • North Central University

  • The University of Texas at Dallas

  • University of Southern Florida

  • John Hopkins University

  • Texas State University

  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • New York Film Academy

  • Glasgow Caledonian New York College

  • University of the Pacific

  • Southern New Hampshire University

  • University of Arizona

  • DePaul University

  • Illinois State University

  • University of Dayton

  • University of Hartford

  • The University of Findlay

  • Drexel University

  • Kennesaw State University


Top Courses Provided in the Summer Intake Universities in USA


There are only some selective courses available in the summer intake in USA. The availability of these courses varies from university to university. Some of the courses provided by the summer intake universities in USA are mentioned below.

  • Mathematical Foundations of Computing

  • Machine Learning

  • Money and Banking

  • Business, Design

  • Journalism

  • Programming Abstractions

  • BS in Accounting

  • Bachelor of Business in Accounting

  • BS in Biology

  • BS in Finance

  • Bachelor’s in History

  • Arts

  • Education

  • Engineering


Many summer intake universities in USA for MS, like Stanford University or Cleaveland State University, offer different courses. You can check these courses on the university's official website. Some of these MS courses are mentioned below.

  • MS Chemistry

  • MBA

  • MS Biomedical Engineering

  • MS in Business Law

  • Master in Social Work

  • MS Finance

  • MS in Economics

There are a few scholarships in USA provided by the summer inatke universities that yiu can check out on their official website. 


Deadline for Summer Intake in USA


Unlike India, where admissions take place only once a year, the US education system gives students the liberty to enrol in universities and take admissions throughout the year. The USA has a broad way of incorporating students. The universities in the US provide admissions throughout the year with three intakes. But it is important to prepare in advance based on the deadlines for each intake. The spring intake session begins in January and ends in April-May.

The summer intake in US universities begins in April or May. The summer intake universities in USA have varying deadlines according to their education system. The deadlines might start in January and go up to April. If you wish to apply to a university in US for the summer intake, you must apply before March. The applications generally start in January. It is crucial to check the deadline for your preferred university in the US for summer intake.


Documents Needed for Summer Intake Universities in USA


There are certain documents that a student needs to submit to gain admission to summer intake universities in USA. These documents may vary from university to university. Some of these documents needed for summer intake universities in USA are mentioned below.

  • CV or Resume

  • Previous mark sheets

  • Degree certificate

  • SOP

  • LOR or letters of recommendations

  • Passport


  • Passport size photographs

  • Application fee payment receipt (CGI)

  • Work Experience letter (in masters)

  • Financial Documents

  • Sample essays wherever required


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