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Political science is an increasingly important subject that every student should have knowledge of and should pass on to future generations. The world is filled with democracies, autocracies, and everything in between, and understanding the differences and complexities of politics is more relevant than ever. Beyond providing knowledge of politics, studying political science also develops your ability to think critically and analytically. It also gives you an advantage over other college students who want to work in policy or data analysis, as political science covers all facets to help you excel in any field. Moreover, in the United Kingdom, it gives students a variety of exposure and helps them enhance their knowledge. Let us explore  political science universities in UK, the benefits of learning the subject and  career prospects.

Study Political Science in UK

The United Kingdom provides students with all the facilities and educational exposure that they need. As a result, there are several reasons to choose the UK to study political science:


  • World-Class Political Insights

The United Kingdom is home to some of the top universities in the world, which offer exceptional academic programs for political science. For instance, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics and Political Science. By studying at these respectable institutions, you will gain deep and valuable insight into the world of politics.


  • Political Career

The world is constantly changing and so is politics. If you want to gain valuable knowledge and an analytical mindset to achieve great heights in any political field, the UK is the place for you. Several world leaders and prominent political personalities have studied in the United Kingdom. This proves it is the ideal place to gain the education necessary for a fruitful political career. The UK is the ideal place to gain a global perspective on the history and future of politics.


  • Rich Political History

Did you know that the United Kingdom’s democratic roots date back to the 13th century? By introducing a parliamentary system, the leaders created unity and cultivated an understanding of democracy & government among the public. Further, prominent voices of the Enlightenment and political visionaries such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Emmeline Pankhurst have helped in developing modern political thinking. Study political science in UK to be the change for your nation and become renowned in your home country.


  • Bright Future in any Field

Students who have graduated from political science are always in demand because of the skills they learn during their course. You can brighten up your future in sectors you go, from government to civil service, journalism consultancy, commerce, or charitable work. Step into any industry and achieve success in the personal and professional fields with the skills and global exposure you have attained. 


  • Customised Courses

The chief benefit of study in UK is that you can customise your course according to your preference or interest. You can opt for one of multiple specialisations enabling you to excel in various career prospects: Financial Advisor to Improvement Practitioner, Junior Management Consultant, Policy Officer, Public Relations and Communication, and more.

Political Science Degrees at UK Universities

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of studying in the United Kingdom, let us help you explore some of the ranked best UK universities for political science:



University of Oxford

  • BA History and Politics

  • BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics

  • DPhil International Relations

  • MPhil International Relations

  • MSc Political Theory Research

University of Cambridge

  • BA (Hons) History and Politics

  • BA (Hons) Human, Social and Political Sciences

  • PhD Politics and International Studies

  • MPhil Politics and International Studies

  • MPhil Political Thought and Intellectual History

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • MSc Political Science

  • BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics

  • Certificate in Business, International Relations and the Political Economy

  • Certificate in Economic and Political Development in Developing Countries

University College London

  • BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics

  • MA Legal and Political Theory

  • MPhil/PhD Political Science

  • MSc International Public Policy

  • MSc European Politics and Policy

  • MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics

University of Manchester

  • BA Economics and Politics

  • BASS Philosophy and Politics

  • BSocSc Politics and International Relations

  • BASS Politics and Social Anthropology

  • MA Philosophy and Political Theory

  • MSc Global Development (Politics, Governance and Development Policy)

University of Edinburgh

  • MSc International and European Politics

  • MSc International Relations

  • PhD Politics and International Relations

  • MA Politics with Quantitative Methods

  • MA Social Anthropology and Politics

  • MA Economics and Politics

King’s College London

  • BA (Hons) Politics

  • BA?BSc History and Political Economy

  • BA?BSc Political Economy

  • MA Political Economy

  • MA Politics and Contemporary History

  • MPhil/ PhD Politics and Contemporary History

University of Essex

  • MA Political Science

  • BA Politics

  • BA Politics and International Relations

  • BA Politics with Human Rights

  • MSc Quantitative Political Science

  • MRes Political Economy

University of Sheffield

  • BA Politics

  • BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • BA International Relations and Economics

  • BA History and Politics

  • MA Politics, Governance and Public Policy

  • PhD Politics and International Relations

University of Sussex

  • BA (Hons) Politics

  • BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations

  • BA Politics and Philosophy

  • BA History and Politics

  • PhD Politics

  • MA Corruption and Governance

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Benefits of Studying Political Science

Looking to improve your communication skills, critical thinking, deep analysis, and worldly knowledge of others? Studies play a vital role in enhancing these aspects, so study political science in UK and develop skills like:


  • Insight into Governance and Politics

The study of political science covers a wide range of areas such as government, politics, and public policy. By studying diverse sectors, students develop a deeper understanding of how political systems are structured and how policies are made and implemented in society.


  • Critical Thinking Skills

Political Science studies involve in-depth knowledge of society, and require analysing and evaluating complex pieces of information. Further, you can learn how to identify and evaluate arguments, assess evidence, and make informed judgements about political issues. By doing so, students develop critical thinking skills which will help them in any professional field. 


  • Communication Skills

While you are pursuing a political science degree, students take part in various activities such as writing essays, giving presentations, and participating in debates. All these activities help students develop communication skills that will make them a valuable asset in any team. 


  • Global Perspective

Political science covers several important topics, from international relations to global politics. When you study about things happening all over the world, it inevitably broadens your visions. Moreover, those studying political science degree UK universities benefit from the diversity in their classrooms as they interact with people from contrasting backgrounds and attain practical knowledge and different perspectives on various political systems. While seminars or debates are going students support their country's political aspects making it easy for others to have knowledge about a place.


  • Civic Engagement

Political science acts as a mirror for students who are pursuing this degree. Studying this opens the door to you becoming a more informed and engaged citizen. Further, learning about public policies, and civic institutions makes you more knowledgeable about the issues that are affecting the community and the world around you.

To sum up, pursuing a political science degree is a valuable experience in your journey to becoming a knowledgeable person with relevant skills for your personal as well as professional life.

Careers in Political Science

After graduating with a political science degree UK there are various fields in which you can work, for instance:

  • Government and Public Service

  • Law

  • Non-profit and Advocacy Work

  • International Relations

  • Journalism and Media

  • Education and Academia

  • Entrepreneurship

This is not the limit, there are various other options available that you could consider after graduating with this degree.


To conclude, studying political science in the United Kingdom will open a wide range of career opportunities, depending on your interests and skills. The chief thing is to identify your strengths and passions. Later, you can explore more options that are available after this course.


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