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Have you ever wondered what the central aspect is of basic human functions like thinking, reasoning, communicating with one another, making discoveries, passing on ideas and creating social relations? It’s linguistics, the systematic study of human language. This field of study draws on knowledge and methods across a wide range of disciplines. If this sounds intriguing to you, then we suggest you study linguistics in UK. The country’s history and culture have a strong connection to the profound use of language and linguistics. To study in UK, especially linguistics, would be perfect. This blog also looks at some different aspects of linguistics and its related factors. Happy reading!

What is the Study of Linguistics?

The systematic study of human language is called linguistics. The study examines how language works and describes sentences, words, conversations and sounds to create meaning. Although the world's languages appear to differ greatly on the surface, the study of linguistics also investigates universal traits that all languages share and provides insight into the workings of the human mind. It also studies different sub areas like the use of language on an everyday basis, how it is mastered by children or how languages vary across societies and evolve.

Why Study Linguistics?

Language is the core of the soul and a window to the mind. Only with the help of language can we communicate and, in turn, understand all that goes on in the universe. Without communication, suffering prevails.


By studying linguistics, you understand and learn the science of communication.You study the art of linguistics and different modern languages with an in-depth approach. You also get to analyse the structure and nature of human language. Combining theory and practice stimulates your critical thinking skills and fosters originality. This helps you become a skilled analytical thinker with unique problem-solving skills. All these points lead to one central point, communication.


For instance, radio jockeying and anchoring the news, to journalism on and jobs in the embassies, studying linguistics opens up the door to great job opportunities. Everyone is able to communicate, but the difference is that when you have mastered the way of conveying things properly, you are able to stand out from the crowd.


To be very precise, without having a way to communicate, you cannot even ask for help or travel from one place to another. Linguistics helps us understand how languages change and adapt so people are able to communicate efficiently. If you also wish to master this craft and build a career out of it, linguistics is the ideal choice for you.

Where to Study Linguistics in UK?

The Complete University Guide ranks the following universities as the top institutes to study linguistics in UK. 

  • University College London

  • University of Cambridge 

  • University of Oxford

  • University of Sheffield 

  • King’s College London

  • Lancaster University 

  • The University of Edinburgh 

  • University of Leeds

  • University of Roehampton

  • University of Warwick

  • University of Manchetser 

  • Swansea University 

  • University of Southampton

  • University of Kent 

  • University of York

  • Cardiff University  


 Some Linguistics courses to study in UK offered by the universities mentioned above are listed below. 



  • BSc Experimental Linguistics 

  • BA Language and Culture 

  • BA Linguistics 

  • BA History and Languages

  • BA Modern and Medieval Languages 

  • BA French and Linguistics 

  • BA Modern Greek and Linguistics 

  • BA Linguistics and Philosophy 



  • MA Celtic and Linguistics

  • MA Classics and Linguistics 

  • MA Chinese and Linguistics 

  • MA French and Business 

  • MA Linguistics and English Language 

  • MA Linguistics and Social Anthropology 

  • MA Linguistics 

  • MA Psychology and Linguistics 

  • MA in Applied Linguistics  

What’s the Average Spend?

The average cost of studying linguistics in UK ranges from £21,950 to £27,500. These costs vary from one university to another. It’s best to check on the university’s web page before applying.

Career Prospects

 The extensive, interdisciplinary training of linguistics courses teaches you to analyse quantitative data, build abstract grammatical models, and test competing hypotheses, among other transferable abilities which are highly sought by businesses.


Graduates in linguistics work in various fields, including Foreign Offices, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They can also pursue postgraduate studies at prestigious UK, European, and North American institutions.


Studying linguistics in UK is also a particularly effective way to prepare for a career in forensic linguistics, speech therapy, education, speech and language technology (such as designing voice recognition and translation software), law, and translation. Graduates also work in fields where their linguistics expertise is directly used, such as editing and proofreading for dictionaries.


A degree in linguistics is useful for careers in:

  • marketing

  • communications

  • government administration

  • publishing

  • public relations


Jobs directly related to your degree in linguistics include:

  • Lexicographer

  • Marketing Executive

  • Teaching Assistant

  • English as a foreign language teacher

  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader

  • Secondary school teacher

  • Public relations officer

  • Speech and language therapist

  • Talent agent


The average salary of a linguistic graduate in UK ranges from £18k to £63,000. 


In conclusion, studying linguistics in UK can leads to a vast array of career opportunities. You will be able to learn the art of communication and the complexity of human languages. Additionally, linguists are among the most sought-after employees in the UK, hired at relatively high paying salaries.


We hope we were able to convey the importance of studying linguistics in communication and making the world a better place and could convince you to study in UK. If you need guidance with university shortlisting or the application to the visa process, get in touch with our expert education counsellors in the UK team. They’ll make your study abroad journey an easy one. You can visit any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants and get one-to-one counselling or avail of free video counselling through our website. Please contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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