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Being a non-Euro or international student with a dream of studying in Germany, firstly you need to check your past qualification is recognized by the German Universities or not. The school-passing certificate provided in your respective country should be qualified according to German qualification terms else it won’t be accepted

About Studienkolleg

Basically, this is a pre-bachelor or prep for college in Germany for all overseas students who wish to come to Germany to pursue their ambition of higher education but for those whose past qualifications do not meet the German university eligibility criteria required for admission to the course.
A Studienkolleg usually lasts two to four semesters. This course's major goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the field or topic of study that they have selected for the future.
You will be needed to enroll in the following Studienkolleg courses, depending on your course option for further studies or your field of study interest.


  • T- Course: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics

  • M- Course: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

  • W- Course: German, Mathematics, Business, Sociology, and Economics

  • G- Course: German Literature, Statistics, and Sociology, German, History 


As per the courses mentioned above, the German language is the most important priority of all the Studienkolleg programs because with this you will also attain the knowledge of the German language. 

One of the most fundamental purposes of Studienkolleg is to offer you the finest in the class mastery of the German language while also increasing the number of lessons you attend over the semester.

Till the time you take admission in this foundation course (Studienkolleg), you should fulfill the minimum English language requirements mentioned in the program guidelines, also depending on the university where you will be studying in the coming time. Depending on the course or topic of your selected study area, you will use the German or English language in various ways during the one-year foundation course.

Process or Steps to Attain a Studienkolleg (Prep) Program in Germany

  • Check if your last or previous educational qualification is recognized in a German university

To begin, determine whether your home country's school-leaving diploma or certificate is accepted by interested German universities or not. For this, you need to go on the university's online web portal and check the entry requirements section. Usually, the university mentioned clearly the type of qualifications they accept or require from the candidate side. In case, qualification is not, you need to appear for the preparatory course.


  • Find a Studienkolleg along with the course

After settling on a foundation course, the next step is to discover a Studienkolleg that offers the course.
You may be having a question in your mind that “Will my selected university be the place to attend a Studienkolleg?”
Because the majority of universities offer these courses on campus, while some do not, the answer varies. Some universities, like the University of Stuttgart, assist new students in enrolling in Studienkollegs at other universities. Aside from the university, there are a few private groups that organize Studienkolleg courses.


  • Requirements of Studienkolleg

Entry requirements vary among different prep colleges in Germany. For this, you have to check the Studienkolleg’s portal for the requirements and also mail them if required. 

Mainly required documents are as under-

  1. Your last school -leaving certificate

  2. Grades from last education

  3. Language proficiency certificate

  4. CV

  5. Translated copies of the above-mentioned documents

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Apply at a place for the Studienkolleg

After compiling all of the necessary papers, you must submit your application. You can do your application online as well as on post. In a private institution, you cannot apply directly to the Studienkolleg. In case, Studienkolleg is governed by your university, you are supposed to apply through it. 

The online application can be done through (German Universities’ online application platform). Some universities have their own application platforms so they don’t participate in this platform. Application deadline for Studienkolleg is- 

  • For Summer intake before 15th January

  • For Winter intake before 15th July

Obtain your German Student Visa

The next step is to attain a German Student Visa in advance. You are entitled to apply for a German student visa after applying for a Studienkolleg in Germany and receiving an offer letter. This will allow you to travel to Germany and pursue your university degree.

Appear for the Entrance Program

You must have a basic comprehension of the key themes of the course for which you are applying in order to be admitted to Studienkolleg. You will be required to take an admission exam that will assess your knowledge and skills in these disciplines. The exam will not be too hard. After the course completion, you need to give an assessment test which will prove the improvement in the performance during the course duration. In case, you don’t perform well in the preparatory course you cannot hold your place in the university.

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