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Russell Group Universities in UK: Everything You Need to Know


21 November 2022



If you're looking to study in UK with top-notch guidance, consider the Russell Group of Universities. It's a network that gives students chances to participate in cutting-edge research. You can learn more about these universities if you're curious enough to keep reading.
Studying in the UK combines an intellectually stimulating experience. Over 5 lakh international students from countries choose the United Kingdom as their study-abroad destination. Russell Group universities fall in the list of top universities in the UK.

What is the Russell Group?

Russel group was founded in 1994. It comprises 24 top institutions in the UK dedicated to providing world-class education, research, learning opportunities and a strong academic grasp of subjects. Russel Group institutions work together to create the best circumstances for growth and development with the help of their excellent research and technology.

All the Russel Group universities are held in high esteem by different international university rankings such as the QS world rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities and the Guardian University UK

Rankings. The institutes are among the top universities in the UK. Five out of the top 10 institutions in the world are a part of the Russel group, according to the QS and THE Rankings 2020.

Which are the Russell Group Universities in UK?

The Russell universities are a mix of the UK’s top public universities. More than two-thirds of all UK research grants go to these 24 universities. The research quality is unmatched here. The Russell Group is incredibly diverse. An estimated 34% of the student body makes up the international student community. The group of institutions is renowned for having higher student satisfaction rates and employment.

The group’s cooperative effort was utilised to persuade the government to make academic, financial and political choices interests of the member universities. Russell Group institutions influence economic, social and cultural policy in the UK and worldwide due to their top-notch quality of education and research activities. 

List of Russell Group Universities

24 institutions are a part of Russell Group.  The list of Russell Group universities is given below.

  1. University of Birmingham

  2. Cardiff University

  3. University of Nottingham

  4. University College London

  5. Queen’s University Belfast

  6. Durham University

  7. University of Bristol

  8. University of Glasgow

  9. University of Leeds

  10. University of Sheffield

  11. University of Oxford

  12. University of Warwick

  13. University of Edinburgh

  14. University of Cambridge

  15. University of Liverpool

  16. Newcastle University

  17. Queen Mary, University of London

  18. University of York

  19. University of Southampton

  20. University of Exeter

  21. King’s College London

  22. King’s College London

  23. London School of Economics & Political Science

  24. University of Manchester

  25. Imperial College London

Eligibility Criteria for Russell Group Universities

The following requirements must be met to enrol in any Russell Group university:

  • English language exams like the TOEFL and IELTS

  • Declaration for Criminal records

  • Health examinations for conditions like TB and other ailments.

  • Entrance examinations.

  • An important part of your application to a UK institution is your statement, which should discuss your post-graduation plans, educational objectives, and why you are applying to this particular university.

How can the Russell Group Universities be Compared to the Ivy League Universities?

Similar to the Ivy League, the Russell Group is made up of many prestigious universities around the world. Both institutions are well known for providing students with a top-notch education, but in this section, we'll highlight the differences between Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

  • Since Ivy League institutions are situated in the United States, their undergraduate programmes often last four years compared to three years at Russell Group institutions. If you spend a year working in industry or studying abroad, there is an exemption (for example, for a language degree or a computer science degree program).

  • The university groups are private, but their fees are very low. For Russell Group university fees, home students should prepare a budget of around £9,250 annually. Whereas tuition up north for them would cost up to $50,000 a year if they attended an Ivy League university.

  • International students who finish their degrees at Russell Group can anticipate higher costs.

  • While both university groups provide world-class education, the course at each university will differ.

  • Since students do not need to specialise in their chosen field until later in their degree program, American institutions often provide a larger curriculum, especially for first-year students. This is not the case with Russell Group universities, where students must apply for a specific course and be expected to know their degree subjects before enrolling.

UK student Visa

UK Student visa applications from India have increased by 89%. Constant efforts are being made to improve the processing time for UK student visas for students who wish to study in the UK for more than 6 months.

UK student visa eligibility requirements are mentioned below.

  • A student must have received an offer of an academic course from a licensed student sponsor.

  • A student must have sufficient financial resources to support themself during the course.

  • A student must be able to speak, read, write and understand English

  • If a student is aged 16 or 17, they need consent from their parents

Moreover, students who wish to study at the Russel Group universities in UK may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance for the admission and visa process. For more information or queries, mail us at or 1800-1230-00011.

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