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The first thing that anyone think when they decide Italy as study destination is- Pizza, Pasta, Fashion, Soccer, and Architecture? To your surprise, Italy expands beyond this stereotypical perception about it and startles you in the field of education.


This blog answers all your questions without exaggeration but only with precision.



The artistic beauty and delicious food of Italy are its primary profile to the world. However, education is an Easter egg that you nearly avoided while exploring this beautiful country of Europe. The University of Bologna is among the oldest universities around the globe and is still operating successfully in Italy.

The university possesses the pride of originating the present education system. Bologna is one of the most welcoming cities for foreign students. If you have started considering Italy as a prior option for higher studies, then the other aspects which are crawling through your mind have been factually elaborated further.


  • Cost is the first thing that strikes our mind while thinking of higher education abroad. On average, the tuition fees can be as low as 800 euros and may extend to 4000 euros per year at a maximum which is quite an affordable slab for all. Hence the tuition fee can be addressed as one of the lowest throughout Europe. 

  • Cost of living is another major factor towards Italy as a perfect choice opts for higher studies. Accommodation, commuting, and food are the three prerequisites for a student. These can be easily found between 800 to 1400 euros per year which may also include a little bit of traveling which is irresistible in this beautiful country.

  •  Bank statement is a major concern as several country visas require a hefty amount in the account which might be very difficult to accumulate. On the contrary, an Italian student visa requires a comparatively low (approx 47000 euros) bank statement which is a significant factor in choosing Italy for higher studies.

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  • Unlike other countries, Italy facilitates the opportunity to study in English which helps in resolving the language barrier to studies. Many students find it difficult to study a foreign language as getting acquainted with a language is completely different from having complete command over it.
  • An alluring fact about Italy is that it is the eighth largest economy in the world. A larger economy represents consistent growth and development that assures more job opportunities in diverse domains. Thus, expecting a good life and lifestyle in Italy is a must.
  •  Italy is an integral part of the G7 which comprises seven of the world’s largest economies. It is also accounted as the seventh industrialized country reflecting its approach toward industrialization and development.
  •  Scholarships are provided by numerous public and private Italian universities such as the University of Bologna and the government of Italy. Getting a scholarship can further reduce the financial pressures that burden the students.
  •  The country is renowned for its rich history and culture with scenic countryside and jaw-dropping landscapes. The weather in Italy is always pleasant and it is also known to have a clean and healthy environment.


The eligibility criteria can be understood through the below-mentioned points.

  • INDIAN CITIZEN: The candidate should be an Indian citizen and living in the country.
  • PASSPORT: With a minimum validity of 3 months i.e. 90 days in reference to the travel date.
  • PURPOSE: The applicant's purpose should be education only as it is a student visa.
  • LETTER: An invitation letter or acceptance letter from the selected university.
  • BANK STATEMENT: A legal proof of financial security which covers the cost of living and studying.
  • LEGAL CLARITY: A person with pending criminal cases can’t apply for a visa.



  1.  It should be valid
  2. A minimum of two blank pages
  3.  Minimum validity of six months succeeding the travel date



  1.  Two clear and new photographs
  2.  Passport Size



  1.  Travel Insurance (Medical)
  2. A minimum required coverage of 30000 euros



  1. Confirmed one way for student visa
  2. Confirmed round trip for Schengen Visa



  1.  A genuine proof of residence



  1.  Document of Scholarship (if applicable)
  2.  Bank Statement
  3. Bank Guarantee



  1. Mentioning the course
  2.  Mentioning the duration of the course and the required stay



  1.  Original letter of admission
  2.  Not required for Schengen Visa



  1.  MEA Apostille documents
  2. Self-attestation of all documents



  1. IELTS is not required
  2.  MOI is not required


The application and visa procedure shall not be further delayed and you may get your visa within a month if the documents are precisely and properly presented. Studying in a country with a diverse culture, rich history, developing economy, great food and lifestyle can be a dream of many but it may be an opportunity that you can seize.

Moreover, one can also apply for part-time jobs and afford the cost of living on their own which gives you a sense of contentment and confidence to grow.


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