PRE CAS Interview Preparation Tips


14 August 2021



PRE-CAS Preparation Tips

A pre-CAS interview is an interview we conduct to help every student who is willing to apply for a UK study visa or preparing for a UKVI interview, to reduce your chances of visa refusal. Interviews will be conducted on video or telephonic.

It is essential for every international student to prepare properly for the pre-CAS interview in order to do well in the UKVI credibility interview.


Preparing for PRE-CAS Interview

  1. They may ask you below mentioned questions during your interview: -

  2. Why did you choose the UK and study at a UK university? What made this University stand out from the rest? Consider what your reasons are for choosing to study at this particular university.

  3. Compare similar universities according to chosen course modules.

  4. What was your last qualification? Think about your last studies. Justify any study gaps.

  5. Why are you choosing this course? And how it relates to your chosen course in UK universities

  6. What are the modules of this course? Based on the course modules including the grades, accreditation, and Minimum required marks to pass the modules.

  7. What are your future career plans? Have you researched any organizations/MNCs/Companies you might like to work with once you will get back to India in the future including the salary?

  8. Why do you want to study in UK rather than any other Country? There are many countries like Australia, the USA, and Canada which offer a high standard of education all around the world, so why did you choose the UK?

  9. Where might you live in the UK? Have you looked at accommodation options? what are the particular reasons for choosing that accommodation?

  10. How will you fund your studies? Who will support you monetarily?

Hints and Tips

  1. You have to explain research that has been done including assessments, with target realities found through research.

  2. You should not give practiced, retained answers or memorized answers.

  3. You must ensure that you listen to and understand the question being asked and give an appropriate, to the point, and full answer that's relevant to the question. You may ask the question to be repeated if you did not hear it clearly or are unsure, or you may ask the interviewer ("Pardon please") to reword the question if you did not understand it.

What Should I Wear for My UK Visa Interview?

  1. Dress well and look presentable

  2. Do not wear slippers, shorts, T-shirts, sportswear, and anything over casual.

And kindly avoid wearing flashy items, very bright colors of clothes, jewelry, and anything which can be distracting during your interview.

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