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Updated On 12 June 2023


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Do watching movies on space excite you? Have you wondered about working on aircraft or spacecraft? Space exploration is where aerospace engineers work. If you’re good at physics, mathematics, and engineering, you can start your career in this discipline. Of course, it’s a highly specialised and challenging field, yet it offers exciting career opportunities.


The aerospace industry in UK offers valuable opportunities for you to gain a world-class education, hands-on experience in a highly reputable and competitive industry. The country earns economic growth, technological advancement, defence capabilities, and environmental sustainability by welcoming the sector.


The country houses well-recognised universities that propose exceptional aerospace engineering programs.  Read this blog to explore the top Aerospace Engineering universities in UK and highlight prestigious scholarships to help you pursue your dreams.


Top Aerospace Engineering Universities in the UK

You know that the United Kingdom gives you several motives to study Aerospace Engineering over there. From its prestigious top 30 universities ranked by QS to cutting-edge research facilities to strong industry connections, you can build your career and increase your knowledge in this field. Take a look down at the top Aerospace Engineering Universities in UK.


University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge, which ranks in 4th position by QS World Rankings, offers you world-class aerospace engineering programs. This university in the UK, mainly renowned for its academic prowess, offers students a comprehensive curriculum that includes many aspects of aircraft design, propulsion, and flight mechanics.


You can conduct ground-breaking research and develop novel ideas from cutting-edge research facilities to laboratories. On top of that, Cambridge’s strong industrial connections deliver prospects for internships and cooperation with prominent aerospace corporations. Graduating from Cambridge’s programs of aerospace engineering in UK will put you in high demand, also making it a popular choice for all future engineers.


Imperial College London


Imperial College London, a renowned institution that ranks in the 8th position as per QS ranking 2023, offers you highly esteemed programs of aerospace engineering in UK. The university delivers in-depth knowledge and practical skills in aerodynamics, aircraft design, and propulsion systems, alongside a strong emphasis on technological advancement and research.


In addition to its academic reputation, Imperial College London has tight relationships with industry leaders, so you’ll also have chances for cutting-edge projects, internships and collaborations.


University of Oxford


The University of Oxford, one of the world's most prestigious institutions, ranks 9th as per QS World Rankings 2023. With a focus on academic excellence and rigorous research, the university offers you several exceptional Aerospace Engineering majors.


Aerospace courses emphasise a multidisciplinary approach, integrating engineering, mathematics, and physics concepts. You now have access to cutting-edge research facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories to engage in ground-breaking projects and contribute to technological advancements in the aerospace industry.


When planning for aerospace engineering in UK, its expert faculty offers invaluable mentorship and guidance. Next to graduation from the University of Oxford's Aerospace Engineering majors, you’ll be highly sought after by world-leading corporations, positioning you for successful and meaningful careers.


University of Manchester


The University of Manchester ranks in the 21st as per QS World Rankings 2023, a renowned institution with a strong set of Aerospace Engineering courses in UK.  The main benefit of studying here is its comprehensive syllabus, which covers various aspects of aerospace engineering, including aircraft design, propulsion systems, and aerodynamics.


Access to state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge research facilities allows you to contribute to technological advancements in the aerospace industry. Moreover, the university also has distinguished faculty of experts from the industry and strong connections for industry placements and internships. Studying aerospace engineering in UK from this university is beneficial for you in terms of your successful career in the aerospace industry.


Cranfield University


Cranfield University ranks in the 28th position worldwide as per QS rankings 2023 and is a prestigious institution renowned for its expertise in aerospace and aviation. Cranfield’s Aerospace Engineering in UK mainly focuses on innovative technology, aircraft design, and aviation management.


You’ll gain extensive relationships with industry partners, providing practical exposure to the real world. Cranfield's world-class facilities, including flight simulators and wind tunnels, enable hands-on learning opportunities. Cranfield's alums are highly sought after by renowned aerospace industries, making them a top choice for you when looking to work.


Scholarships for Aerospace Engineering in UK

Now that you know the subject and top universities to apply to, let’s head on to scholarships. By applying for scholarships, you can reduce the burden of your finances with these grants and awards for your academic achievements. Below is the table of aerospace engineering scholarships in UK available.

Scholarship Name


Eligibility Criteria


Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Scholarship

Royal Aeronautical Society

High academic achievements in aerospace engineering

Financial support, networking, and mentorship

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Aerospace Scholarship

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Pursuing aerospace-related degrees

Financial assistance, professional development resources

Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Scholarships

Aerospace Technology Institute

Varies, targeting aerospace innovation and talent

Scholarships and funding for aerospace engineering

Government-Funded Scholarships

UK Government

Varies, based on government guidelines and programs

Financial aid for aerospace engineering studies

Rolls-Royce Aerospace Engineering Scholarships


Exceptional academic performance and passion for aviation

Financial support, internships, and mentoring

Boeing Scholarships


Outstanding academic achievements and leadership skills

Financial assistance, internship opportunities

Airbus UK Scholarships

Airbus UK

Strong academic background and interest in aerospace

Scholarships and work placement opportunities

BAE Systems Scholarships

BAE Systems

Merit-based scholarships for aerospace engineering

Financial support and potential internship opportunities

Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission

Outstanding intellectual ability and leadership potential

Full funding for postgraduate studies in the UK

Chevening Scholarships

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Academic excellence and leadership qualities

Full funding for postgraduate studies in the UK


To conclude, aerospace engineering in UK offers you prestigious majors at top universities like Cambridge, Imperial College London, Oxford, Manchester, Cranfield, and Bristol. You’ll also get academic excellence, cutting-edge research facilities and the strongest industrial connections to equip you with the necessary skills for your successful career in the dynamic aerospace industry.


Besides studying aerospace engineering in the UK, you’ll also apply for various scholarships and funding options based on criteria like academic merit, talent, and specific eligibility requirements, making aerospace studies more accessible and affordable.


You can unleash your passion, develop sought-after skills, and shape the future of aviation and space exploration by studying aerospace engineering in UK, where top universities, cutting-edge research facilities, and strong industry ties await you.



Q: What is aerospace engineering?

A: Aerospace engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with designing, developing, and functioning aircraft and spacecraft. Aerodynamics, materials science, propulsion systems, and structural design are all used to create safe and efficient flying machines.


Q: What are the career prospects in aerospace engineering?

A: Aerospace engineering provides a diverse range of exciting employment prospects. Graduates can work in companies such as aircraft and spacecraft design, manufacturing, research and development, aviation, defence, and even space exploration. They can work as aerospace engineers, flight test engineers, aerodynamicists, systems engineers, and other positions.


Q: What skills are important for aerospace engineering?

A: A strong foundation in mathematics and physics, problem-solving abilities, creativity, critical thinking, attention to detail, teamwork, and effective communication are all essential skills for aerospace engineering. Knowledge of programming languages and proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software is also advantageous in this field.


Q: Can international students study aerospace engineering in the UK?

A: Yes, international students can study aerospace engineering in UK. Many universities in UK welcome international students and provide specific support services and scholarships for international students.


Q: Are there any specific prerequisites for studying aerospace engineering?

A: Prerequisites vary by university, but a strong high school background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry is typically required.

For international students, some universities may require specific grades or scores on standardised tests like the SAT or ACT. Individual university admission requirements should be checked for detailed prerequisites.


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