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The United States of America is a great place to study as well as work. It is one of the strongest economies in the world and is working hard to be the best global leader to date. The country has an abundance of opportunities for domestic and international students. Universities in USA aim to empower students and talented individuals irrespective of their background. This is the reason many international students can also study in USA on scholarships. Universities in USA willingly offer scholarships to students who are passionate about bringing change through education.

USA universities offer a variety of internships to international students. These internships help students gain apt work experience and train them for the real corporate world. Having an internship experience on a resume can help students get a secured job offer from renowned firms in the USA.

How to Prepare for Internships in USA

Internships in USA are solely based on the paperwork and visa application of the student if they are not a student of US University. Internships in USA are not only for students who are studying in top USA universities but also for other students. International students who want to gain experience and make themselves ready for the corporate world can also apply for internships in USA. 

Finding an internship in USA is not easy, but if one prepares well, then one can surely get a worth it internship in USA. Some best sectors that offer internships for Indian students in USA are:

  • Fashion

  • Media and IT

  • Finance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Artificial Intelligence

These sectors are ruling the world. Endless opportunities are there for deserving candidates in the aforementioned sectors. Preparing for USA internships begins by excelling in the field you are already in. The limited internship opportunities are only reserved for the ones who deserve them. To become deserving, students need to make sure they have a wholesome knowledge of their subject. Further, students need to have excellent soft skills to work in the corporate world.

Tips to Apply for Internships in USA

Internships in USA are in varied numbers of sectors, and students need to apply on time and with the correct documents to grab the opportunity. Here are some tips that can help you in getting internships in USA

  1. Apply on Time: Most companies consider applicants who have their documents ready and are keen to start their internship term as soon as possible. Applying for internships on time gives leaves ample time in the student's hand for visa application. This time is helpful as applying for a work visa in the USA is time-consuming and requires a lot of documentation.

  2. Apply in Authentic Organisations: Many fake organisations and websites claim to offer internships in the USA. It is important that students only look for authentic websites and organisations to work in USA on a sponsored visa. Going with companies that are completely familiar with US visa procedures helps students smoothen their internship journey in the USA.

  3. Paid Internships: Working overseas is a great opportunity, but one cannot afford to do it without any monetary benefits. Students should always look for paid internships in USA. It helps them learn while working and prepares them to bear their expenses.

  4. Visa Application: Application for US work visa can only be initiated after the student has the offer letter in hand. Visa applications must be initiated on time, and students should recheck all the documents before submitting them.

  5. Explore: Students are advised not to rely solely on websites and company portals for paid internships in USA. Networking with people and students in USA can help in getting good internships. One can connect with other great minds on social media and learn about opportunities in USA. Connecting with people in USA can help international students know what employers exactly seek while hiring interns and how to know the work culture of US companies.

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Top Paid Internships in USA

  1. Fashion Week Internships

Internships during fashion week are for students who are passionate about the industry and want to work for major fashion companies in New York and Los Angeles. Students can participate in this paid internship programme and work for a term, semester, or even an entire year in the United States. To be accepted into this paid internship programme, applicants must have a strong command of English and a background in fashion.

  1. Intern Business with USEH International

Students who are enthusiastic about business can choose from a wide variety of internships offered by USEH International. Once their application is approved by USEH international, students can work in a variety of disciplines, such as finance, marketing, sales, or human resource management in the United States. Based on their qualifications and academic history, the organisation matches students with the ideal opportunities available for them.

  1. Intern in the Music Industry in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hub of Hollywood music commonly known as La La Land. The music industry of Los Angeles offers great internships for international students in the summer. It is a great opportunity for international students to utilise their vacations and earn a good amount by working with industry veterans. Students can learn about the music industry from a close angle and enhance their CVs with great names.

  1. Boston University: Washington DC Summer Internship Program

It is a 10-week internship program by Boston University that allows students to gain practical knowledge in America's capital city. This internship program offers internships in various fields like business, art, sciences and media. Students looking for leadership and public policy opportunities can participate in this internship program. This program is open to all American students and international students. Hence, a great opportunity to learn and work with people from different cultures.


Internships always help students in gaining work experience before properly entering the corporate world. The United States of America is a place that has endless opportunities for students who are willing to learn with sheer dedication. Internships in USA are available for international students in USA and also for students from other nations. Though, if you study at US Universities, it is easier to grab internship opportunities in the USA.

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