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The popularity of Australia is fast growing for world-class education. It is a dream to study in Australia for Indian students, and the number is rising.

Australia will see Indians become its largest group of international students as their intake from China decline. The decline is the result of deteriorating ties between the two countries.

96,000 Indian students were pursuing higher education in Australia as of July 2022. This number forms the second largest group in the Australia international students community.

The number of students from India is quickly growing number and the country expects this to be the largest group from anywhere in the world, as reported by The Hindu.

Percentage of Indian Students Among International Students in Australia

The number of International students is a head count of all the students who have studied on a student visa within the duration of a reference period.

The percentage of Indian students rose from 4.41% in 2002 to 16.46% in 2002. The ratio gradually increased in 2012 when the rate went up to 9.09%. 2022 has seen the maximum number of Indian students in Australia. The number of Indian students in Australia has tremendously grown from 10,073 in 2002 to 86,782 in 2022. The number went from 10th highest to 2nd highest in all these years.

Percentage of Chinese Students Among International Students in Australia

Chinese students, formed the majority of international students in Australia. Still, the number is seeing a steady fall due to the strained relationship between Australia and China. The percentage of Chinese students in Australia was 15.19% in 2002, up to 27.37% in 2012 and 26.85% in 2022.

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Reasons Behind the Decline in Number of Chinese Students

Australia hosted 5,706,226 international students between January 2021 and December 2021. According to data compiled by the Australian government's Department of Education, China contributed 1.70 lakh or 30% of all international students in Australia, and India contributed 97,000 or 17%, even though there was a decrease in the total number of students as compared to 2020 post-COVID-19 across all nationalities.

According to the Open Door report, which the U.S. government supported, 3,17,299 Chinese students made up 34.6% of all overseas students in the U.S. during the academic year 2020–2021, with 1.67 lakh Indian students making up the second-largest group at 18.3%.

A report by the Centre for China and Globalisation, a Chinese non-governmental think tank in Beijing, stated that the number of Chinese students in Australia has decreased due to the worsening of China - U.S. relations and the trade and geopolitical disputes between China and Australia. Many Chinese students might also switch to European and Asian countries due to the easy visa policies and friendlier study environments.

What Does This Mean for Indian Students?

With approximately 1,18,000 Indian students acquiring a student visa in the year ending June 2022, a 215% rise from 2019, India has surpassed China as the most common nationality receiving sponsored study visas in the U.K. The expanding expectations and financial capabilities of Indian students also support this.

Many universities focus on China first and then India, but it is likely to change soon.

Will Australia Open Borders for International Students in 2022?

Australia opened its borders to international students in 2022. All the visa holders who are fully vaccinated as per Australia international students border entry requirements can travel to Australia. It is advised that international students check the quarantine requirements and post-arrival testing arrangements. In addition to opening borders, the Australian government also provided work visa extensions and other benefits to international students.

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Cost to Study in Australia for Indian Students

Many Indian students prefer Australia as a study abroad destination. Its quality of education offers a range of opportunities. Australia has standard living and academic excellence and supports international students, making it one of the top choices for students.

The Cost to study in Australia for Indian students depends on the type of qualification and the university of your choice. Veterinary and medical degrees substantially cost more than other degrees like finance or engineering. The average tuition fees of any Australian institute range between AUD 20,000 to AUD 30,000 a year.

Cost to Study in Australia for Indian Students

Level of Education

Average Fees

Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree

$15,000 - $35,000 annually

Postgraduate Master’s Degree

$20,000 - $42,000 annually

Doctoral Degree

$20,000 - $42,000 annually

Vocational Education

$4000 - $22,000 annually

There are many English language studies programs are available in many universities for students in Australia which costs $350-450 weekly and varies as per course length. Many attractive scholarships are available to doctoral students waiving 100% tuition fees and providing living grants if the candidate meets university requirements.

Commonly, humanities, arts and education courses are a little cheaper, while courses related to medical sciences are a bit expensive. The cost of postgraduate courses is typically higher, and the fee depends on the programme choice.

Top 10 Popular Universities for Indian Students in Australia

The below list shows the top universities in Australia with the percentage of Indian students in them.

These universities rank high in the Australia international students groups. The list is based on the Human Development Index (HDI) report.

Popular Universities for Indian Students in Australia

University Name

Percentage of Indian Students

Federation University


Kent Institute Australia


Melbourne Institute of Technology


CQ University Australia


Charles Darwin University


James Cook University


Australian Institute of Professional Education


Southern Cross University


Kaplan Online Higher Education


Harvest West Bible College


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