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When students start preparing for study abroad, they are in a dilemma of where to start. Lots of things are roaming in mind and they are not able to find a satisfying answer from a credible source. Recently a study is done among students who are preparing to study abroad. Questions were asked to them regarding their doubts. 

Make yourself ready for British life

Remember, there is a big difference between the lifestyle and culture of India and the UK. We advise you to make your mind properly and keep yourself ready physically and mentally so you can easily mingle with classmates. The sooner you will feel comfortable the easier your study will be.

Organize your resources

When you begin to prepare for studying overseas, you should think about money in the first place. Either you can finance your study or your parents can fund your study. Study loan option is always there. Here in Meridean, we have tie-ups with prestigious banks which ease your strain of financial planning. 

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Finalize your boarding option

Accommodation is remain one of the major concerns of the students always. In most cases, universities offer the option of living on campus. But you can choose to stay outside of the campus as well. We advise you not to choose quite far residence it will increase your transportation expenses as well. 

Exploration about fellowship

A scholarship is an option that can cut off your financial burden. We always do profound research to provide maximum studentship to our students. Many trusts and educational organizations provide fully-funded scholarships to diligent students.

Bought health insurance according to your need

When you are coming to the UK as a student, health insurance is a requisite for the visa.
It will help students when they feel under the weather and cover unexpected expenses. You can check if your current insurance provider services abroad as well. 

Know your student visa

Following acceptance to the university, the next major step is to obtain a visa. It becomes a colossal task if you are unable to understand the docs required for it. To apply for your student visa you must be ready with CAS, proof of finances, an English proficiency certificate, health care surcharge documents. Meridean provides its students free visa assistance.

Work time limitations

Being a student you are eligible to work part-time. During your classes, you can work up to 20 hours a week. You should not work more than the allowed hours. It will not only affect your study but also create a bad impact on your moral conduct.

Discover civil transit

Once your reach the UK, get an acquaintance with transportation with help of a local classmate. It saves you from so much confusion and makes it easier to roam around the city. it will be a sincere effort to know about your surrounding areas.

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Open a bank account

As you reach the UK, We strongly recommend establishing a bank account as soon as possible. It will be a great help for you to do payments in local currency. Else you will be levied hefty taxes if you pay in your home currency.

Economical way to communicate family

Once you reach the UK, it is possible that you will not be able to contact your dear ones with the same number so it is advisable to buy a sim. You can buy it at the airport or shops outside. It will save you from spending some extra bucks to get in touch with family and friends.

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