How to Apply in Italian University with Low Percentage

Yes, we can get an offer letter even if we have secured a low percentage in our bachelor's. We cannot predict in advance because it is very hard to predict but, yes it is possible. 

Previously I applied for a student you was secured only 45% marks in his bachelors and student also get his offer letter. That’s why I am pretty assured if anyone has at least 45% of marks in his/her bachelors then he/she can get offer letter also. There might be less chance if student secured fewer marks than 42% but yes if any student secured 45 and above 45% then surely he/she might get a confirmed offer letter from the Italian Public University.


Most of the students easily secure good percentage in their 10 and 12 class but somehow not able to make in graduation. There are lots of reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is our Indian grading system which is quite different from abroad. The other reason might be a student was not very much concentrate on their studies in Bachelors. 

If anyone gets a low percentage in their previous studies then they think there is no further scope for them in masters. But this is not a fact, besides the percentage, there are lots of other aspects also on which admission in masters is depended. So we can work on those aspects and torn our profile more relevant and strong for applying in Masters courses even with a low percentage.

Let’s talk about those important aspects from the very beginning: When we’ll going to apply to Italian universities then we required some set of important documents. Among those documents, educational documents are the most important once but again if we have a low percentage then we need to focus on other documents as well. Besides documents we need to keep the fact in mind that, we should apply as soon as possible once the applications in the universities in started. The student which I was talked to previously secured 45% marks in his bachelor's. I applied for them on the same day the university opens their application. So with less percentage, students need to apply as soon as possible in the early stage.

The documents like LOR, SOP, and CV are some of the most important documents which we need to emphasize more while applying with less percentage.

We can keep LOR aside because this document will be provided by the faculty from the institution. But SOP is the main document where you need to keep a constant eye on it. Your SOP should be crisp and sound. There are points that you need to be considered while preparing your Statement of Purpose. These include: 

  • Personal background
  • Financial background
  • Academic details
  • Professional experience (full/part-time, voluntary)
  • Immediate and long-term goals
  • Reasons behind your selection of the university
  • Reasons behind your selection of the chosen Course
  • About extra-curricular activities
  • Published works, if any
  • Papers submitted if any
  • Interests, hobbies

Do's for Statement of Purpose Document

Undergraduate Postgraduate
Your purpose of choosing the course and the opportunities you wish to explore in the future. Your short and long term career objectives and personal goals
Your previous academic accomplishments and journey Proof of professional accomplishments like Experience Letters etc.
Extracurricular activities other than academics And keep note of teamwork, leadership, and other corporate qualities.
Assignments or projects completed during studies Important projects and assignments completed during working
Internships training, if any Volunteer work, or assignment if any


Some points to write a successful Statement of Purpose

  • Stick to the basic overview and information. Avoid writing complete family history.
  • Avoid too much unnecessary financial details.
  • Discuss learning experiences as much, please avoid water cooler talks.
  • Do not exceed the word limit of 1500 to 2000 words.
  • Be crisp as much as possible, do not flatter too much.
  • Avoid lots of technical terms and words.
  • Do not mention any lie statement in your Statement of Purpose, dishonesty may cause rejection from the university.
  • Avoid using any kind of creative fonts or colored font.

The Next important document is my CV. You should be very attentive while preparing your CV. Your CV mends a lot while you apply for the masters. Students already secured less percentage so work experience is a must and advisable also. The CV should contain correct details and in a proper manner and order. Universities in Italy require a special format of CV. A CV should include the following information stated under the given headings:

  • Personal details
  • Educational qualifications and professional affiliations.
  • Employment history
  • Research publications
  • Academic referees
  • Language Proficiency

Information not required: 

Information about your marital status, your personal photographs (One professional pic is required), your personal driver’s license details, your hobbies, and your interests.

The student should be flexible with their course choices. And there is another option that with such low percentage might be a possible student not able to secure his admission in Italian public universities then student also consider some private universities where the tuition fees are around 4000 Euros (3.5 lakhs in INR).

Hope I covered all the necessary points that one should keep in mind while applying with a low percentage.

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