Italian University with Low Percentage

How to Apply in Italian University with Low Percentage


21 January 2023



Italy is the top study destination for international students after the US, UK and Canada. Italy has seen a 45% increase in international students in the last 12 months.


The country tops with many expedient options for good universities for international students. They offer student aid, accommodation, scholarships and waiving tuition fees, among other measures. The high quality of education attracts many students planning to study in Italy.


The country is home to many esteemed educational centres. Although, students sometimes need help getting accepted with low percentages. Many private and public universities in Italy need high percentages for particular courses. But they also have high acceptance rates for others. This blog will discuss the universities with high acceptance rates and other information.

Why Study in Italy?

40 universities in Italy rank in the QS World University Rankings. These universities are well renowned and centres of excellent education in Europe.


But Italy is more than a nation with a top-notch education. Its cuisine and architecture make it understandable why it is the choice.


Studying in Italy is a costly undertaking. Quality education is an impressive point to consider. Let us look at some reasons why you should study in Italy.

  • High Quality of Education

  • You will get the chance to learn in immersive surroundings

  • You will get to discover and eat authentic Italian food and cuisine

  • There are study-abroad courses for every major, from communications and art to science

  • Italy is home to an impressive and amazing 40 universities in the world

  • Accredited and ranked universities

  • You’ll experience Italian culture up close

  • Beautiful landscapes and inexpensive travel

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Veteran faculties filled with researchers and scientists

  • Different program options are available

  • Universities like the University of Bologna and Bocconi University offer English-taught courses

  • The English-speaking programs allow a more miscellaneous student body. This allows a more competitive pool of applicants to Italy’s top universities.

Universities With Highest Acceptance Rates in Italy

Many best universities in Italy for international students have high acceptance rates. This makes it easier for students to apply to them, even with low percentages—some of the top colleges in Italy with high acceptance rates.

  • John Cabot University

  • Polytechnic University of Turin

  • University of Milan

  • University of Bari Aldo Moro

  • University of Pisa

  • The American University of Rome

  • University of Bologna


Some of the most cost-effective universities in Italy for Indian students are below.

  • The Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

  • University of Naples

  • Sapienza University of Rome

  • The University of Pisa

  • The University of Perugia

  • Free University of the Bozen-Bolzano

  • Politecnico di Torino

  • University of Padua

  • The University of Bergamo

  • The University of Camerino

  • The University of Salerno

Tips to Apply to Italian Universities With low Percentage

Studying abroad in Italy is a dream for many international students. But sometimes, a low percentage becomes a hurdle. There are tips to secure your admission at top universities in Italy.


Here are some points and tips while applying with a low percentage. 

  • Even if your percentage is low, submit certificates to show your hobbies and talents.

  • The statement of purpose is a document of extreme importance. Sometimes students need to pay more attention to it. Convince the admission committee admission despite the low percentage in the SOP. Make sure you provide ample information. Emphasise experience in the case of a master's and extracurriculars in the case of a bachelor's.

  • Be clear on why you wish to do the course. Include why the university should consider you. Mention what you will bring to the program if selected.

  • Prepare an excellent resume and cover letter (if asked)

  • Make sure to submit well-written letters of recommendation highlighting your strengths and characteristics.

  • Submit a well-designed professional portfolio (depending on the course). It is the best way to showcase your work experience and skills to the admission committee. It will make you stand out among all the other applicants.

  • Make sure you prepare well enough for the IELTS exam.

Documents Required to Apply

Universities accept a wide number of international students. They provide students with a chance to study in Italy. But, there are certain documents you must submit to be considered for application.


The required documents to apply to Italian universities are below.

  • Identity document

  • Passport type photograph

  • Academic transcript

  • University application form

  • Detailed study programs/course description

  • CV

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Language proficiency (English or Italian) (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo)

  • Portfolio (only for applicants to architecture, urban planning, or any design program)

  • Official scores of SAT or ACT


Q. How to apply for universities in Italy?
A. You can apply to universities in Italy online via their website or get help from our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas.

Q. How to get an offer letter from universities in Italy with low percentages?
A. Focus on points like submitting the certificates and a well-written SOP. Refer to the section of Tips to Apply to Italian Universities With low Percentage above.


If you wish to fulfil your study in Italy dream, contact our expert counsellors at any branch of the Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert education counsellors will guidance with admission and an Italy study visa. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011.

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