How Much Gap Is Acceptable to Study in Australia?



Updated On 21 August 2023


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Welcome to Australia, a top-ranked educational destination attracting thousands of applicants to its marvellous universities. The country ranks in 2nd position in terms of the most popular places to study for international students every year.


Students like you choose Australia as it's a great place to study, offers fantastic chances to work, and boasts a high standard of living. Thus, such benefits make Australia an attractive location compared to other English countries.


However, securing a seat at a well-renowned university in Australia demands a lot of hard work and dedication. Students these days take gap of months or years after finishing their school studies for varied reasons such as personal issues, monetary concerns, and pre-preparation for their degree, among others.


Regardless of the reasons, it's essential to understand the number of gap months or years that are acceptable at universities in Australia. Taking a year off is okay, but there can be other reasons like  NEET or IIT exam that can lead to longer breaks.


Most universities in Australia usually accept gaps of up to 6 months without justification, but longer than 6 months of gap requires valid evidence. Moreover, factors like the type of course, undergraduate or postgraduate, also matter. Hence, justification, with proof in some cases, is necessary, so let’s have a brief overview of how many months or years of gap is accepted for studying in Australia in the following sections:


How Many Gap Is Accepted Under a Student Visa in Australia?

When you plan to study in Australia, you will find several institutions having their own set of criteria for admission. While the admission rate for a gap varies for every Australian university, there are some standard rules to follow.


All institutions usually allow maximum 6 months of study gap without any justification. A considerable gap of more than 6 months would demand clarification. If you're going for bachelors courses in Australia, then more than that 1 year is accepted on the basis of NEET or IIT exams. On the other hand, if you're going for Masters program, then 3-4 years study gap is accepted but you must have proper work experience and documents to justify that experience. Other pointers for student visa are determined by the types of study program, such as whether you want to register in a postgraduate or undergraduate program.


You must also express plainly why you took a gap year. In this context, those taking a gap year with the reason for the job may be called to provide their salary slips and employment documents. On the other side, those who take a year off for medical reasons must provide documentation. Thus, in general, 6 months of a gap are acceptable without an excuse, else you must give proper documentation.


Impact of Gap Months on Students Planning to Study in Australia

Now you know a maximum of 6-months gap is acceptable even without reasons, but more than that you will need genuine evidence backed up by credible documentation.


Keep in mind that more gaps than 6 months lead to creating more constraints during your admission to top ranked universities in Australia. So, you must check for proper documentation for supporting reasons like health problems, personal problems, or other similar issues.


Despite having repercussions, you can engage in some productive activity relevant to your area of specialisation to secure your university seat. Doing so will give you a positive professional image and show your sincerity and seriousness to the university.


Admissions departments over there take fake or improper documents very seriously, which may lead to your permanent ban from the host country. So, as said by Benjamin Franklin, “Honesty is the Best Policy” you should adequately validate your reasons for your gap in education when you assemble and present documents.


Is a Gap of Months or more Acceptable?

Even if it's a 1-year gap, it is acceptable, it is acceptable to universities in Australia for bachelor’s on the basis of NEET and IIT Exams and proper documentation for the same. Yet, a lengthier interruption after your higher secondary education, like 1 year, might be detrimental to your admission chances.


Still, when you have to take a 1-year break after finishing your higher secondary education, it is highly recommended that you have a valid scorecard of NEET or IIT Exam. If you have 3-4 years gap after graduation, then you must have a work experience certificates or a proper justification of gap. It’s important to know that work experience after higher education (12th class) is not accepted by the australian universities.


You should be pre-prepared with genuine shreds of evidence if you are showing personal reasons for your sabbatical, like health or financial concerns. Hence, you must understand that Australian admission offices place a high value on the accuracy of the papers you submit; it would be unwise to present improper or false information.


How to Get a Student Visa for Australia?

Now that you have justified your gap and successfully admitted to your desired university, head on to our next section - how to get a Australian student visa ? This is where most students got stuck and couldn’t move forward with their higher studies in Australia.


The Overseas Program of the host country’s government offers an accessible pathway to pick your student visa for studying in Australia. Follow these steps to secure your student visa:

  • Apply to an Australian University: Start by applying to a university in Australia. Upon acceptance, you'll receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), a crucial document for the visa application process.


  • Register with Australian Immigration Authorities: Create a profile through the Australian immigration authorities' platform.


  • Digitise Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are scanned and digitised. In today's digital age, online submission is paramount.


  • Complete Online Visa Application: To complete your visa application online, utilise official visa application websites designed to be user-friendly and informative.


  • Acquire Transaction Reference Number (TRN): You must pay the visa fee following application submission. Once paid, you'll receive a Transaction Reference Number (TRN).


  • Undergo Health Check-up: A medical check-up is required for visa approval. Arrange this well in advance and secure an interview slot with officials if necessary.


  • Await Visa Decision: Allow sufficient time to communicate the visa decision. Stay patient as the decision-making process unfolds.


Following the steps above, you can acquire your student visa for studying in Australia through the Overseas Program.



Q. Can I apply for Australia with a 4-year gap?

A. You can only apply for master’s degree  admission to an Australian university with a 4-year gap with pieces of evidence of your particular reasons as a justification for your gap year. Admission decisions consider the overall alignment of your gap years with your academic and career goals.


Q. How can I cover my gap in the Australia student visa application?

A. To address a gap in your education history on the Australia student visa application, you should provide a well-structured and detailed explanation in your statement of purpose or cover letter. Explain the reasons behind the gap and how you utilised that time productively. Supporting documentation, such as work experience certificates or medical records, can strengthen your justification.


Q. What is the age limit for a student visa in Australia?

A. There is no specific age limit for applying for a student visa in Australia. However, applicants under the age of 18 must have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements in place. Additionally, some universities or courses may have their own age restrictions, so it's essential to check with the specific institution you are applying to.


Q. How can I justify my gap in education at an Australian university?

A. Justifying a gap in education at an Australian university requires a clear and honest explanation. Detail how you utilised the gap period to gain relevant experiences, develop skills, or overcome challenges. Highlight any work, volunteering, travel, or personal growth activities that align with your academic and career aspirations.


Q. Is obtaining an Australian student visa easy?

A. Acquiring an Australian student visa can be straightforward if you follow the required steps meticulously. Ensure you have a confirmed offer from an Australian institution, gather all necessary documentation, and complete the visa application accurately. While the process may involve health checks and financial requirements, a well-prepared application increases your chances of success.



In the end, studying in Australia presents several benefits, drawing international students from all over the world. While a gap of 6-months is ordinarily acceptable for admissions purposes, more significant gaps necessitate valid explanations and extensive proof. It is critical to maintain honesty and truth, as false information might have adverse implications on your admission and entry to the host country.


Overall, genuine causes substantiated by proof are required for intervals of more than 6 months, but a delay of 7 months or more may offer you difficulties in admittance. When applying for a student visa through Australia's Overseas Program, taking a methodical strategy from university application to visa application promotes a smoother transition to higher study there.


We hope you enjoyed learning how much gap is acceptable in Australia. If you would like to get a deeper insight into the gap topic or have any questions about how to study in Australia, we encourage you to speak with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with guidance throughout your study abroad journey.


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