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GTE is an intention-oriented statement which has to be submitted by all students who wish to Study in Australia. Every seeker of the Australian Student Visa subclass 500 (for students who wish to stay in Australia for the duration of their study program) writes this statement in which he/she explains their reason for visiting Australia very clearly, which is to come to gain a high quality education in Australia and be a part of an enriching community and not settle down here permanently. Hence the name, "genuine temporary entrant." It is very similar to a Statement of Purpose that conveys the genuine intention of applying for a class 500-pupil visa.

Furthermore, when the Department of Home Affairs evaluates your application as a genuine temporary entrant, details about your family background, previous education, and personal history, as well as the reason for choosing the particular course, play an important role. You can write GTE in your indigenous language if you are not comfortable with English, as you only have to submit a restated dupe to the visa officer, but for a serious applicant, we would recommend you write it in English as it can function as a great opportunity to show off your English proficiency skills and make a great first impression. Providing evidence for all the information that you are putting in your written statement is a must because information that is unsupported by evidence will not be weighted heavily in the GTE statement.


Below are some suggestions of evidence or information that you can include in your GTE:

Educational background

Disclosing your true academic progression so far is very important. All the information which you will mention should be backed by respective certificates, degrees, or scorecards. The information should be about your 10th grade, 12th grade, graduation if you have already graduated, and any other certifications you have obtained.

  • In your academic progression, if there is any gap longer than six months, you need to justify it with valid reasons. Attach evidence of the same, such as doctor's prescriptions if you have been ill. Make sure you do not fabricate any false reports, as there is a high chance that upon detection, your visa may be rejected. This is necessary to show that you're a genuine and responsible seeker who wants to gain a quality education.
  • Aside from the abovementioned data, you must also state the explanation for not completing your field degree in your home country. This section will include the benefits and openings you are getting in the islet nation that are not available in your home country. Compare the courses and institutions present in your home country, analogous to the courses chosen in Australia.

Home country

Disclosing your true academic progression so far is very important. All the information which you will mention should be backed by respective certificates, degrees, or scorecards. The information should be about your 10th grade, 12th grade, graduation if you have already graduated, and any other certifications you have obtained.

Study in Australia

This is the most significant part because you have to explain the reasons for choosing a course in Australia. In this section, you have to cover points relating to your course and the educational provider, as well as the duration of the course. You could also talk about multiple courses in your field that are available in Australia but not in your home country. Keep in mind that the chosen programme should be applicable to your former study background. However, if the course is not related to your current field, explain your career shift in a descriptive manner. After the course, you could also talk about the particular university you have narrowed down to and the special features that are being provided while taking admission to that very university. After this, you could talk about the various job openings or career prospects that you could have in your home country on completion of your course, like how a certain course in Australia might assist you in obtaining employment in your field in your home country. This would reinstate your intention to shift back to your home country. Apart from these details, you have to mention the career openings available in your home country after completing the degree, as this helps in conveying your intentions more effectively to the case officer.


Here you can talk about your previous employment. If you were a working professional in Australia, in your home country, or any other place, attach relevant documents relating to it to make your case stronger.Include the name of your employer, duration of your employment, your job description, position held, and salary received.You can attach payment slips, salary slips, or copies of bank statements to show the receipt of salary from your previous employer.

Immigration History

Your GTE statement should include information about your immigration history. Give the necessary trip details if you have done any travel in any other country, including any overseas study or work experience. Make sure to give genuine details about them. If you have had previous visa refusals or cancellations for Australia or any other country, mention it with honesty.


Finally, you have to attach all the needed documents with the information that you have given on your GTE on various parameters. Attach all the documents like your letter of acceptance from the Australian university, course applications, scholarship letters. For example, you must justify the demand for that profession in your own nation before enrolling in any course. For this, you can attach substantiation of announcements for the profession and the number of job vacancies available in your region.

Writing Tips

This is the most crucial part. No matter however accurate information you provide but until the structure and composition of your GTE is right nothing will work. When writing the GTE, be clear, concise, and honest. Before submitting it, check the grammar to be double sure. Frame it in an orderly manner like clubbing similar details together for example  when you are talking about Australia mention the reason for choosing Australia and the particular course in the university together. Try to keep the language fluent. Do not copy someone else’s GTE in any case as everyone’s circumstances and background is different.


If you need any help in writing your GTE or applying for Australia Student Visa you can always contact us at our toll free number 1800-1230-00011 or mail us your query at or visit our site to book your free video counselling session with our counsellors.

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