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12th grade marks a significant milestone for your journey that opens the doors to step up in your career. In the arts stream, it’s quite daunting to select a career path. Previously, career options after 12th arts were very limited, but now things are changed. The demand for exploring new career paths has significantly increased in recent times. To know more, read the blog ahead to discover exciting prospects available for arts stream career options, along with potential salaries, and job prospects.


Choosing arts will expose you to a broad range of courses such as political science, law, mass communication, economics, geology, psychology, and history, among others. Selecting the right subjects for higher education is important as it not only impacts your chances of securing a well-paying job but also your lifetime happiness and following your passion. Therefore, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best career options after 12th arts to pave your way in your successful and fulfilling career.


Top Career Options After 12th Arts Stream

After completing your 12th grade, you’ll find plenty of prospects where you can shape your future. Bachelor of Fine Arts is an exciting option, but that’s not the only one. There are a plethora of artistic passions to choose from like sociology, law, mass media, education, hospitality, and event management. Check out the clear roadmap for best career options after 12th arts, the most promising paths listed for you.


  1. Sociology

  2. Mass Media

  3. Economics

  4. Fashion Designing

  5. English

  6. Hotel Management

  7. Political Science

  8. Business Administration

  9. Event Management

  10. Journalism and Mass Communication

Career Options After 12th Arts



Salary Range

Career Options


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


₹178k - ₹998k

Social Worker, Research Analyst, Human Resources

Mass Media

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

₹123k - ₹990k

Journalist, Content Writer, Public Relations


Bachelor of Arts in Economics

₹197k - ₹2m

Economist, Financial Analyst, Market Researcher

Fashion Designing

Bachelor of Fashion Designing

₹183k - ₹976k

Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Fashion Merchandiser


Bachelor of Arts in English

₹197k - ₹1m

Writer, Editor, Content Creator

Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management

₹159k - ₹611k

Hotel Manager, Event Coordinator, Food and Beverage Manager

Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

₹124k - ₹600k

Political Analyst, Policy Researcher, Government Officer

Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

₹306k - ₹2m

Business Manager, Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur

Event Management

Bachelor of Event Management

₹117k - ₹993k

Event Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Event Marketing

Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

₹194k - ₹2m

Journalist, News Anchor, Media Producer

Now that you’re aware of fields of study in arts stream career options, let’s have a brief idea on its degrees one-by-one.


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a 3 - 4 years of undergraduate degree where you’ll be studying social behavior, human societies, and development. You can grab detailed knowledge on human interactions, choices, and institutions and analyze group dynamics, religion, crime, and social classes. Educating internationally gives varied possibilities to discover and enhance behavioural and leadership abilities in sociology, with career options after 12th arts stream in public relations, advocacy, and more. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology from a foreign university allows you to investigate numerous elements of human nature and society.


Average Salary: ₹178,000 - ₹998,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Social Worker

  2. Market Research Analyst

  3. Policy Analyst

  4. Advocacy and Nonprofit Work

  5. Program Coordinator

  6. Human Resources Professional

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)


A Bachelor of Mass Media degree is an undergraduate degree that focuses on developing individuals' abilities to effectively communicate knowledge to others. It offers a thorough awareness of current communication concerns, theory, and practise on a national and worldwide scale. Studying this degree abroad improves communication skills in a variety of formats and exposes students to multicultural situations, making it an excellent alternative for those interested in professions in the media, such as journalism or research.


Average Salary: ₹123,000 - ₹990,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Journalist

  2. Public Relations Officer

  3. Content Writer

  4. News Anchor

  5. Media Researcher

  6. Media Producer

Bachelor of Arts in Economics


The Bachelor of Arts in Economics, one of the best career options after 12th arts stream, studies resource management and distribution. Studying abroad allows economics majors to understand how policies in other nations impact economies. It deepens their knowledge, challenges their thinking, and combines learning with adventure in a globalized world.


Average Salary: ₹197k - ₹2 Million


Job Opportunities:

  1. Economist

  2. Data Analyst

  3. Investment Analyst

  4. Financial Planner

  5. Actuarial Analyst

  6. Economic Journalist

Bachelor of Fashion Designing


The Bachelor of Fashion Designing program, the most fascinating arts stream career options, prepares you for careers in the trillion-dollar global fashion industry. It combines creativity with commercial awareness, allowing you to gain skills in clothing, textiles, management, and business. Studying abroad in fashion capitals allows you to investigate various interpretations of the subject, potentially leading to a successful fashion career.


Average Salary: ₹183,000 - ₹976,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Fashion Designer

  2. Fashion Illustrator

  3. Fashion Merchandiser

  4. Fashion Consultant

  5. Fashion Show Coordinator

  6. Costume Designer

Bachelor of Arts in English


A Bachelor of Arts in English is ideal for those who are interested in literature, language, and literary theory. Because English is a global language that is used in a variety of fields, studying it provides career opportunities as well as a deeper understanding of culture and history. It improves creative writing and reading skills while also providing rewarding opportunities and professional growth.


Average Salary: ₹197,000 - ₹10,00,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Writer/Author

  2. Copywriter

  3. Journalist

  4. Proofreader

  5. Translator

  6. Scriptwriter

Bachelor of Hotel Management


The Bachelor of Hotel Management degree, one of the best arts stream career options, covers many aspects of the hotel industry, including hotel business, marketing, administration, catering management, housekeeping, and accounting. This program is extremely popular because it provides you with a wide range of skills for executive and managerial positions. A Bachelor's degree usually takes 3-4 years to complete, whereas a Master's degree can be completed in 1-2 years.


Average Salary: ₹159,000 - ₹611,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Front Office Manager

  2. Hospitality Consultant

  3. Hotel Operations Manager

  4. Resort Manager

  5. Hospitality Trainer

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is an important field of study that has an impact on everyone's life. This degree focuses on government, citizens, and political systems around the world. It improves understanding of policies, practises, and decision-making at various levels. Popular among international students as arts stream career options, it provides them with knowledge to advance their careers while also raising awareness of fundamental rights and the electoral process.


Average Salary: ₹124,000 - ₹600,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Political Analyst

  2. Government Relations Specialist

  3. Legislative Assistant

  4. Public Administrator

  5. International Relations Specialist

  6. Public Policy Advisor

Bachelor of Business Administration


The Bachelor of Business Administration degree, one of the best career options after 12th arts, entails the management of various business aspects in order to ensure efficient operations. Pursuing a BBA abroad provides exposure to a variety of areas while also developing organisational skills for successful leadership. Aspiring entrepreneurs benefit from the comprehensive foundation provided by BBA colleges, which prepares them to manage and grow their own businesses.


Average Salary: ₹306,000 - ₹20,00,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Marketing Manager

  2. Human Resources Manager

  3. Sales Manager

  4. Entrepreneur

  5. Business Development Manager

  6. E-commerce Manager

Bachelor of Event Management


A Bachelor of Event Management degree entails organising and planning events ranging from small formal parties to large music festivals. Practical event planning experience, such as that gained through student organisations, improves understanding and boosts one's CV. To excel in this field, you must gain hands-on experience.


Average Salary: ₹117,000 - ₹993,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. Event Coordinator

  2. Wedding Planner

  3. Venue Manager

  4. Meeting Planner

  5. Fundraising Event Manager

  6. Exhibition Manager

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication


A Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication degree is highly sought after by students who want to study abroad. The program, which typically lasts three years but can sometimes last four, provides insights into media, journalism, communication, and culture. Many colleges and universities around the world offer BJMC programs as one of the best career options after 12th arts.


Average Salary: ₹194,000 - ₹20,00,000


Job Opportunities:

  1. News Reporter

  2. Public Relations Specialist

  3. Social Media Manager

  4. Documentary Filmmaker

  5. Communication Specialist

  6. Press Officer


In the long run, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in a variety of fields such as arts, linguistics, theology, economics, fashion design, hotel management, political science, business administration, event management, and journalism and mass communication opens up a wide range of career options after 12th arts. These degrees provide the knowledge, skills, and experiences required to excel in respective industries and open doors to rewarding careers both domestically and internationally. These programs provide you with valuable insights and pave the way for a successful and rewarding career journey, whether they are exploring creative pursuits, understanding societal dynamics, or managing business operations.



 Q: How can I pursue a career in Law after 12th Arts?

A: After completing your 12th Arts , you should study for legal entrance examinations like the CLAT, AILET, or LSAT. If you succeed on these tests, you can pursue a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. Moreover, you can work as a lawyer, a legal consultant, or in the corporate world after completing LLB.


Q: What opportunities are available in the field of Social Work?

A: You can work in NGOs, social welfare organisations, governmental organisations, or international organisations if you have a bachelor's degree in social work. In addition to it, other opportunities include campaigning, community development, policy-making, working with marginalised communities, and counselling.


Q: What are the career prospects in Hotel Management and Tourism?

A: A variety of employment options are available in the hotel and tourism industry. You can build your own empire or work with hotels, resorts, airlines, travel agencies, and event management firms. In addition to it, hotel manager, tour guide, travel advisor, event planner, and other occupations are also some of the prominent job profiles in this industry. 


 We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about career options after 12th arts stream. If you still need clarification or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you are unable to travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide you with the best guidance regarding your application to study abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.


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