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New Zealand is home to countless natural wonders, breath-taking scenery and is the birthplace of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Imagine being a part of this intriguing scenario while participating in diverse volunteering opportunities in New Zealand. Furthermore, if you're seeking a volunteering experience beyond textbooks and classrooms, the universities in New Zealand have got you covered.


There are diverse volunteering opportunities, so whether you’re interested in conservation, education, community development or preserving the local culture, these programs offer an unforgettable journey and provide a chance to create lifelong memories while fostering personal growth.


Walk through various volunteer programs offered by universities in New Zealand, giving you insights into the opportunities you can take while pursuing your academic journey there.

Universities Providing Volunteering Opportunities in New Zealand

Top-notch universities in diverse arenas provide various volunteer programs in New Zealand. Moreover, you can pick a program that aligns with your chosen courses. Volunteering gigs help you hone your soft skills and gain valuable industrial experience before entering the job market.


Hence, volunteering opportunities in New Zealand are a major profile boost and increase the stature of your CV. So, what’s better than giving back something to the community while creating room for your personal development? Now, let’s go through some volunteer programs in New Zealand offered by the universities:

University of Auckland


The university offers a variety of programs, from career mentorship and environmental sustainability to diverse research opportunities. You can also sign up for the Volunteer Alumni Coordinator (VAC) position, which can play a substantial role in helping connect alumni to volunteer from around the globe after graduating.


Universities emphasise helping you uncover your true potential and move towards empowerment and holistic growth. Below is a list of some of the volunteering programs offered by the University of Auckland:

  • Career Development and Employability Services

  • Women’s Mentoring

  • Workplace Insights

  • Uni-crew Volunteering

  • ReachOut

  • Language Connect

The University of Otago


The university offers diverse volunteering gigs enabling you to engage in meaningful community services and act as catalysts for change in your tiny ways. These volunteering programs include environmental initiatives, social welfare projects, mentoring programs, and more.


The programs are articulately planned, consisting of development plans, informative workshops and reflective essays.  Students gain exposure in several roles varying from hands-on work to skill-based volunteering.


Moreover, the university is partnered with 200+ community partners, offering opportunities and encouraging you to foster personal growth while playing a significant part in the bigger picture.  Here are some of the best volunteer programs at the University of Otago:

  • Aspire Programme

  • Reading Oasis

  • Silver line

  • Global Citizenship Programme

  • Community Engagement program

Victoria University of Wellington


The university provides a wealth of volunteering opportunities to you where they discover the importance of social welfare while aligning their purposes. These volunteering programs help you foster valuable international connections, explore the enriching Kiwi culture and apply for key social positions such as Pass leader, UNI 101 student ambassador, disability services volunteer and much more.


The university offers various opportunities both within the university and in the community. You can stay updated with all the latest opportunities by joining VU Vollies Program, where fortnightly emails with the correct details are sent.


Hence you’ll have aces to diverse volunteering opportunities in New Zealand through your esteemed university. Mentioned below are some of Victorio University of Wellington’s leading volunteer programs:

  • Wellington Plus Program

  • Wellington International Leadership Program

  • Employee Volunteer Program

  • International Buddy Program

  • Community Outreach program

The University of Canterbury


The university places great emphasis on advocating volunteering opportunities in New Zealand, as they firmly believe that every individual should be invested in giving something back to the community.


Through these programs, you’ll gain hands-on experience in some of the most prominent sustainability challenges, teamwork and engagement skills while being part of a like-minded community.


The institution offers unique volunteering initiatives such as the UC Green Team, eco volunteers, Sustainable Campus 101, etc. In addition, the institution has a student volunteer army, the biggest student volunteer group on campus. It also hosts SVA service awards, where you’re rewarded for the services you undertake in the community.


Moreover, student volunteer week is celebrated and dedicated, especially to the tireless efforts of volunteers. Look at the top volunteering programs offered by the University of Canterbury.

  • Student Volunteer Army

  • Community Outreach programs

  • UC mentoring

  • Community Outreach programs

Massey University


Massey University offers numerous volunteering opportunities in New Zealand, including environmental conservation, education, research, community outreach, and much more. The university has a proper Massey Volunteer Society, a student-led initiative that organises various activities throughout the year.


Apart from that, the university collaborates with several local organisations and non-profits, which provides you with a platform to network and simultaneously be the heralder of change in your communities.


The university also encourages you to participate in international volunteering opportunities, which gives you a chance to contribute towards global initiatives. Below is a list of some of the volunteering programs offered by the university:

  • Community Service Learning

  • Health and Wellbeing Volunteering

  • Environmental Volunteering

  • Youth Development Program

  • Peer- mentorship Program

Lincoln University


Volunteering is an excellent approach to building a network, gaining experience and boosting confidence. At Lincoln University, you’ll find a variety of organisations that partner with the institution to support you in finding volunteer opportunities worldwide. 


The university also regularly participates in charity events and community activities, which open avenues for student volunteering. If you want to enquire more about the volunteering opportunities, you can simply sign up at the website and stay updated with the latest opportunities.


After signing up, you can choose a variety of volunteer roles based on your interests and track your volunteer hours as well. Now let’s go through some of the volunteer programs offered by the university:

  • Rural Outreach Programs

  • International Student Support

  • Community Service Programs

  • Awareness Programs

The University of Waikato


The University of Waikato provides various volunteer options that enable participants—students, faculty, and the general public—to make a positive impact. In addition to helping you, volunteering fosters the growth of a compassionate and caring community.


There are many ways to become involved and support important causes at the University of Waikato, whether through the WSU, regional partnerships, or worldwide projects. You can contact the university's volunteering services, student organisations, or particular departments to learn more about the programmes offered and get involved in community service.


Below is a list of some of the volunteering programs offered by the University of Waikato:

  • Uni-Crew

  • Employability Plus Program

  • Maori development programs

  • Environment Sustainability programs

  • Community Engagement programs

The Auckland University of Technology


There are several volunteer options at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for you seeking practical learning experiences. AUT provides a variety of volunteer programmes and initiatives to fit a variety of interests and schedules. Volunteering allows you to meet like-minded people, network with experts, and deepen your comprehension of social concerns.


The university supports giving back to the community and actively encourages volunteering as a crucial component of self-improvement and community involvement. Below mentioned is the list of volunteer programmes offered at AUT:

  • AUT Edge Volunteer Programme:

  • AUT Mentoring Programme:

  • AUT Refugee Education and Employment Pathways

  • AUT Global Community Engagement



Volunteering opportunities in New Zealand's universities offer a platform for you to connect and collaborate along with personal growth and skill development.  Furthermore, these opportunities empower you to address pressing societal issues while enriching their lives.



Q: What volunteer opportunities are there in the universities in New Zealand?

A: The universities in New Zealand provide a wide array of volunteer programs, including environmental sustainability, peer mentorship, programs, language training, career training, research projects and much more. You can visit the desired university’s website for more information on volunteer programs.


Q: Who is eligible to take part in volunteer opportunities?

A: Students, faculty members, and anyone from the general public who wants to impact and contribute their time and skills positively can volunteer at universities in New Zealand. However, some universities can have specific requirements, so it is advised to once check with the concerned department.


Q: How may I profit from volunteering?

A: Volunteering in New Zealand's universities offers individuals priceless opportunities to learn new skills, gain useful knowledge, broaden their networks, and further their personal development. Additionally, it acts as a great profile boost-up and gives you a cutting edge over others while entering the job market.


We hope we have provided sufficient information on Volunteering Opportunities in New Zealand's Universities. If you are still unsure or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide the best guidance regarding your application to study in New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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