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Are you really interested in learning interactive Storytelling? The University of Westminster offers Digital Storytelling courses at the postgraduate level. It is a public university based in London. At the University of Westminster, students will have access to various opportunities, tools, and resources throughout their studies. The University is ranked 4th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2022 for Research Quality in Communication and Media Studies. In this blog, let’s learn about the masters in interactive digital storytelling course at the University of Westminster.

What is a Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course?

It is an interactive course designed for digital storytellers and shaped like media LAB. While pursuing this course, the students will be able to learn digital-first work for multi-platform formats. It includes academic research, theories, and expertise on mobile platforms and digital interactive communication.

The course provides professional-level expertise in various fields like visual communication, photography, video content creation, social media marketing, and interactive narratives. all these skills are highly demanded in today’s industry. Moreover, the students will be involved in content creation and extend their ideas in multimedia and online productions.

It is a 1 year, full-time master’s course, and the fee for this course for international students is approximately £17,000 per year.

Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course Structure

Practical exposure is given to the students during the course of study. This practical knowledge is used by media agencies in completing complex projects. Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course also underpins the problem-solving methodologies that are required in a media agency.

The course aims to excel students in the production of digital stories, interactive factual narratives, and interactive communication formats via iteration and collaboration. The creative process, testing, and user experience are highly prioritised in this course. The students are encouraged to work in a way that includes experimentation, building, refining ideas, and being part of a creative community that will support them when needed.

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Modules of Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course

The content of the course is structured around the knowledge of multiple platforms and communication practices. The knowledge of the field is divided into five modules.

Digital and Interactive Storytelling Core

This module includes a theoretical and historical overview of digital and interactive storytelling, focusing on factual narratives. It introduces students to digital storytelling and how it can be used to drive sales. Further, it gives an insight into what has been created in all digital platforms. It provides students with the context to create new ideas.

Ideas and Concepts in Digital and Interactive Storytelling

This module is all about creative thinking and making your projects. The module includes a variety of theories and practices within images, audio, and video in digital form. This is taught with an appreciation of interactive and digital artefacts. The course also includes learning and testing strategies to search the primary and secondary audiences of the project. It introduces students to “what, who and why” methodologies with an aim to transform their ideas into a digital and interactive storytelling project.

Creativity, Design, and Platforms

This module aims to enhance the student’s project through creativity, design, and choosing the right platform to communicate. This module provides skills in the first semester related to the concepts such as “project scoping”. This will help students become competent in building digital models of varying complexity, including HTML, CSS, and Klynt.

This module will also include theories and practices of user experience, audience feedback, iterative design, and user testing. By the end of this module, the students will know how to convert ideas to production, as well as explore technology related to IT designing and multimedia platforms.

The Business of Digital and Interactive Storytelling

This module will provide all the essential entrepreneurial skills that one needs to run a business.It includes the knowledge of how to create and manage a team, how to analyse a realistic budget for the project, find potential financiers and distributors, defend and demonstrate your ideas, plan a marketing strategy, and pitch your ideas to each of the people who needs to be convinced.

Major Project

This module includes a combination of theoretical research and hands-on skills, which the students can use in their professional world of the creative and media industries. It consolidates all the skills and knowledge that the students have learned throughout the year. Through regular meetings and tutorials, students will be supervised towards their final pitch in front of a panel of industry members.

Why Study at University of Westminster

Westminster is a leading provider of digital storytelling courses; it is ranked in the top 10 among UK institutions for Communication and Media Studies according to the QS World University Rankings 2021. Here are some core reasons to study the Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course at the University of Westminster:

  • It believes in incorporating the actual knowledge and skills used in media agencies. It has adopted an innovative lab-ethos approach.

  • This hands-on course also gives you enough theory to contextualise your work in the current industry.

  • The students can use the digital facilities in the University’s state-of-the-art Emerging Media Space to produce their interactive stories.

  • The students also get to explore London’s vibrant digital creative industry. Every year, the University invites industry experts so that the students can have face-to-face discussions with the experts.

  • Also, the students will be able to build professional networks with a wide range of industry speakers from renowned companies.

Scope of Pursuing Digital and Interactive Storytelling Course

The University of Westminster recognises how competitive the job market is. Therefore, it focuses on providing skills and knowledge that enhance students’ career development. This course prepares students for a range of industries; it prepares students for a role such as:

  • Content Creator

  • Digital content producer

  • Digital journalist

  • Digital media campaigner

  • Educator

  • Game author

  • Interactive advertising

  • Interactive and immersive storyteller

  • Interactive innovator

  • Podcast creator

  • Social media activist

  • Transmedia content creator

  • UX for Digital Storytelling


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