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Questions like "Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger" on IELTS cue cards are commonly used to assess a student's ability to speak well in a condensed amount of time. The candidate will have one minute to write a response and two minutes to discuss the topic. The examiner will then ask questions regarding the topic.


To get ideas on how to phrase your own response to the cue card, "Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger," you might review the sample responses offered in this blog. You might want to think about using these answers as a basis for your initial concepts. You can also check the contents of the follow-up questions. So, let’s begin with the blog!


Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger cue card - sample answer 1


Unlike most of my friends, who are very eager sports fans, I am not a major lover of many different games or sports in general, but there is one game that I always like playing and that is, Ping-Pong or Table Tennis.




What is the game?

Two or four people can participate in the game of table tennis. It is an indoor game which is played over a table which has a net separating it into two parts. Small rackets and a light ball are used in the game. The goal is to smash the ball back and forth over the net on your side of the table without allowing it to contact the floor.


When did you play it?

I started playing this table tennis game in school and still play it whenever I have free time.


Who do you play with?

I typically play table tennis with my friends or cousins. It's a really enjoyable game to play in groups, and it's always a lot of fun. We frequently play doubles, in which each team consists of two players. My friend has a table in his basement, so we generally play table tennis there. But we also play at leisure centres or community centres. All you need for this game to set up is a table and a couple of rackets, which makes it a wonderful option to play at any place.


How you feel about the game

Since table tennis demands a lot of focus and concentration, I enjoy playing it. I have to have quick reactions to keep up with the fast-paced game, which constantly keeps me alert. It's a fantastic way to keep active and get some exercise. Furthermore, table tennis is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with friends and family and is a lot of fun. People of all ages and ability levels can play the game, which makes it a fantastic choice for everyone.



All things considered, I still like playing table tennis a lot. However, my friends and I don’t get much time to meet and play this game due to our busy schedules. But whenever we do get time, we try to play table tennis.


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Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger cue card - sample answer 2


Although I played various games during my childhood, including Snakes and Ladders, Business, Sequence, etc., one of the games that brought me immense joy and excitement was Ludo.


What the game was?

Ludo is a classic board game played with dice and tokens, where the goal is to race your tokens around the board and get them to the finish line before your opponents.


When you played it/ Who you played it with

I remember spending many afternoons during my childhood engrossed in lively Ludo games. We often played this game at home, especially during weekends or holidays when my siblings and I were looking for something fun indoors. It was a simple yet engaging game that required both strategy and luck.


Typically, our Ludo sessions took place in our living room. We would set up the colourful board on the coffee table, each of us selecting a set of four tokens of the same colour. The game accommodated up to four players, which was perfect for our family of four.


How you felt about the game

Playing Ludo with my siblings was always a delightful experience. There was a mix of friendly competition and laughter. The game was about luck and making smart decisions on, which tokens to move and when. I fondly remember the excitement and tension during our Ludo matches. There were moments of excitement and frustration as the game progressed, especially when a well-timed dice roll could turn the game in someone’s favour.



Overall, Ludo was more than just a game to me. It was a bonding activity that brought us closer together as siblings.


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Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger cue card - sample answer 3


When I was a little kid, I used to play games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Carom. I spent a lot of my childhood days playing games because I lived in a rural location. But since I moved to an urban environment during my teenage years, I have missed out on those fun times and activities. Childhood is the best time in life as it is when all the kids come together to play and create more special memories without any tension.


What the game was

Even though there are a lot of games, I'll focus on one that I played a lot when I was younger. I used to love to play the game of hide and seek. Two or more people can play this game in a predetermined setting. One selected player counts numbers while closing their eyes to play the game. The other players must hide somewhere within the set area.


When you played it

This is a game I used to play when I went to my grandparents' house in a village close to Madurai. The majority of my childhood vacations were spent in the village. There, I made a lot of friends with whom I still keep in touch. As a child, I used to play this game a lot. I still play the game when I have leisure time or when my cousin visits me, although not many people play this game these days.


Who you played with

I used to play the game a lot with my paternal grandma every time I visited her home. But these days, I play it with my siblings and occasionally with my neighbours.


How you felt about the game

Playing this game at night is not only more exciting but also more entertaining. Finding the person who is concealed in a dark spot can sometimes be frightening, but other times, it can be simple with the right hint.



It is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. If the players are in an urban region with limited space for play, they can hide in different areas of their homes. However, if the players play it outside, they have plenty of places to hide, which is quite interesting to discover.


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IELTS Speaking part 3 - Follow-up questions

The IELTS Speaking Part 3 exam lasts roughly four to five minutes. Below are some follow-up questions related to the topic "Describe a game you played in your childhood". You will undoubtedly gain some knowledge regarding the speaking portion of the IELTS exam.


Question: What kind of games are played by the children of this generation?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, youngsters nowadays enjoy playing various games, including sports, board games, and video games. Kids love playing video games because they are entertaining and captivating. Moreover, since spending time with friends and family is fun, board games are likewise becoming increasingly popular. Children are also big fans of sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer.


Question: Which game looks popular among children?

Answer: This generation's kids are aware of video games, and thus, they like playing more of the ones that can be connected to televisions. Even parents who have allowed their children to play video games are aware of the negative consequences of doing so. They should restrict their kids from playing them. Children as young as five years old might become addicted to phone games.


Question: Do parents encourage their children to play games?

Answer: Certainly, parents do, and they should support their kids' participation in physical games. There are a ton of indoor and outdoor games that parents should introduce to their kids and let them play. Playing in public parks and green spaces promotes their physical well-being.


Question: Do boys and girls play different games?

Answer: Earlier, boys and girls indeed played various kinds of games. For example, girls used to play games like hide-and-seek, which doesn't require much physical strength, while boys played rougher games requiring more strength because of their ideal bodies. But in recent times, this tendency has shifted, and many more girls are now beginning to play physically demanding sports like cricket and other sports. Apart from this, if we talk about indoor games, most indoor games are played by both girls and boys. 


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You can ace your IELTS speaking cue card question by giving careful and sincere replies to the questions about the assigned topic. Consequently, to improve your skills and IELTS speaking section score, you need to take practice or mock exams.


We hope now you have an idea of how to answer the “Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger” type of questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, you can contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011.


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