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The IELTS Speaking section is a crucial part of the IELTS exam, with the academic and general IELTS tests featuring the same number of sections. Candidates can demonstrate their skill, tell a gripping tale, and form bonds over a love of reading by engaging in a gripping discussion on various books. This is an opportunity to demonstrate linguistic, emotional, and narrative skills.


One such topic is "Describe a book you have read many times".  In this blog, you will uncover sample answers related to the topic. So read it carefully.


Describe a book that you have read many times - IELTS cue card sample answer 1


Reading books is a form of entertainment, and it also improves concentration. Although I have read many books, I mostly like to read novels, and today, I will talk about a book I have read many times.




When you read it?

The first time I read the book was in the 8th class; it was my sister’s book, which I borrowed from her. As soon as I finish the book, my craze for reading more and more books starts to develop. The book's name is “ The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It was a transformative experience, sparking my love for reading and fascination with the power of thoughts and beliefs.


What kind of book is it?

It is based on the belief in the pseudoscientific law of attraction, which claims that thought alone can influence objective circumstances in one's life. This concept, often referred to as the 'law of attraction ', is a central theme in the book and makes it unique and intriguing. It's essentially the boomerang effect, where what we send out comes back to us, and this idea forms the backbone of the book's narrative.


What is it about?

According to the pseudo-scientific notion known as the law of attraction, our thoughts and emotions influence what we will attract into our lives. Visualising prosperity and good health will draw these things to us, making them materialise in our existence. On the other hand, worrying about the worst-case situations counterintuitively increases the likelihood that these unfavourable worries may come true. The book is filled with practical examples and exercises that help the reader understand and apply these principles in their own life.


And explain why you think it is exciting.

It is exciting for those who like to manifest their dreams through manifestations by asking the universe, believing in it and, as a result, receiving the things they manifested for. It helps readers tap into the power of positivity by visualising their dream becoming reality, and this manifestation process can be fascinating and empowering.



This book has left an indelible mark on me. It has inspired me to manifest my desires and instilled a deep sense of faith in the universe. Everyone should read this book at least once to experience this transformative journey.


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Describe a book that you have read many times - IELTS cue card sample answer 2


With all of life's turns, books become indispensable companions that profoundly alter our perceptions and promote self-development. Ikigai by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia stands out among the many thought-provoking books as a bright light for self-discovery and enlightenment.


When you read it?

I read this book when I had taken my 12th board exam and was waiting for my results, which were supposed to be declared after 2 months. I read various books then, and “Ikigai” was one of them.


What kind of book is it?

Ikigai, written by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia, narrates the Japanese concept of ‘reason for being’ that radically transforms your perceptions and self-development. The authors, renowned for their work in self-help and personal development, bring a unique perspective to this concept, making the book a must-read for anyone interested in finding their purpose in life.


What is it about?

It familiarises the principles of logotherapy, the mental state of flow, the centring practices of yoga, and the mental toughness needed in endurance sports. It intertwines the lifestyles, attitudes, perceptions, eating habits, and daily activities of the Okinawan people, the longest-living community in the world.


And explain why you think it is exciting.

'Ikigai' is different from your typical self-help book. It offers a unique perspective on living artfully. With every page I turned, it was like peeling back the layers of life, revealing a more profound, more comprehensive viewpoint. This book has been a source of joy and enlightenment for me.



'Ikigai' has helped ignite my desire to look within and go on a reflective expedition to discover my higher purpose and passion. The book's emphasis on finding one's reason for being 'and living a life aligned with it resonated deeply, inspiring me to make changes and pursue my passions more wholeheartedly. Unlike elementary guides, it has given me a complex blueprint for cultivating enduring happiness and peace.


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IELTS Speaking cue card - Follow-up questions

1. Is it essential to read the book before watching the movie version?

Sometimes, movies are more successful than the original books. For instance, the cinematic Half-Girlfriend was fantastic, but the book was rather dull. I felt no climax or conclusion when I read it before the movie. However, in the film, the ending was explained and beneficial to the audience, and it was unquestionably one of the blockbuster movies at the time of its release.


2. What kind of books do Indian people like to read?

That depends on the individual. Each age group has different reading preferences. For instance, kids might prefer comic books or fairy tales, adults might like to read about current events, and seniors might prefer religious texts.


3. Do you prefer books or movies?

I like watching movies, and I'll be honest, but I also enjoy reading books very much. In contrast to books, where you have to visualise the characters and specific scenes, which makes reading more monotonous, movies are dramatic, and you can see the characters.


4. Do boys and girls like the same kind of books?

Boys almost universally favour action, comic, and comedy books over those for girls. Girls enjoy reading romantic novels and occasionally rom-coms.


5. How often do you read these thought-provoking adventure books?

Pretty often - every few months when I want a fun and intelligent book.

Tips for improvement: IELTS cue card section

Comprehend the Format of Cue Card

Before starting the preparation, familiarise yourself with the structure of the Cue Card. Knowing the format is essential to good time management and a structured response. It usually contains a prompt introducing a specific topic or task. Test-takers are given one minute to prepare notes before being asked to speak on the main topic for the duration.


Practice Daily

Practising daily improves your fluency and helps you build confidence in speaking on different topics. You can also use online study material, listen to audiobooks, and learn how to pronounce difficult words.


Learn Time Management

Try to speak within the time limit to avoid rushing words or taking long gaps. Use the minute you get after a cue card wisely, and make a complete and clear outline of the topic.


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To sum up, in the IELTS cue card section, you can demonstrate your language proficiency, emotional expression, and storytelling abilities by describing an engaging book. Through a mutual love of books, applicants can establish a stronger connection with the listener while evaluating their language proficiency.


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