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Cornell University, an Ivy League institution in the United States, is renowned for its excellence and diverse student community. Many students want to study in USA and get admission into Cornell University, but they take a step back due to financial reasons.


If you are one of those students who want to get into Cornell University but have financial concerns, worry not. Cornell University provides many scholarships for Indian Students. These Cornell University scholarships are vital in making higher education more accessible. In this comprehensive guide, we are providing various Cornell University scholarships for Indian students, both for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Cornell University Scholarships for Indian Students

Cornell University offers a range of scholarships for Indian students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Below, you can check the top Cornell University Scholarships for UG and PG courses for which Indian students can apply.


Cornell University Scholarships for UG Courses

Check the Cornell University Scholarships for UG Courses from the table given below.


Available for

Scholarships Amount


Cornell University grant

first-year undergraduate student

43,250 USD (35.38 lakhs INR) to 72,800 USD (59.55 lakhs INR)

50%-90% of tuition and fees

Cornell University Scholarships for PG Courses

Here are the Cornell University Scholarships for PG Courses. If you are going to apply for a Postgraduate degree, then consider these scholarships for financial support.


Available for

Scholarships Amount


Knight Scholarship


Up to 60,000 USD (49.09 lakhs INR)

Available for Masters of Engineering program

MEC Scholarship


10,000 USD (8.18 lakhs INR)

Scholarship amount will be provided per semester for 2 semesters

assistantships and fellowships


28,036 USD (22.88 lakhs INR)

annually award 

Cornell University Grant

Cornell University Grants are available to deserving students, as assessed by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. A variety of sources, including grants from alumni, the general fund, and university endowments, provide financial help. The following are important elements of the Cornell grants:

  • If students apply for financial help, they are immediately evaluated.

  • The grant amount that can be provided has no upper or lower bound.

  • There is no set income threshold or need to qualify for the awards.

  • The money is awarded to students on a case-by-case basis.

  • University grants are given out in order of work-study, loans, and other non-university funding.


Cornell University Endowed Scholarships

Students eligible for Cornell University grants can access endowed scholarships generously provided by donors, many of whom are Cornell University alumni. These Cornell University scholarships offer students a unique chance to establish a direct connection with the benefactors.


Here are some key aspects of Cornell University endowed scholarships:

  • Cornell University students who apply for financial aid are automatically considered for endowed scholarships. It means that if you meet the eligibility criteria, you'll be in the running for these awards.

  • Cornell University Endowed scholarships are awarded to students who satisfy the specified eligibility criteria, which may vary among scholarships. Your qualifications and circumstances will determine your eligibility for a particular scholarship.

  • Receiving an endowed scholarship does not alter the total amount of grant aid you are entitled to from the university. It is an additional benefit to help you finance your education.

  • The funds received through endowed scholarships replace an equivalent amount of your total financial aid package. It may include university grants and other forms of self-help funding like loans or work-study, depending on the limitations of the endowed fund.

  • The selection process for these awards is based on how well a student aligns with the specific criteria set by the donor. Different scholarships may have unique criteria, reflecting the donor's interests and intentions.


Cornell University Endowed scholarships not only provide financial support but also create a meaningful connection between students and the generous individuals who contribute to their educational journey. The emphasis on eligibility, donor criteria, and the preservation of your overall financial aid package ensures that these scholarships serve as a valuable resource for students pursuing their academic aspirations at Cornell University.  


Cornell University External Scholarships

Many scholarships offered by governments, organisations, and foundations in India may provide financial support for studying abroad. These scholarships are not specific to Cornell; they can be applied for your education at the university.

Scholarship Name

Scholarship Benefits

Level of Study

Scholarship Eligibility

Fulbright Scholarship


Masters and research program

International student | commencing an eligible academic program

JN Tata Endowment Scholarship

1 to 10 lakh INR

Master’s degree

Below 40 years | at least 65% in UG; Indian Student

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Full tuition fees ( 50% award & 50% loan)

Master’s degree

Below 30 years of age | Belong to an AKF-eligible country | Enrolling in AKF-relevant field

KC Mahindra Trust Scholarship

Varies | Interest-free loan scholarship

Master’s degree

Indian students | above 65% of undergraduate

OPEC Fund for International Development Scholarship

Full tuition fees and partial living expenses

Bachelor’s and master’s degree

Citizen of a developing country like India, commencing a relevant program 

Key Points to Remember to Apply for Cornell University Scholarship

To apply for Cornell University scholarships, Indian students must know some crucial points, which are given below. Start by applying for admission to Cornell University. Different scholarships may have different eligibility criteria, and you must be admitted to the university to be considered for most scholarships.


If you are applying for need-based scholarships, complete the required financial aid forms. It may include the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile.


Check the scholarship application deadlines and requirements for specific Cornell University scholarships and fellowships, such as endowed scholarships or graduate school fellowships. Many scholarships have separate application processes.


For external scholarships, research available opportunities in India and meet the requirements for application. Ensure that you submit all necessary documentation and meet deadlines. 



In summary, Cornell University offers multiple scholarship opportunities for Indian students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate education. These Cornell University scholarships not only provide financial support but also recognise the academic achievements and potential of students. It is essential for Indian students to understand the eligibility criteria and complete the necessary application processes to make their dream of studying at Cornell a reality.


We hope you found this blog helpful and informative. Still, if you want a deeper understanding or have questions, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).


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Q1. Can international students, including Indian students, apply for need-based financial aid at Cornell University?

Ans. Yes, international students, including Indian students, can apply for need-based financial aid through programs like the Cornell University Grant. Demonstrating financial need is a key requirement for these aid programs.


Q2. Are there merit-based scholarships available at Cornell University for Indian students?

Ans. Some scholarships, including endowed scholarships, may have a merit-based component. These scholarships often consider academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and other accomplishments.


Q3. How can Indian students find information about external scholarships for studying at Cornell University?

Ans. Indian students can research and find information about external scholarships. Above, we have also covered some external scholarships you can check and apply for financial support.

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