Cinematography in America: Exploring the Art of Filmmaking

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The canvas of storytelling is diverse. If you’re the one to paint a story with motion pictures then cinematography is the ideal brushstroke for you.

Now you must be wondering which country could be your career’s director. Immediately the name that pops up is the US of A. America is the ideal place to jumpstart your artistic filmmaking skills. With a plethora of cinematography courses as part of the Filmmaking degree, the institutions in this country offer you with practical know-how and industrial exposure. It’s almost like you learn on the job!


What is Cinematography

Taken from the Greek word for "writing with movement,"Cinematography is the technique of motion picture photography. It revolves around five pillars, which are continuity, cutting, camera angles, close-ups, and composition. It plays a critical role in the storytelling process and evokes varied emotions and messages in the audience. Now let’s travel back in time and explore cinematography in America through the lens of history.

History of Cinematography in America

This country has always been the epicentre of theatre and dance. During the Victorian era, many elements of drama were incorporated, such as sound, scripts, costumes, and actors. This paved the way for storytelling. It was during this era that Classical Greek plays were performed in ancient amphitheatres, which created a true visual ambience for viewers. As time passed, advancements happened in the utilization of instruments such as five-cent machines and flashing images at carnivals, which laid the foundation for the utilisation of advanced modern technology and effects used in the present era. Now let’s dive into what the USA offers in terms of cinematography.

Learning Cinematography in America

The United States is called the "hub of the movie market" and is one of the most influential film production industries in the world. Most affluent film productions were made in collaboration with studios in the US, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the famous Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars. Delve into the world, where you will find a richness of cinematography that has a touch of historical origins. Courses over there offer a practical, customised approach to the curriculm. 



The University of Southern California

- Division of Cinema & Media Studies

- Media arts+practice

- Film & Television productionṇ

The University of California, Los Angeles

- Digital Cinematography

- Postproduction Pathways

- Digital Manipulation on Set and Post

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

- Cinema Studies

- Dramatic Writing

- Musical theatre

American Film Institute

- Cinematography

Electives in Cinematography

You can enrol in the following courses as a student of Filmmaking.

  • Intermediate Cinematography

  • Advanced Cinematography

  • Digital Cinematography

  • Lighting for Film and Television

  • Motion Picture Lighting

  • Cinematography and directing

So whether you’re a movie buff or are itching to learn cinematography and want to experience a fusion of exposure through varied courses, then learning cinematography in America would be ideal for you.


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