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Updated On 24 May 2023


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When we dream of top study-abroad destinations, images of top-notch educational institutions, world-class facilities, pioneering professors and unparalleled employment prospects pop up. Meridean is here to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality and make your vision of being a successful individual come true.


How is Meridean going to assist you in this journey? In this blog we will take you through the different services MOEC provides and how we aim to align with your goals so you can soar beyond your dreams.

About Us

Meridean Overseas embarked on its journey in 2016 to make education abroad accessible for all those scholars who dream of studying abroad. It started with a vision shared by four individuals and has now spread its wings to 7 cities in India with an extensive team rooting for the same vision. Until now, Meridean Overseas has helped scholars to reach 10+ countries for study-abroad programs. We have stellar student networks, an excellent branch network, and collaborations with leading global institutions, which aid us in giving you top-notch, affordable education services so that you can make well-informed educational decisions and proceed towards the future you envision.

Services We Provide

Now that you have a brief idea of Meridean Overseas, let’s look at all our services to help you reach your top study-abroad destinations. Mentioned below are the major pointers that give us a competitive edge over others, making us the most sought-after educational consultancy.


Study Abroad Counselling


The right guidance always accelerates your growth!


At Meridean, you’ll receive expert study-abroad counselling. Our qualified counsellors will thoroughly evaluate your profile and understand your area of interest and needs. After the understanding session, you receive properly planned recommendations that bridge the gap between your wants and the eligibility criteria you meet. All your doubts and concerns are cleared until you’re satisfied. Also, guidance for English proficiency tests and other entrance exams required to crack your examinations will be given.  So you’ll receive proper-quality time, as your academic success matters to us!


Profile Assessment


An informed analysis is the best approach to moving forward. So after the counselling, an in-depth profile analysis is done where your academic background, prior work experience, documents, financials, gaps and other important criteria are checked. On that basis, suitable courses and universities are shortlisted for you that match your eligibility criteria and fall under your budget. From picking the best study option, shortlisting the best countries to study abroad and university to help you throughout the process, we’ll always have your back!


Document Analysis


After your profile assessment, our counsellors verify all the essential documents, such as your academic transcripts, letter of recommendation, degrees, no backlog certificate, etc. Also, other essential documents which are required are notified to the students. Even if you missed certain documents, we are here to guide and assist you! In addition, SOP guidance is also given to students, increasing their chances of cracking admissions to the top study-abroad destinations they envisioned.


IELTS Preparation Full Course


At Meridean, we believe in engaging in study abroad counselling and empowering students with knowledge. That is where our IELTS preparation classes come in, a major English proficiency test that is in most universities' eligibility criteria. Also, while your training is ongoing, we will work on preparing your documents, as time-optimisation for students is our top-most priority. From detailed face-to-face counselling to training for the IELTS preparation exam, Meridean is your one-stop educational consultancy organisation.


University Applications


Now we move to the next important step: applying to universities. We understand that this process can be quite complicated and confusing for scholars, which may take up a lot of time and increase the chances of errors. But that’s when MOEC steps in to assist you. We will lodge your application after you confirm the universities and the course. We simultaneously check any additional requirements and keep a tab on new updates. We ensure that your application is impeccable and on time and are here to save you the hassle and make the process quite smooth and streamlined.


Visa Guidance


At Meridean you’ll receive quality student visa guidance. The most important gateway to your top study-abroad destination is the visa process after you receive your offer letter from your university abroad. At Meridean Overseas, we have a team of country-specific expert counsellors to assist you. We will help you fill out visa forms, file visa documents, booking a slot, and much more. We guide students with visa interview preparation to ace the interview and seal the deal.


Post-Immigration Guidance


Once you choose to move forward with Meridean, you become an inseparable part of our family. After the entire process is done and you’re all set to fly towards your dreams, there are still some roadblocks you may hit in settling in a foreign land. For that, we assist you with accommodation and part-time employment prospects you can go for and connect you with our vast student network. Therefore, you’ll have a full support system to back you up and make your stay seamless and fruitful. After all, we understand the significance of this new chapter of your life and will always be your biggest cheerleaders.


Q: How many countries do you give guidance for?

A: In total, Meridean Overseas provides counselling for six countries: Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand and Europe. Apart from that, we provide visa services, IELTS preparation, University Applications and much more. For more information, kindly visit our website.


Q: Do the counsellors also provide training for visa interviews?

A: Yes, at Meridean our expert counsellors will provide you with expert student visa guidance with the anticipated questions, answer format so that you’re all set to crack the interview with flying colours. Cracking interviews for visas is a very crucial step to your study-abroad journey.


Q: Does your organisation gives accommodation assistance?

A: Yes, we provide post-immigration services wherein we give accommodation assistance. We also assist you in finding part-time jobs and connect you with a stellar student network for further assistance.


Q: Does the counsellor guide students for SOP?

A: Yes, our expert counsellors will help you in converting your ideology effectively to draft a meaningful SOP. SOPs are like an overview of your purpose or goal that drives you to join the institution and should reflect how you wish to contribute to your university.


Even though this is where the blog ends, we hope this is the start of the nurturing relationship between you and us! We hope this blog gave you a comprehensive understanding of our work and visions. We also provide free online counselling sessions, so use this opportunity and take that first step towards a rewarding career. We wish you all the best for your future!


We hope we have briefed you about why you should choose Meridean as the road to your desired study abroad destination. If you are still unsure or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you are unable to travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide you with the best guidance regarding your application to study overseas. Don’t hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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