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Latvia is one of Europe’s secret gems for progressive education with its secure and welcoming metropolises and spectacular sea coast it's ideal for scholars and guests likewise. Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is kind of a crossway between East and West, and in this smart country, a lot of languages are spoken-Latvian, Russian, German, and of course Englis

Latvia lies in distinct worlds - the European city Riga and the relaxation of Latvia is a nation-state with virgin nature, inexperienced surroundings and the Baltic Sea – white sand seashore nearly 500 km long.

  • Latvia is one of the most secure international locations within the world for international students. 

  • Latvia comes in TOP forty COVID Safety ranking in the world

  • Latvia secured a rank in TOP 21 Eurozone COVID Safety ranking 

  • Latvia comes in the listing of TOP 35 of Pease ranking 

  • The town with the maximum common and richest Art Nouveau architectural historical past is Latvia`s capital Riga. 

  • For sure, Riga is a splendid vacation spot to visit, however when you have a possibility to get a stay right or permission in the form of a work permit for some years, it'll be a notable experience! 

  • Riga – European town with energetic social life, lovely architecture, inexperienced parks, pleasant people. You can without difficulty begin a verbal exchange with a stranger and ask path in English or Russian, you will be understood

Universities in Latvia

Although a small country, Latvian universities have conveniently allowed the needs of global college students. Well over two hundred English-taught programs are available to be had to pick from - a lot of them even on the Bachelor's level. 

Riga is the capital in addition to the most important city, and right here you may discover the bulk of the universities, the most important of that is the University of Latvia. It is nearly a hundred years old and teaches some found in English, including courses related to Medicine and dentistry. 
Riga Stradins University has the highest number of international students in Latvia. They range 25% of the Overall internationals student population, and these are coming around from 50 various other countries. Alternative Majorly universities are located in the Daugavpils city with its beautiful architectural heritage, and Liepāja, famed for its Blue Flag seashores at the Baltic coast.

Student life in Latvia

If you love nature, there are many things to do in Latvia. From the famous white sand beaches near Liepaja to hiking or skiing in the pine forests, there are plenty of scenic spots to enjoy. That's all before you even think about windsurfing, jet skis, and bobsleds. Don't forget to study. 

The cost of living in Riga is very low, especially when compared to other European capitals. However, if you study in other major cities in Latvia, you will find that it is much cheaper. Riga's largest city, the nightlife is lively and there is always something to do. In 2014, it was designated the European Capital of Culture and hosts many cultural events and entertainment. 

Prices for eating out are very reasonable compared to other European countries. Many cafes and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi, so you can host instant study sessions in a comfortable environment.

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Reasons to study in Latvia

Latvia can be the best study destination for Indian students. Here the government puts education first. They also reformed the education system. As a result, foreign students travel to Latvia to enroll in one of Latvia's universities. 

There are several government-funded programs. The government offers scholarships to eligible students. For international students there in Latvia, higher Education is mainly divided into two categories i.e. academic and professional education. Although universities offer these programs, there are some institutions that provide vocational training to Indian students. 

Higher education in Latvia follows the Bologna system, which is further divided into 3 categories i.e. bachelor, master's, and doctoral programs. Students get a bachelor`s degree after completing three to four years of regular study. Students obtain a master`s degree diploma after completing a bachelor`s degree diploma and finishing an extra one to 2 years of study. Students qualify for a doctoral application in the event that they already earned a master`s degree diploma. Doctoral applications take 3 to 4 years of superior research main to the making of a thesis report.

Student Visa Requirements

If you want to continue your higher study in Latvia, you are required to prepare several important documents that include submission of an official application form for a residence permit, several passport size latest photographs, a valid passport, and a local Police Clearance Certificate in your home Country.

You also need to keep and show requires financial means of subsistence. That means you need to submit an original bank statement showing a fund of at least Rs 600,000. The latest balance certificate is provided by the bank with an official signature and seal. It must show the student’s complete Full name, passport number, and date of birth.

You should also require an internationally valid debit card from the same bank account. Most importantly you bring this debit card to Latvia it helps you to apply for a resident permit.

Once you have all the required documents which fulfill all the student visa requirements, then you will apply for a long-term student visa from the Latvia Embassy in India. You need to submit the application form, and valid copies of the offer letter which you initially received from the university side, a sponsor letter, and other identity documents including your passport. You are also required to submit the other financial documents that include a copy of the bank balance certificate, international debit card, and one-year health cum travel insurance of a minimum of 30,000 Euros of cover.

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