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A Designated Learning Institution, or DLI, is a school that concedes global understudies. A letter of acknowledgment from a DLI is fundamental to acquiring a Canadian report grant. All fundamental and assistant schools in Canada are DLIs. Post-discretionary schools ought to get approval from the typical government to recognize overall understudies. Assuming you need to come to Canada to learn at the post-auxiliary level, ensure that your school and program of study are on this rundown of Canadian DLIs. Assuming you need to remain in Canada after you graduate, try to choose a DLI that will permit you to meet all requirements for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.Turning into a worldwide understudy in Canada is a two-venture measure. 

In the first place, you should be acknowledged into a Canadian school, or assigned a learning foundation. When you have a letter of acknowledgment, you can apply for a review license from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In case you are given a review license, it is based on your acknowledgment into a Canadian school. Nonetheless, in case you are learning at the post-auxiliary level, you can change your school, program, the field of study, or level of study without expecting to apply for another review grant. Whenever you're acknowledged into the program you need to move into, you simply need to inform IRCC in the event that you have changed schools., also done by creating the CIC account online.


Assigned Learning Institution Number

Each post-auxiliary school that concedes worldwide understudies has an exceptional DLI number. The DLI number can be found on the review grant application structure. It is the number that beginnings with the letter "O".
Assuming you need to come to Canada as a worldwide understudy, the first guarantees that your school is on the rundown of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). Snap here to discover a rundown of Canadian assigned learning foundations. 
Schools with a few grounds or more modest universities might have an alternate DLI number for every area. 

Non-DLI Schools

On the off chance that a school isn't assigned by its commonplace or regional authority as a DLI, then, at that point, it isn't qualified to have worldwide understudies. 
On the off chance that you present a review grant application for a non-DLI school, it will be rejected. On the off chance that the school you are learning at loses its DLI status, you can stay at the school until your review license terminates. Else, you may or move to an option DLI. 

Primary and Secondary Schools

In Canada, all essential and optional schools are DLIs. In many territories, these schools offer training from Grade One to Grade Twelve. At the point when an understudy moves on from optional school, they accept their secondary school recognition. 
Subordinate minor youngsters needn't bother with a review grant. On the off chance that you have minor youngsters and are coming to Canada on a work or study grant, they will be qualified to go to class. There is no compelling reason to apply for a different report license. 

Instructions to Change a Canadian DLI Number

In the event that an outside public is considering in Canada on a legitimate report grant, they are allowed to change their degree of study, the establishment of study, as well as a program of study. Notwithstanding, contingent upon the expected change, they might need to tell the fitting migration authority, apply for another review allow or get a review license expansion. 
Need to broaden your review grant? You can peruse more with regards to how to do that here. 


Changing Programs 

In the event that a global understudy decides to change programs inside a similar assigned learning organization (DLI), there is no necessity to change their review grant or contact IRCC to refresh them of the changes. There are, nonetheless, a couple of exemptions for this: 
In the event that the unfamiliar public's review grant has certain conditions recorded on it and assuming these conditions will be influenced by the adjustment of projects, they should contact IRCC to refresh them with the changes. 
In the event that the unfamiliar public changes to a program longer-term than the legitimacy of their review grant, then, at that point, they should apply to broaden their review grant before the first lapse date. 


Changing Schools 

On the off chance that a global understudy decides to move organizations inside a similar degree of study, then, at that point, they are not needed to get another review license, however, they are needed to contact IRCC and inform them of the adjustment of foundations. The understudy should guarantee that the new organization is an assigned learning foundation (DLI), since non-DLI schools are not qualified to have global understudies. 
In the event that far-off public wishes to move from an establishment outside of the area of Quebec to an organization inside the region of Quebec, they should get a certificatd' acceptation du Québec (CAQ) before they can move. This is on the grounds that the area of Quebec has interesting prerequisites for worldwide understudies. 


Changing Level of Study

Contingent upon the degree of study for an outside public, it could be important to get another review license or to advise IRCC regarding changes. The following are the normal changes between levels of study: 

Changing from essential instruction to auxiliary schooling: It isn't important to get another review grant. In the event that, in rolling out this improvement, the understudy is moving to start with one foundation then onto the next, they should contact IRCC to refresh their establishment of study. 

Note: If a minor kid is going with a parent or gatekeeper who has a substantial work or study license, then, at that point, the kid doesn't need a review grant at the essential and auxiliary school levels. 
Changing from auxiliary schooling to post-optional training: It is important to get another review license from IRCC when changing from an auxiliary to the post-optional degree of instruction. 
Changing starting with one post-auxiliary level then onto the next post-optional level: It isn't important to acquire another review license if exchanging between various post-optional degrees of instruction (for instance, from a Bachelor's Degree to a Master's Degree). In any case, if the understudy is evolving schools, or on the other hand if the adjustment of projects will influence the length of study or potentially the conditions recorded on the license, then, at that point, the understudy should make the fitting move as demonstrated previously. 

Moving to a School in Quebec

The area of Quebec saves more command over approval of worldwide understudies than Canada's different areas and regions. Therefore, there is an additional stage associated with getting a review license for a foundation in Quebec. Prior to applying for a review grant, initial an unfamiliar public should acquire a certificatd' acceptation du Québec (CAQ). Solely after the understudy has acquired a CAQ would they be able to present their review grant application. 

This CAQ necessity will influence worldwide understudies wishing to move from a foundation situated outside of Quebec to an establishment situated inside Quebec. To make such an exchange, the understudy would initially need to acquire a CAQ from the Quebec government. When they have a CAQ, there is normally no compelling reason to apply for another review license. Anyway, the understudy should refresh IRCC with their new data. 


Far off nationals wishing to move to start with one Quebec foundation then onto the next Quebec establishment might have to acquire another CAQ for contemplates on the off chance that they fall under one of the accompanying classifications:-

  • In the event that the understudy is changing their degree of study, they should get another CAQ. 

  • In the event that an outside public's examinations stretch out past the expiry date shown on the CAQ, they should apply for another CAQ. 

  • In the event that moving organizations or projects will influence the conditions recorded on the CAQ, they should contact the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI) and may have to acquire another CAQ. 

Changing a DLI: Step by Step

However long you are as yet meeting the states of your review license, you can change your DLI. 

To do this, you will require: 

  • A web-based record. In the event that you presented your review grant application via mail, you should make an internet-based record and connection your application. 

  • Your review license number. You can discover this at the upper right of the review license. It starts with the letter 'S'. 

  • Your new school's DLI number. In case you don't know, you can think that it is on this rundown of Canadian DLI numbers. 

  • Your new understudy ID number. You can track down this on the acknowledgment letter from your new school 

  • Your beginning date at your new school. 


Since you have every one of the fundamental records, you're prepared to start the cycle. Follow these means to change your DLI: 

Stage 1: Sign in to your record 


Stage 2: Find the segment Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer and snap Transfer from DLI number. 


Stage 3: Enter your review license application number and snap Search for my application. 


Stage 4: Enter more insights concerning your unique review grant application. 


Stage 5: Enter your new DLI number, your new Student ID number, and your beginning date at your new school. Snap Submit move. 


Stage 6: Review the subtleties of your exchange. On the off chance that all the data is right, click Confirm Transfer. 


Stage 7: You ought to get a notice that your exchange is finished. This affirms that you have informed the Canadian administration of your goal to change DLIs.

List of Designated Learning Institutions in British Columbia

Students who are planning to pursue their higher studies in British Columbia. They can check the List of DLI institutes in British Columbia.


College/University Name


Camosun College


College of New Caledonia

Prince George

College of the Rockies


Columbia International College


Douglas College

New Westminster

Kwantlen Polytechnic University


University of  the Fraser Valley


Selkirk College


Okanagan College

Salmon Arm

Northern Lights College

Dawson Creek

North Island College

Vancouver Island

Langara College


Vancouver Island University


Vancouver Community College


Alexander College

Burnaby, Vancouver

Adler University


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Burnaby, Vancouver

Corpus Christi College


LaSalle College

Kamloops, Vancouver

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver

Thompson Rivers University

Kamloops, Williams Lake

Trinity Western University

Langley, Richmond

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Kelowna, Vancouver

Yorkville University


University of Northern British Columbia

Fort St. John, Prince George

University Canada West


List of Designated Learning Institutions in Alberta

Students who are planning to pursue their higher studies in Alberta. They can check the List of DLI institutes in Alberta.


College/University Name


Ambrose University


Alberta Bible College


University of Alberta


Bow Valley College


Portage College

Lac La Biche

Burman University


The King’s University


University of Lethbridge


Calgary Flying Club


Taylor College and Seminary


Medicine Hat College

Medicine Hat

Lakeland College


Springbank Air Training College


Mount Royal University


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)


NorQuest College

Drayton Valley

NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

St. Albert

Solomon College


Olds College


Rocky Mountain College


Northern Lakes College


Red Deer College

Red Deer

Newman Theological College


NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)


St. Mary’s University


University of Lethbridge


Vanguard College


University of Alberta


University of Calgary


Newman Theological College


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