Canada Visa Updates: IRCC Relaxed Rules for International Students


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Updated On 02 September 2022 & Read Time 3 minutes


Recently Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced relaxed rules for international students waiting for their Canadian student visas. It has extended the length of online study programs for international students. This has been done without affecting the eligibility for a post-graduate work permit.


Canada Student Visa

Many students were waiting for visa updates from Canada to continue their studies on campus. IRCC relaxed rules for a student visas that favoured international students. International students can now study in top universities of Canada from outside of Canada via online classes. International students do not have to wait for a visa; they can continue their studies while stationed outside of Canada.
If the student studies in a Canadian university by staying outside Canada, they can still apply for a post-study work permit. Students can apply for the post-study work permit application till 23rd August 2023. 
The trend of online studies started during the pandemic. These classes allowed many students to study at top universities in Canada by being at their homes. Now, these online learning measures have been extended.
Several steps have been taken to reduce the backlog. Extension of duration for the online study permit is one of them. It will help Canada retain international students.
Major Updates

  • If the student is already studying online or submitted a study permit application before 31st August 2023, they can also complete their 100% course online.

  • Post-graduate work program eligibility of students is not affected after studying online. That is, they can still apply for PGWP can get to work in Canada.

  • Two types of students will be able complete 50% of their study program via online mode:

  1. Students who enrolled in the study program of Canada between 1st September 2022 to 31st August 2023.

  2. Apply for a student permit before 31st August 2023.


Completing 50% of the course via online mode would not affect students' eligibility to apply for the PGPW program.

  • If a student starts their study outside Canada from 1st September 2023, then that time will be deducted from their PGPW period. Students who study at Canadian Universities online after the set time have less time for PGPW.


IRCC has taken all these decisions in response to current backlog of student visas even with the commencement of new sessions. IRCC prioritised study permit applications for students joining in September 2022. Despite prioritising, IRCC is not meeting its processing standards. This failure eventually made IRCC allow students to attend classes from outside Canada.

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