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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has long been considered a prerequisite for admission to prestigious international business schools. However, the tides are changing, and business schools in London are no exception. As the demand for alternative paths to admission grows, business schools in London are increasingly waiving the GMAT requirement, opening doors to a wider pool of candidates.


In this blog, we'll explore the intriguing option of pursuing your MBA dreams in London without the GMAT exam. Let’s start this exciting ride and dive deep as we learn more about studying at the business schools in London without GMAT. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Is it Possible to Study at Business Schools in London Without GMAT?

Many prospective students often wonder whether it's possible to gain admission to business schools in the UK, including London, without submitting GMAT scores. The answer is a resounding yes.


While the GMAT remains a valuable benchmark for assessing applicants' readiness for the rigour of MBA programs, an increasing number of business schools recognise that it's not the only measure of an applicant's potential.


Top Business Schools in London Without GMAT

Many universities and business schools accept applications without the GMAT or GRE, given the student has ample work experience and field exposure.


Some also consider applicants and waive off the GMAT requirement if they fulfil all the other requirements in place of the GMAT or GRE. Similarly, there are several business schools in London without GMAT exam requirements or waivers, so let's take a look at them.


1. London Business School (LBS): LBS is consistently ranked among the top business schools globally. It offers a GMAT waiver for candidates with substantial work experience or exceptional academic records.

2. Imperial College Business School: This business school in London offers a highly regarded MBA program and may grant GMAT waivers to candidates with significant work experience or other relevant qualifications.

3. Cass Business School: Cass offers a range of MBA programs and may consider GMAT waivers for candidates with exceptional professional backgrounds.

4. Hult International Business School: With campuses in London and around the world, Hult offers various MBA and other program options and considers the waiver of the GMAT exam for experienced professionals or skilled candidates.

5. Henley Business School: Known for its flexible MBA programs, Henley may waive the GMAT for candidates with substantial work experience.

6. University of East London: In London, the University of East London is one of the options you can consider if you wish to study without GMAT. The university has various other eligibility criteria and requirements and doesn’t necessarily need GMAT or GRE scores.

7. Middlesex University: You must have graduate-level professional credentials in addition to a degree with second-class honours to enrol at Middlesex University. If you have a strong supporting education or experience, the GMAT may not be necessary. A portfolio, audition, or interview is not required for entrance.

8. University of Greenwich: The University of Greenwich requires that you possess an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.2 or above or an equivalent certification from an accredited institution. On the other hand, mature candidates without an undergraduate degree who have appropriate work experience in the business world are invited to apply, subject to an interview. GMAT is not necessary.


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Eligibility Criteria in Place of GMAT: Admission Requirements

We learned about the business schools in London without GMAT, waiving off this requirement and considering their applications. But, you must be wondering, what do these universities look for once they've waived the GMAT requirement? While the GMAT is a standardised test, each school's alternative criteria may vary. However, several factors commonly come into play. Let’s see what these factors are.


1. Undergraduate GPA: A strong academic track record often indicates an applicant's potential. Business schools in London may look for a minimum GPA requirement. So, make sure that your GPAs are in perfect shape.

2. Work Experience: Many schools value practical experience; thus, they may require a minimum number of years in a relevant field, and your career progression can be a significant asset. If you wish to study in UK without GMAT, then work experience is necessary.

3. Recommendation Letters: Solid letters of recommendation from supervisors, mentors, or professors can reinforce your application. These can provide the admission committee with great insights into your character and, in turn, strengthen your application.

4. Statement of Purpose: Your personal statement or essay is a chance to showcase your motivation, goals, and how you align with the school's mission. 

Make sure it has a strong sense of purpose and is written meticulously. If the committee likes your personal statement, your chances of getting GMAT waived or your application being shortlisted are high.

5. Interviews: Some institutions may conduct interviews to assess your interpersonal skills and fit for their program.



To conclude, in the ever-evolving landscape of business education, by waiving the GMAT requirement and considering alternative criteria, London's business schools offer aspiring MBA students a chance to prove their potential beyond standardised testing. If you also desire to study in UK or, more specifically, in business schools in London without GMAT, take the blog and its details into account. Do your research, too and choose what suits your requirements best. We wish you luck!



Q1. Is the GMAT waiver the same for all business schools in London?

A. No, each school may have its own GMAT waiver policy, so it's essential to check with each institution.


Q2. What factors should I focus on if I don't have a GMAT score?

A. Concentrate on your academic performance, work experience, and preparing a strong application, including recommendation letters and essays.


Q3. Will not having a GMAT score affect my chances of getting scholarships?

A. It may vary, but some schools may consider other factors for scholarships if you don't have a GMAT score.


Q4. Are there specific business programs in London that require GMAT scores?

A. Yes, some specialised or highly competitive programs may still require GMAT scores.


Q5. Is it better to take the GMAT even if not required?

A. It depends on your overall application strength. It might be worth taking if you believe a strong GMAT score can enhance your profile.


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