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Many people say that moving to a new nation changed their lives. However, moving may be a difficult procedure due to rigorous immigration regulations. Numerous overseas locations provide high-quality education, employment opportunities, and a good standard of living. Still, identifying the best countries to migrate from India is difficult as you must thoroughly examine the requirements for visas and work permits.


Higher education, job, living conditions, and safety are some key factors influencing people's decisions to choose the top countries to migrate from India. The United States, Canada, and Australia are prominent immigrant-accepting nations that provide NRIs with the finest possibilities regarding quality of life, educational opportunities, healthcare services, employment opportunities, PR, and citizenship.


People often ask, which is best country to migrate from India? To answer that, we have some options and explanations in mind. Below are some of the best countries to migrate from India in 2024. 


List of Best Countries to Migrate from India 2024

There are various countries worldwide that are good for Indians to migrate to. However, some countries are in the top positions to migrate for Indians in 2024. These countries are as follows -

  • Canada

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

  • United States of America (USA)

  • United Kingdom (UK)

  • Germany

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Singapore

  • Norway

  • Ireland


Top Countries to Migrate from India

Here, you will find the essential details of the top countries to migrate from India.


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Canada - Top Countries to Migrate from India

Canada is deemed to be the best country to migrate from India. The Canadian government offers immigrants free healthcare, social security, and other benefits. Indians move to Canada for excellent career prospects, top-notch educational chances, an improved standard of life, etc. More individuals are migrating to Canada due to the laws that encourage immigration and ease with visas, work permits, and may obtain a study permit.


People migrate to Canada for various reasons, including the accessibility of tourist, student, employment, permanent resident, and Express Entry Program visas, as well as the ease of qualifying requirements and paperwork. The friendly and simple immigration regulations of Canada are mostly to blame for the yearly growth in the number of applicants.


Additionally, hopeful immigrants who finish the required education quickly receive permanent residency. It provides overseas students who want to study in Canada with access to a quality education and a time for finding a solid career there.


Moreover, the country offers several routes to help migrate to Canada from India. The two well-known Canadian immigration programs are listed here.


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in Canada

PNPs are distinct initiatives that are imposed annually by all 13 provinces in Canada. For applicants without CTA points, this is the quickest route to immigration to Canada. Because of the PNPs, it is the easiest country to migrate from India.


Express Entry to Migrate in Canada from India

Another incredibly quick and simple route for Indian immigrants to Canada is through express entry. Skilled workers from throughout the world with Express Entry are welcome in Canada to migrate. It is the best way to get permanent residency in Canada from India.


This system is divided into three categories: Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), and Federal Skilled Trades (FST). Candidates can choose any category as per their requirements to migrate to Canada from India.

However, they must satisfy the eligibility requirements to migrate to Canada from India.


Entry Requirements

Candidates must also take into account particular eligibility conditions when applying for immigration to Canada from India:

  • Evaluation of educational background

  • English Proficiency Test Score

  • No prior criminal history

  • Financial stability evidence

  • Education or employment letter


New Zealand - Best Country to Migrate from India

New Zealand is one of the most admired nations and one of the best countries to migrate from India. Foreign nationals are allowed to work and study in New Zealand


New Zealand has higher pay rates and employment prospects than Europe, and due to a lack of trained personnel in New Zealand, people want to migrate from India. Moreover, a secure environment, a stable economy, and a friendly culture make New Zealand a terrific location. It is listed as one of the top countries to migrate from India.


There are various ways to migrate to New Zealand from India. The best way is to get a Residence Class Visa. 


Residence Class Visa to Migrate to New Zealand from India

You can work, study, and remain in New Zealand forever if you have a Resident Class Visa. This residency class visa has several subclasses, one for each type of immigrant. The Skilled Migrant residency, the Green List Skilled Residence, New Zealand residency through partnership and family categories, and more are a few of them.


Entry Requirements

The eligibility criteria to migrate to New Zealand from India are as follows - 

  • No prior criminal history

  • Proof of financial stability

  • An excellent reason to immigrate

  • Possess an invitation to apply for residence

  • Have skilled employment


Australia – One of the Top Countries to Migrate from India

Australia, the world's sixth-largest nation, is a popular tourist destination. Many international students have moved to the nation since it is home to some prestigious colleges. Excellent opportunities for work, education, and research exist here. 


Australia is an enchanting nation with a long history, a strong work ethic, and kind people. It is one of the world's top countries to migrate from India. There is free or reduced-cost healthcare, English language instruction, and access to public transit.


Foreign employees may rapidly and readily integrate into Australian culture because of the laid-back vibe. Many people want to immigrate to Australia from India due to its favourable climate, hospitable residents, high standard of living, and laid-back way of life. 


Australia offers easy immigration rules for anyone seeking permanent citizenship. It is the easiest country to migrate from India. Various types of visas, such as Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa, and Skilled Regional Sponsorship Visa, provide you with immigration to Australia. However, some programs also help you to immigrate to Australia from India


You can check the top programs that increase your chances of migrating from India. 


Social Work Course

Aside from the Skilled Nominated, Skilled Independent, and Skilled Regional Sponsorship visas, the Social Work course is among the quickest routes for students who want to study and immigrate to Australia and seek to collaborate directly with social activists to advance social causes.


Moreover, the following are other programs that allow immigrants from India to Australia:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

  • Short-Term Skilled Occupation List


Entry Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to qualify for Australian immigration from India

  • Good scores on the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE tests

  • Should be under 45 years old

  • Skilled migration Skilled Occupation List of Australia must cover the immigrant’s line of work

  • Students need a university admission offer letter

  • Must have at least 65 points in the points grid


United States of America - Top Countries to Migrate from India

The USA, one of the world's greatest economies, is the most popular destination and best country to migrate from India. The USA offers various opportunities for employment and a quality educational system. Some of the best schools and institutions in the world are located there.


It is a nation that welcomes immigrants from India and all over the world and fosters a multicultural atmosphere. Immigration is made simpler by the flexibility of rules and protocols.


Moreover, three categories of visas are available for USA Immigrants from India: work, visiting, and student visas. Two types of visas are available to working professionals: temporary visas and permanent immigration. Candidates can apply to immigrant investor programs, academic studies, and vocational programs for immigrants to USA from India


Candidates can apply for any USA Visa after satisfying the eligibility criteria.


Entry Requirements

The eligibility criteria for USA immigration from India are as follows:

  • An online non-immigrant DS-160 application form

  • A valid passport

  • Receipt of payment for a non-immigrant US visa application


United Kingdom - Best Country to Migrate from India

UK is one of the top Countries to Migrate from India. More extensive amenities are available, including career prospects, an education system, university alternatives, amiable people, and good living standards. 

The UK is a great place to live and work for many reasons. First, there are several chances for immigrants to UK. The Office for National Statistics reports over 1 million skilled employment openings in the UK. Various jobs in IT, engineering, science, medicine, law, finance, management, and accounting provide immigration to UK. However, the most famous pathway for immigrants to UK from India is the Skilled Worker Route. 


Skilled Worker Route

The most prevalent path for immigrants to UK is the Skilled Worker route, which you may take if you have an employment offer letter and have achieved the necessary level of English language proficiency on your English language exam.


Other employee paths to the UK, the best country to migrate from India, include the sector-based work academy initiative, national careers service, and kickstart scheme.


Students can apply for a student visa to study in the UK, which can be extended into a permanent visa when they graduate. More immigration routes encompass family-oriented immigration, temporary residency, and more avenues.


Entry Requirements

The eligibility criteria depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. For example, the Skilled Worker Visa requires you to:

  • Work for an approved UK employee

  • Hold a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer

  • Be paid a minimum salary, depending on the job you do

  • Have a good score in IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. 


Germany - Cheapest Country to Migrate from India

Germany has one of the most stable economies with a low unemployment rate. The nation has a top-notch educational system. Most universities provide free degrees; thus, overseas students like them the most. The educational system in Germany is among the greatest in the world; that’s why it is the cheapest country to migrate from India. 


Moreover, jobs in IT, engineering, medical, law, finance, and many more fields are available in Germany. Therefore, it is the ideal location for immigration from India. In actuality, there are more than a million employment opportunities.


The German government offers various social security benefits, such as free college education, health insurance, pension schemes, and childcare subsidies. Businesses that hire foreign nationals can also benefit from tax reductions. Immigrants have several possibilities to study German and master the language. You may anticipate making a good living there thanks to the robust economy.


Germany Worker's Permit

Germany is the cheapest country to migrate from India due to its efficient and well-structured immigration policies. With this visa, foreign nationals can remain in the nation for 6 months in search of employment before applying for a permanent one.


Germany Work Permit Visa

This visa track is intended for skilled professionals who want to work in the nation. For qualified people, Germany is an excellent destination to relocate to because it has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.


Entry Requirements

You can check the eligibility criteria below for the cheapest country to migrate from India.

  • Standard German visa application documents

  • A signed contract from your future employer

  • Certificate about compulsory health insurance

  • Basic German language skills

  • Financial stability support documents


The United Arab Emirates - Top Countries to Migrate from India

Indians find travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) exciting. It provides a distinctive fusion of history and modernity, a culture deeply rooted in Islam, and a hospitable atmosphere where people of many races coexist. For entrepreneurs who possess the necessary skill set, several opportunities are available. 


Particularly, Indians are essential to sectors including manufacturing, financial services, construction, retail, healthcare, and transportation. Neither a degree nor prior work experience is a requirement for employment in the UAE. Just a current passport and a clear criminal history are required. It is one of the best countries to migrate from India.


Permit for Work

Workers or professionals who are seeking employment in the United Arab Emirates or who have received a job offer can get a residency permit for UAE. This can later be extended from its initial 3-year term.


Permit for Students

Students from all over the world come to the United Arab Emirates due to its excellent education. The first term is for a period of 12 months; however, it can be extended forever and converted into permanent residency.

A family member visa, a business permit, and a few other routes can also help you to immigrate to the United Arab Emirates.


Entry Requirements

Candidates who want to apply for immigration to UAE from India must additionally consider the following specific qualifying requirements:

  • Permission to enter issued by the Ministry of Labour

  • The outcomes of health screening

  • a duplicate business card provided by the employer

  • A duplicate of the business's business licence

  • Visa quota approval


Singapore - Top Countries to Migrate from India

Singapore is also one of the best countries to migrate from India. Being one of the safest countries in the world, it might be the ideal place to move from India whether you are looking for work or school.


These are a few programs that allow immigrants from India to come to Singapore.

  • Entrepreneur Pass - For those looking to start a company in Singapore

  • Jobs Pass - For those who have received a job offer in Singapore

  • Singapore Extended Visit Pass - Allows individuals to bring their Singaporean relatives who are already residents.

  • Student Pass - Letter of application for student admission


Entry Requirements

As an Indian, you can immigrate to Singapore via a variety of various passes. But there are a few requirements you have to fulfil – 

  • Work permit or entrance letter 18 years of age or older (For solo migration)

  • Minimum income (Based on the pass)

  • Certificate of legal Marriage (For an extended visit)


Norway - Best Country to Migrate from India

Norway is at the top of the list when it comes to the easiest country to migrate from India. The nation is incredibly beautiful, opening doors to chances for those willing to seize them. Here is how you can immigrate to Norway from India.


Residence Permit

Those who wish to live in the nation for more than 90 days are granted a resident permit. Both workers and students in the country may pursue this. 


Moreover, each year, the student residential permit needs to be renewed. The abilities and nature of the job determine the employee's residency permit. After completing their study, a student may apply for an employment residence visa to remain in Norway.


Entry Requirements

You have several options for immigration to Norway from India. However, there are a few conditions that you must meet. 

  • Possess a letter of acceptance

  • possess an employment offer or a running business

  • Have enough money Should be eligible for the visa and timely renew it

  • Absence of a criminal history


Ireland - Easiest Country to Migrate from India

Ireland - Easiest Country to Migrate from India

Ireland is the easiest country to migrate from India since it offers faster healthcare, legal processes, jobs, education, and much more than most of its neighbours.


Below, you can check the best pathway to migrate to Ireland. 


Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

Those who want to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days to visit relatives, look for work, or get admission to colleges are eligible for these visas. This falls into 5 categories: work, education, family, business, and residence.


A short-stay C visa is available for people who want to take certain examinations, receive medical care, or participate in internships. As soon as you obtain a permanent offer letter, admittance notice, etc., from your immigration justification source, you can apply to extend this D visa.


Entry Requirements

The following conditions must be satisfied to be eligible for Ireland immigration from India.

  • Passport

  • Evidence of intent to immigrate

  • Monetary Evidence

  • To apply for a permanent visa, you must be a resident of Ireland for five years straight 


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This puts an end to our list of the countries where Indians may obtain citizenship the quickest. Given the thorough assessments of every element of our lives, settling abroad might be challenging. While immigration makes a little drag on daily living, your career takes the biggest hit. As a result, choosing the ideal country for Indians to settle in is a complex decision as it involves consideration of several factors, as highlighted in the blog.


If you are seeking information on studying abroad and selecting the best country for yourself, contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will guide and support the admission and visa process. For more information, contact or 1800-1230-00011.



Q1. Which countries are considered the best options for Indian immigrants?

Ans. Popular choices include Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Singapore due to their welcoming immigration policies, job opportunities, and quality of life.


Q2. What factors should I consider when choosing a country from India to migrate to?

Ans. Consider factors such as job prospects, immigration policies, cultural fit, healthcare, education, and overall living conditions to make an informed decision.


Q3. How do I assess a country's immigration policies for Indian citizens?

Ans. Research the country's visa options, skilled migration programs, and eligibility criteria. Look for clear pathways and policies that align with your skills and qualifications. 


Q4. What are the typical challenges faced by Indian immigrants in these countries?

Ans. Typical challenges may include adapting to a new culture, obtaining professional accreditation, and navigating the local job market. Language barriers and weather differences are also common adjustment challenges. 


Q5. Is it necessary to hire an immigration consultant or agency when moving from India?

Ans. While it is not mandatory, hiring a reputable immigration consultant can simplify the process, provide guidance on documentation, and increase the chances of a successful migration. However, be cautious and choose reliable professionals.

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