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The United States of America is famous for its educational institutes and post-study work opportunities. Students who aspire to study in USA dream of working with the USA's prestigious firms. Job fairs of some top universities in USA have helped numerous international students grab high-paying jobs in USA. After getting placed in a leading US firm, one can get a green card.

The USA is facing a skill gap in many sectors because of the growing and ageing population. This is why the country willingly offers great jobs to international students. One needs to excel in their studies and extracurricular activities to get well-paying jobs in the USA.

Top Courses to Study in USA

To work at great packages in USA, one needs to graduate from top universities in USA. There is a massive demand in the technology, healthcare, business management and AI sectors in USA. So, most international students opt for courses related to these majors to make a stable career in USA.

Some top courses to study in USA are:


HealthCare and Nursing Courses

After Covid, the world has come to know how crucial it is to have professional health care workers. Currently, there is a considerable shortage of healthcare workers around the globe. In the USA, various medical and healthcare courses can train students for professional healthcare jobs.

Some top colleges that offer the best healthcare and medical science courses are:

  1. The University of Alabama at Birmingham

  2. Arizona State University

  3. University of Cincinnati

  4. Kent State University

The average cost of healthcare courses for Indian students would be nearly Rs. 25,00,000- Rs. 40,00,000 per year. There are great jobs for healthcare, nursing and dentist graduates. The average salary for these graduates ranges from $200,000-$350,000 per year.

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Business and Management Courses

The USA is home to various multi-million dollar companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.; some of the most outstanding startups have come from the USA. This certainly makes it clear how prevailing business and management are in USA. International students can get great jobs in this sector with valid degrees.

The basic requirement to get into top business schools in USA is GMAT or GRE. In contrast, many universities give a waiver on these exams if you have a solid academic background. Some top universities for business and management courses are:

  1. University of Illinois Chicago

  2. University of North Texas

  3. Kent State University

  4. Wright State University

The cost of business and management courses in USA ranges from Rs. 16,00,000 to Rs 25,00,000 per year. Apart from bachelor's and master's degrees, comprehensive diploma courses are available for international students in the USA, which can be completed in a year or less.

After having a business and management degree in hand, one can get jobs in various positions like:

  • Project Manager

  • Business Development Director

  • Senior Accountant

  • Manager

  • Marketing Manager

The salary of business graduates in the USA ranges from $65,000-$80,000 per year. Whereas for MBA graduates, the average salary in the USA is $115,000.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Courses

The world right now is tech-driven. Everything around us is digitalised, from shopping to studies; you can do everything while sitting in front of the screen. All this is possible due to artificial intelligence and computer science.

The USA is known for its progress in technology. The country has many tech giants, which offer great job opportunities to skilled individuals. International students with outstanding academic performance in US universities can get great jobs in AI and CS fields.

Here are some top universities for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Courses:

  1. Arizona State University

  2. University of North Texas

  3. University of Illinois Chicago

These universities provide degrees that are accepted worldwide. Through job fairs of these universities, one can get into great companies. The average cost of these courses ranges from 20-70 lakhs per year. The average salary in tech firms in USA is $150,000-$175,000.

Engineering Courses

Engineering is a field that is never off-demand. The world needs engineers in every area, whether for civil projects or mechanical projects. Top universities in the US offer great engineering courses and further provide excellent placements. The basic requirements are SAT/GMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL scores.

Top USA universities that offer engineering courses are:

  1. Arizona State University

  2. University of North Texas

  3. University of Illinois Chicago

  4. Florida Institute of Technology

  5. Cleveland State University

The average cost of pursuing engineering courses in the USA is USD 37680 to 57000. At the same time, the average annual salary of engineers in the USA is USD 97,500 to 150,000.

Construction Management Courses

Construction management has excellent scope in the USA. The course is offered at two levels; bachelor’s and master’s. After having a master's degree in construction management, one can get high-paying jobs in the same sector. Big-scale construction companies, consulting firms, government sector organisations, and architectural firms need skilled construction management graduates.

International students can grab high-paying jobs in big-scale firms even before graduating. The average salary for construction management courses is $79,000-$142,000 per year. This is the starting level salary; one can get an increment as they gain more experience.

Top USA universities for construction management are:

  1. New York University

  2. Columbia University

  3. Arizona State University

  4. University of Illinois Chicago

  5. The University of Alabama at Birmingham 

These are the best career options for international students. Various courses can help you make a stable career in the USA. Top universities organise job fairs yearly for domestic and international students.

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