Benefits of a Student Visa in Germany


10 December 2022




Did you know that Germany is European Union’s largest economy? The country has a really old population. It sustains its economy by inviting more young students and employees. The country is gaining lots of attention from international students planning to study abroad. If you’re looking for a country with benefits like free education, world-class research and top-ranking courses in different fields of study, you should consider to study in Germany. The nation is rich in history, cultural diversity, vibrant and dynamic lifestyle, and globally recognised degrees with a high employability rate and low cost of living in some areas. This blog provides information on the benefits of a student visa in Germany.


Why Study in Germany?


Germany ranks amongst the best study-abroad destinations in the world. The country is a higher education paradise. Many countries are stepping forward regarding global university rankings, amenities, and infrastructure, but Germany outranks all of them in different disciplines. The universities in Germany come in the list of top universities in the world ranked by QS World Rankings. Around 1,000 English-taught courses are offered by over 400 universities and institutes in Germany. This ensures that international students don't have any difficulty adjusting to the country and can focus on their academics well.

Indian students make up the third largest community of international students in the country.  All these points are valid reasons why you should study in Germany.

Let us take a look at the 5 benefits of studying in Germany.

  1. Top Ranked Universities
    Public universities in Germany are amongst the top-ranked universities in Germany with excellent rankings in the QS world rankings too. The institutes also have veteran faculties and great infrastructure. The universities enjoy a good reputation, and many students value them because of their quality education.

  2. Free Education at Public Universities
    One of the main reasons why students prefer to study in Germany rather than other countries is because of the free education at the public universities in the country. The government funds higher education in the country. This is why public universities have no or very low tuition fees.

  3. Globally Recognised Degrees
    In Germany, the education system is designed to match well with modern scientific developments to prepare students to face challenges confidently. Since universities in Germany are highly regarded, their degrees are globally recognised.

  4. Number of Courses Offered
    Another one of the major benefits of studying in Germany is that universities have a varied number of courses. The universities offer courses suiting every interest.

  5. Low Cost of Living
    The cost of living in Germany is affordable compared to other countries. The majority of the student expenses are from paying rent and eating out. The cost of other activities, transport and food, are relatively inexpensive. There are plenty of part-time jobs in Germany available to manage these expenses too.


Types of Student Visa in Germany


It's crucial to recognise that there are three different sorts of student visas:

  • The primary student visa in Germany is the Visum Zur Studienzwecken, which is only available to individuals who have been admitted to a university programme.

  • A language course visa is available for those accepted into a language-learning programme that lasts three months and a year.

  • Student Applicant Visa (Visum Zur Studienbewerbung) is for individuals who haven’t picked their course yet or are still awaiting confirmation of acceptance.


Benefits of a Student Visa in Germany


A student visa in Germany helps a student to pursue higher studies in the country and further work in the country by extending the stay. There are many benefits of a german study visa. For study purposes, the residence permit can be issued for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years. If you have yet to receive your degree within this time, you can also request to extend your residence permit. You can work 120 full days or 240 half days during your studies.

After successfully obtaining your degree, you can extend your stay in the country by holding a student visa and applying for a residence permit for job seeking under the German Residence Act. The permit is issued for up to 18 months. This helps you look for jobs and further your stay in Germany. As soon as you get an offer letter from an employer, you can apply to convert your residence permit to a work permit or an EU Blue Card.


Best Courses in Germany for International Students


Here are some of the top courses in Germany for international students.

  • Medicine and Dentistry

  • Law

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Engineering

  • Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Natural Sciences

  • Business and economics

  • Architecture


Top German Universities for International Students


There are many top universities in Germany for international students ranked among the top universities in the world by QS World Rankings. These universities are globally accredited, and their degrees are recognised all over the globe. The table below lists some top German universities and the city they are located in.

Top German Universities

University Name


Technical University of Berlin


University of Hamburg


Ludwig Maximilians University Munich


Technical University of Munich


Free University of Berlin


IU International University of Applied Sciences

Bad Honnef

University of Mannheim


University of Stuttgart


Leipzig University


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


University of Cologne


University of Bonn


Heidelberg University


GISMA Business School


Berlin School of Business & Innovation



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